Give Back Take Back & Fly Free Retreat

We honour you for your immense courage in stepping forward to be the one to break and clear the unhealthy energetic baggage moving through your family line. Up until the age of about seven, we are unable to differentiate our energy from those in our environment (particularly our parent’s), absorbing them like a sponge. This includes their positive traits, but also their fears, anxieties, addictions, guilt, depression, low self-worth, anger and so on. These emotions, beliefs and energetic blueprints penetrate deep inside us and are handed down from parent to child along the family line making it incredibly difficult to realise our dreams or maintain healthy relationships.

Whilst it is natural to be hurt and upset by our parent’s limiting beliefs and how they treated us, it is important to know it is all just energy and can be rebalanced. For example, we may be upset at how our parents controlled us and the impact this is still having on our lives. Yet that energy of control may not even have originated with your parents. It is not their energy just as it is not yours. It may have started with their parents, your great grandparents or even way back down the family line originating through times of trauma or even war. The important thing to know is that you can track down and systematically clear this energy from within you which ripples through and benefits your entire family line.

Learn the theory behind this retreat

Can your parents take your energy?

Yes, they can. Spiritual power is often given away during childhood to support and uplift your parents (or taken unconsciously by them). You can end up without the personal power required to walk through life with courage, strength and conviction.

How can this workshop help me?

During this retreat you will systematically and safely release the negative energy you absorbed during your formative years. This includes the energetic baggage that weighs you down, clogs you up and poisons you. You will be guided to isolate, release and give all of that energy back into the fire of transformation. You will also take back what you have given away – your youth, vitality, confidence, self-worth, joy, love and so on. When you have reclaimed yourself, you can dream in your future without the blocks that make this virtually impossible. Little stands in the way from you and the universe around you, which is ultimately a divine one.

What actually happens on the retreat?

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Friday night

During the first evening we systematically review the tools and theory behind the retreat. We identify what is at stake – your freedom and joy and what stands in the way of that – the energy you need to release and clear. A powerful example of how to shift this energy is provided. Silence is maintained between attendees and the outside world from this moment on so you can dive into the work. Everything you can possibly need is taken care of for you on this retreat – all you need to focus on is shifting what is not your energy and reclaiming what is.

Saturday (8am-8pm): Session 1

The first session removes two blocks to powerfully doing this work. Firstly, you will rebalance your relationship with your parents as equals. As a child, your parents were much bigger than you and dictated your life experience. If your parents are energetically bigger than you in your subconscious mind, you cannot powerfully clear the energy taken on from them. An effective technique is used to address this. Secondly, it is possible that your voice and free self-expression was limited during your childhood. You will reclaim your voice so you have the potency required to do the work.

Saturday session 2: The work begins.

The work begins. You will be seated in a circle of 15 fellow participants (there will be up to 4 circles of 15 on the retreat on the East Coast). Opposite you will be a chair with pictures of your parents on them. On the Friday night, you were guided how to find your parents unhealthy energy within you and given tools and examples of how to safely clear this from your system. Armed with these powerful techniques, you begin to shift this energy supported by the potency of the group all doing this together. There will be two senior healers/teachers assigned to each group guiding you individually as needed throughout. They may use props like blankets, chains, rocks etc to help you simulate what energy you are giving back and how this is affecting you now. These healers/teachers have all completed the demanding shamanic training with One Tribe, have their professional indemnity insurance as practitioners and have all done this retreat themselves as participants. Each healer/teacher will rotate between sessions so you will get exposure to all of their gifts and loving support. Mark oversees and directs the entire process from start to finish and has done this with hundreds of people over many years. He continually refines this process to be as effective as possible.

layout for a circle

Layout for one circle.

Saturday session 4

This session is focussed on clearing emotional pain and hurt. The deep inner feelings of rejection, separation and abandonment and all the associated heartache that goes with it. The rejection you may have suffered as a child is not yours, it is handed down energetically through the family and can be released.

Saturday session 5

The final session for the day is focussed on what needs to be cleared physically. This includes things like violence seen and experienced along with sexual abuse. The techniques shared work incredibly effectively at clearing this energy. For example, with sexual abuse you release and clear any of their guilt, their secrets and silence, their distorted unclean sexual energy and so on. You also take back all of your healthy sexual energy and safety. You may work on any sexual abuse suffered throughout your life here. If you have not experienced this abuse you have the option to rest for this session.

