Level 4 – Practitioner Training – Detailed Course Outline

Practitioner Training is a deep, rich, and powerful journey. One where you first look to heal deep places within yourself, then be of service to others. This is where everything comes together. All of the previous levels and training is accessible and put into practice (you will be amazed by what flows through you!). This is an apprenticeship style training where we work together as a group to perform the healing on one person. It does not really matter if you plan to become a “healer” at the end of it, you will definitely transform through the journey.

Practitioner Training is more intense than the other levels as the intention for your own personal healing is much greater and you also get more individual attention and support from the teacher. Whilst the challenge is increased, so too are the rewards with most students reporting the biggest shifts from this level.

All of the One Tribe training and experience is freely passed onto you. Sometimes the teachers who run the program will step in to lead sections of the healing and you will learn from that, other times it will be all you.

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Practitioner Training is essentially split up into four components:

  1. Doing healings on each other. The invitation in this level is to work on a core issue that is plaguing your life with the intention to make a major breakthrough on it. You will have the support of the entire group and teacher to dive as deep as you personally feel comfortable and ready to go. Whilst you may not be drawn to work to the depth experienced in Practitioner Training in your own healings, you will have the experience and therefore confidence to work to that level should that need arise. In shamanic healing, as in any healing, the more you can heal yourself, the deeper you can go with others. There are two main reasons for this:
    • Because you have done the deep inner healing work yourself, you can better relate to and guide others on the same journey. How can you truly help liberate another if you have not faced the deep challenges within yourself?
    • There is less chance of you getting triggered by your clients in the areas you have not addressed within yourself. You are also less likely to take on their energy if you have already worked through similar issues they are facing.
  2. Doing healings on people you do not know. One Tribe will organise clients to come for a healing. You will work as a group to apply all of the techniques and skills that you have learnt to support them. Sometimes we will step in to lead sections of the healing and you will learn from that, and other times it will driven by you and your guides. As a group we see the root cause of an issue, ask how to balance that and then act as a conduit for deep and powerful healing;
  3. Personal case studies and Mentor group. Once Practitioner Training as a group is complete, you will be divided into smaller pods to give and receive healings from each other to support your life and strengthen your healing skills (for 9 months) and assigned a Mentor for 4 months. Your Mentor is an experienced shamanic practitioner (usually a teacher) who has completed the training and they will support you through the process of doing your individual case studies and giving you feedback on them. This support from your mentor can be ongoing even after you have completed your training. They are there to help you get your practice up and going if that is your calling helping you to remove any blocks along the way, mentor you through your own healings live, you can watch them doing healings and participate in them too, as well as continually fine tuning your skills for years to come;
  4. One-on-one Review. During this process we will observe you performing a shamanic healing on a person (either in person or online) and provide you a written in-depth report which is invaluable feedback to further improve your healing work.

Practitioner Training is our most rewarding level due its intimate nature and it is incredible to witness students stretch, grow and realise they can actually be a powerful conduit for good in this world.

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