Mari Allen
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Mari Allen

About me

I was born in Spain and immigrated to Australia when I was 13. Life in a new country, knowing no English at all, was pretty hard. Let's just say the beginning of life in a new country did not go as well as my parents had expected. I hadn't realised how much the early years in Australia had affected me, how my healing journey actually started 28 years ago . But two wonderful children (boys!), life and a business stopped me from going deeper then. I lived my life as it was “expected” -  it was good.. but I was searching for answers to bigger questions. Who was I? What did I really want? I realised I was so sick of hiding, running from my lack of self worth. I had insecurities, I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere and these fears held me back. I never stood up for myself, for what I wanted.

I felt like I always wanted to go back to Spain, and bought my one way ticket back when I was 21. But that was the year I met my husband so I stayed in Australia. Probably because I needed to be here still, two years ago, the answers I’d been looking for came in a breathwork session that would change my life. It was a confirmation then and there that there was more to life, there was more to ME. I found Shamanism, I’d found the healing and transformational path that the shamanic way showed me. The deeper I went, the more my big questions got answered. I was finding my authentic self.

Words are simply not enough to explain the shift and transformation in my life - it’s been amazing and I’m grateful to have found this path and the people who have helped me throughout.  Life can be more amazing, more authentic, more profound if we let the fears and patterns that don't serve go. I am walking taller in life, I am sure of where I’m heading and I know that whatever comes my way, I now have the tools to handle it. I’m so passionate about this work, and I cannot wait to help others to let go of things holding them back, so they too can be on their transformational journey to find themselves. You too, can live the best possible life.


"From the moment I arrived I felt extremely welcome and comfortable. I was excited to be there, although I wasn’t really sure what my intention was. However I was able to form it clearer after a brief conversation with Maria.
There were moments during my session where I felt quite stuck, but Maria was right there with me, reassuring me and helping me to shift the energy.

I was really touched by having my great grandmother come through as I have never met, nor can recall ever having any conversations with either my mother or grandmother about her. So it was quite comforting to know that she is supporting me.

I felt really good about seeing myself and what I’ll be doing in the near future, even though i found this part quite challenging. Maria was extremely supportive and patient with me.

Thank you so much Maria. It was really reassuring to know that you are happy to be there for me if anything comes up or I need to clarify over the next few weeks. You made me feel very supported."

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To book a healing with Mari, please contact her directly on 0407 482 182.