Sunday (8am-8pm): Session 1

During this first session we work on anything still unresolved and outstanding. Having rested the night, what needs to come to the surface for release naturally presents itself.

Sunday session 2

The second session works with siblings. There is often a lot of sibling rivalry growing up. At times our parents can give us the role of looking after their children which can create unhealthy and unnatural roles within the family dynamic. These are all addressed in this session. If you do not have siblings, you will continue working with any energy remaining that presents to be cleared.

Sunday session 3

The heavy work of safely giving energy back into the fire of transmutation ended in the last session. This session is about taking your power back and is a real highlight of the retreat. You will learn a sacred ‘take your power back’ song with its accompanying simple dance movements to go with it. You will dance and sing your power back facing each of the four directions – east, south, west and north. You will dance your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being and power back into your body. You will lie down and rest in between each direction.

Sunday session 4

During this round you will be guided how to nurture, look after and rebalance the child within. As we often did not get the support, love, nurturing and respect during our formative years, our inner subconscious child takes over trying to get those things for us. Our subconscious has no awareness of time so if we only got love and attention in an unhealthy way as a child, this often continues into our adult years. If we felt unsafe in loving relationships, the subconscious child may continue feeling unsafe now and create blocks and walls to love, even sabotaging potentially healthy relationships. This is an important and powerful session to reclaim and rebalance our subconscious minds.

Sunday session 5

During this session we break into groups to hear and be heard. To share our journey and listen to those who journeyed alongside us. For the vast majority of participants this is the deepest, most transformative and most exposing work they have done their whole lives. Everything here is real, deep and authentic. Everyone truly goes for it and is incredibly courageous and vulnerable in doing so. Even though there has been silence throughout, there is incredible intimacy formed through the shared journey. This sharing really helps ground and integrate the experience. It is so powerful to be truly heard and to hear another.

Monday (7am-3pm): Session 1

Mini (4-5 hours) vision quest in nature. In beautiful surrounding bush we will vision alone gaining clarity on our lives to come. For some this time is one of rebalancing, for others it is further releasing and clearing and for the majority this is about dreaming in the future. Now I am clear of my family’s energy – what now? This ancient process of receiving guidance from within and through nature is a powerful way to end the retreat.

Monday Session 2

During this session we provide tools to live life through the heart and how to manage other people’s energy in our day-to-day life. We also discuss integration and next steps.

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Two integration tools will be provided to you through email. The first is a free 22 days of light meditation: 20 minutes a day for 22 days. This will help you reclaim your core essence and maintain it as you integrate back into life. The second tool is a 6-session program called Shamanic Reboot – Return to Love ($33). Now that you have cleared out your family energy, the next thing to work on is your patterns and how you operate in the world. This guided journey reprograms your life from start to end – all in love. It is strongly recommended you do this for 40 days straight to reprogram your subconscious mind to EXPECT LOVE…

1 week after the retreat is complete

1.5 hour zoom integration session to check in and rebalance.

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  • October 3, 2024 8:00 am - October 6, 2024 5:00 pm
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Have any queries or questions about our healing retreats?

Where does this powerful work originate?

Mark learned these powerful healing techniques and processes through his mother’s Guru Sai Maa (the most powerful healer Mark has come across). Mark had been actively healing his traumatic childhood since he was 16 years old. The culmination of that work was doing a retreat 2 decades later with Sai Maa in 2013. As soon as he completed that retreat, he wrote Sai Maa a letter saying she HAD TO teach this work, it could not be done solely by one person. Upon returning to Australia, he tuned in with his own guides about what the people need. He immediately got the Give Back Take Back & Fly Free retreat which incorporates the techniques he learned in his journey with Sai Maa along with shamanic principles he has already mastered. Sai Maa gave him her full blessings to do this work which he commenced immediately. A year later, Sai Maa got in touch with Mark asking him to join a program she had created to teach this work. He trained with her for a year doing that. Sai Maa no longer offers these healing retreats but the work still continues through Mark. Mark gifts 10% of revenue received back to Sai Maa in acknowledgement of her work and teachings. Sai Maa is made aware of all retreats and actively continues to give her blessings for each one.

Is this retreat suitable for me?

This is an intense retreat designed to bring up and clear stuck emotions and mental patterns. Whilst this is a freeing and liberating process for most, it is very intense and is not for everyone. If you are unwilling to experience in yourself or witness in others strong, powerful emotional releases, it is strongly recommended you do not attend. As this can be a challenging retreat it is recommended only for those who are ready to participate. If you are unsure about your capacity to participate please consult your medical practitioner. In addition to consulting your medical practitioner, Mark Steinward can be contacted on 0410 524 281 for more information.

Meet Mark

Meet Mark

Founder & Teacher

Mark runs the school and is responsible for the content and course delivery.

What participants say about the retreat

It has been 6 months since I took part in the Give Back Take Back Fly Free Retreat and the effects are still being felt. This was by far the most transformational work I have ever done. It was intense, deep and life changing. I will be forever grateful to Mark and One Tribe for creating such a safe and powerful retreat. It has positively impacted my life in so many ways including my self belief, parenting and relationships. To really be able to feel and release limiting beliefs, conditioning and patterns that all stem from our family line is so liberating. The impacts will be lifelong as you gain the awareness to continue the work as things come up. I could not recommend this retreat more highly. If you are feeling the call to do it, go for it!

The give back take back retreat is the most powerful weekend I have ever attended since my healing journey began 9 years ago. I’d never heard of or experienced a retreat such as this before and I believe if everyone walking this earth was able to attend this weekend, we would all be living in a more harmonious state of being. I entered this retreat with belief patterns about myself that were causing me daily emotional overwhelm as well as an underlying thread of anxiety that I believed I would never be able to truly be free of. I experienced one of the biggest shifts on this retreat. I am waking each morning without anxiety erupting in my stomach, I understand more than ever the importance of being outside and connecting to the land and within 12 hours of arriving home after the retreat I have committed to return to participate in the level 1 & 2 shamanic training.

Mark is the most incredible leader, healer and space holder I have ever come across and I feel so blessed to be in his presence. You can feel the love he has for every single person he comes across and for the first time in my life I feel I am worthy of being here in this life.

The Give Back Take Back retreat was set up so we were able to rid ourselves of all the baggage we carried around that was holding us back. It was done in a safe, supportive, loving environment. I highly recommend this for anyone who wishes to move forward feeling lighter. The support after the retreat has enabled me to continue this ongoing journey knowing any help I might need is close by.

Tree silhouette

From the very moment I made the decision to attend the Give Back Take Back Retreat, it felt like there were events set in motion that were all starting to work towards supporting me to let go of anything in my life that wasn’t working or beneficial for me any more.
It completely blew me away at how powerful just setting the intention to do this amazing and transformational retreat truly was.

For the duration of the 4 day retreat I felt completely supported, safe and held by the facilitators Mark and Shiva May. The way they expertly guided us all through the Give Back Take Back process was constantly reaffirming and reassuring. The collective energy of all the participants on the retreat was something I have never experienced before and was profoundly courageous and felt like magic. The work we did on the retreat wasn’t easy, but every moment was rewarded with removing another layer of “old stuff”, and it felt liberating, empowering and joyous all at once.

Since completing Give Back Take Back, I have been able to finally turn into a reality, many dreams I have long held for my life, but up until doing the retreat, I’d been too stuck to make happen. I have since completed some studies, started my own business and now feel like I can do whatever I put my mind to, with confidence and freedom. There is now a new lightness of being and clarity I am experiencing in my daily life, and it feels like the amazing flow of how truly living was always intended to be. If feels wonderful.

If you are absolutely sick to death of your own shit, of your life going around in circles, watching yourself react to situations with the same old deeply ingrained behaviours, your emotional wounds constantly being triggered, you’re weighed down by generational pain and suffering and you don’t understanding why this is happening, and you have tried everything else to change your life and it hasn’t worked…..then it is NOW time to do this real deep, deep work and get the job done of clearing out the energy of this personal baggage and moving it on once and for all by attending a Give Back Take Back Retreat.

With complete gratitude to One Tribe for offering this life changing journey, Lisa xo

The Give Back Take Back course really sort of reset my mind and body to a more neutral and balanced state, and really for the first time in the past 20 years or so, I am now able to feel the temperature of my heart. The awakening of my heart also makes me realise that the connection between the land and I is a really, really, really deep connection. I’m so glad that I’ve participated in the course without even knowing what it is really about.

Again, thank you so much Mark. You’ve changed my point of view on life so much that I think I will just keep evolving and become a better version of myself ongoing from now on. Your presence on the Earth is absolutely a gift and blessing.

The retreat was a gift from my son. I had no idea what was involved. I went with an open heart and looking forward to a new adventure. It was a life changing experience

This work was amazing to take you to the depths off self healing. Not only for self, I’ve been able to help others going deep into their past to help them work within themselves. I would definitely suggest to all lives to do the full retreat not just for the benefit of themselves but for all who they pass in life to see how bliss and contentment in their own journey feels and magnifies to others. It was amazing to release old shit that was trapped within me.

Native frond

Thanks so much Mark (also Sivamayi and Sai Maa) for your guidance and support throughout the Give Back Take Back Retreat, such a safe supportive place to just really let go! Wow it felt intense and good to give all that crap back! Every other thing I have ever done never went as deep as this. My wish is for everyone to experience it! It was my intention for the retreat to be able to really feel and be able to show that unconditional love to my children. When I got home last night, I really truly felt that, without all the webbing and crap in the way. Words will never really be able to express the gratitude I have for you, the experience and teachings but from my heart to yours.

This is deeply intense but soul transforming enquiry into your core beliefs about yourself and how you experience the relationships in your life as a result of your early childhood. I have felt healing from the moment I signed up, till now, as I sit to write this a month after the three day course. There is deep wisdom in this work and it enriches your life and the lives of those around you.

Powerful, deep, exhilarating, revealing and rewarding. If you’re ready to run the marathon and discover and release things about yourself you suspected or never knew resided within your body, you’ll be guided by a team of dedicated, genuine and supportive practitioners who will help you release the long-held trauma and negative ideas you’ve inherited within the most safest of spaces. This is a once in a lifetime experience, you will leave exhausted – but forever changed.

Retreat reflections 6 months on…

Hello One tribe, What an amazing time I had on the give back take back retreat! Firstly I would like to thank you all. I am truly grateful to Mark & Sue each of you played an important part of my journey. To the two beautiful women behind the scene’s – they played an important part of this weekend being so nurturing with their amazing food, made with such love… thank you ladies!

I have been on a journey to myself for about 18 years & after completing this retreat I am finally free to be me. Over the last 18 years I have done full on seminars some I stayed for 3 days & some went for 2 days for 12 hours per day. They were intense, in your face, uncomfortable, exhausting. I wouldn’t take back any of them as they all played an important part of my journey. What I want to share with you is, after the seminars you were on a high & everything was wonderful for about 2 weeks. But slowly old habits started to form again but on a smaller scale than before but still there. They helped me heal relationships, forgive & mentally work through situations that I was faced with. But why was something still not right?

My experience on the retreat was absolutely mind blowing for me. One Tribe provide a safe, gentle & well guided journey. Wow! You know it still amazes me when I think about it! So to break it down for you by the second day, I saw my life for how it really was….I was shown in my silence the real story & it just made so much sense, all the pieces of the puzzle had come together. I felt like I was starting the grieving. When the time was right, I began to give back what wasn’t mine. This process was so gentle, I felt completely safe & I had complete trust in One Tribe. But my processing & healing didn’t stop at the end of the retreat. That night when I went home I continued to do the Process. The next day was the beginning of my new journey, looking at the world through my eyes.

How was Take back Give back different to all the other course?

I wasn’t on a high, I felt grounded. I felt & still feel like I have a 360 degree vision on everything in my life. I did the retreat about 6 months ago now & I can tell you that it is truly the best gift I have ever given myself! The only self development course for me in the future will be about my future, not my past! It’s funny, it’s the small things that have changed that have made the biggest effects. On the Monday after One tribe did a follow up & has continued to stay in contact. I was amazed at the time they gave me…truly caring souls.

Thank you all for sharing your gifts with me. I am so grateful & my heart is completely open. We did it… I’m home!

Lots of love & light,


Participant feedback

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