Level 3 – Detailed Course Outline

Every one of you has shed many layers to get to this point and it is now time to practise being a clear conduit, or as we call it, a hollow bone for Great Spirit and your guides to work through you. Up to this point you have been learning/initiated into the shamanic tools – now it is time to use them. This will complete the core foundational healing work we teach at One Tribe. The intention for this week-long training is that you leave with a measure of confidence to do shamanic healing work. You will be surprised by what is already at hand for you from doing Levels 1 and 2. Remember those sessions were initiations – the work is actually already inside you. On a deeper level, the intention is to work on some core aspects within yourself that you are ready to transform and heal. This is the biggest opportunity that truly awaits. Being a hollow bone will come – it is really just about trusting and stepping out of the way – but clearing out obstacles to a happy, fulfilled and balanced life is truly a rich opportunity. As this level has evolved over time, it is now also very much a preparation for Practitioner Training giving you more tools used in that more intimate arena.

In terms of doing shamanic healing, this is an ancient tradition and what flows through people is totally unique to every individual. It is so unique as you are unique, your present and past life mastery is unique, plus all of your guides and their gifts and specialities are also unique. We may get to similar points in our healing work, but the dance to get there will be a unique expression when we truly surrender, step out the way and serve as a hollow bone. The training is designed to allow this natural expression to unfold.

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Day 1 – Being a Hollow Bone

8:45am – 1:00pm

This is the fundamental, foundational principal on how we teach shamanic healing. Whilst you are fully equipped with techniques (and we will share many more through this journey), how, when and if you administer these techniques is applied through the principal of being a hollow bone. It is all guided, it is all unique in how it is administered, and it is therefore shaped exactly to the need at hand. With shamanic healing, how we teach it anyway, we do nothing more and nothing less than we are guided to do. We have found that the most powerful healing work happens not when we are in the head, but when we are in the shamanic flow and are actually shifting and addressing the energy at hand.

It is likely during this session that we may be required to do some healing work around blocks that may prevent you from being a powerful hollow bone. This may come in the guise of being persecuted for doing healing work in past lives, self-worth issues from childhood, beings interfering and so on. We will also cover all you need to practically get started before we bring out the tables and start doing the healing work doing a review of techniques already covered. You will both give and receive healings.

2:30pm – 5:30pm – Working with colour

In this session we will work with colour as a shamanic healing tool. Each colour, like every note on the harmonic scale, resonates with a different chakra and healing frequency. For example, the colour red is associated with the base chakra (which out of interest is the note of C on the harmonic scale). The base is connected to the earth, our physicality, fire, passion etc. Working with red can be energising, stimulating and strengthening. If someone is depleted or tired you might be guided to work with red to help energise and rebalance them. The colour red can also draw out and rebalance deep seated fears in the base chakra. It is important to note we never try to work out which colour to use or even if we use a colour at all. In shamanic healing we always work as a hollow bone and are guided every step of the way. This session is more about initiating you into the use of colours as a healing tool and exploring them from an experiential perspective.

Day 2 – Healing the physical

8:45am – 1:00pm

From our experience, both working on ourselves and with our clients, every physical ailment has a mental, emotional and spiritual root cause behind it. The body is trying to tell us something and when we listen to it we can address that problem and heal it energetically. We can also then take steps to transform our life and bring it into balance.

Doing the energetic healing often then leads to a corresponding physical cure but of course not always. There are many factors that come into play for that to happen including but not limited to time (the physical body is the last place to manifest an illness – it first starting in our minds, emotions etc – and therefore is often the last to disappear), the person’s faith, belief system, support network, diet, exercise, ongoing medical treatments, and of course we all have a time we are to leave this earth plane. Shamanic healing works well with other modalities including western medicine and a combination is often required for an effective cure.

At times, we are guided to work on the root energetic cause behind a physical ailment and at other times we are guided to work on just the physical ailment itself (going right inside the body and its systems). On top of this, we are all different and we all develop our unique specialities depending on our own life experience, interest and our guides. Some of you will be very drawn to working with the physical body particularly if you have some medical anatomical training behind you. All of that knowledge can then be harnessed by the guides and will naturally fuse into your shamanic healing work. Whatever healing modalities, knowledge and life experience you have behind you the guides can and will access that to bring benefit for the client.

The body is amazing as is the way it responds to shamanic healing. Even giving someone a spiritual diagnosis for their illness can be very comforting and empowering. It moves them from victim mode into a deep understanding of energy and how they can both create and dissolve physical issues in their life. This session opens the door to working on the physical body in a deep and powerful way.

2:30pm – 5:30pm – Working safely

During this session, we will review techniques and principals of how to work safely and not take on energy we are looking to clear. There are many effective techniques we ourselves have learned along the way which we will share with you to help you remain a clear hollow bone throughout a healing. As soon as the energy we are looking to clear comes into us, it compromises our ability to be that clear conduit. It is therefore important to be aware of when energy is trying to come in and how to address it, as well as how to clear it if it does get through. As always in healing we come from a deep space of trust knowing that we will not get anything that we cannot handle or manage. However, there are common learnings we all learn as we walk this path which we can share to help you work more efficiently, confidently and safely.

Day 3 – See, Ask and Act

8:45am – 1:00pm

During this session, we will practise the fundamentals of first Seeing: getting a clear picture/feeling/ knowing/message and starting point for the healing. This is the diagnosis phase. What is at the root cause of this issue or the starting point to get there? Here it is not our job to “see” but simply to receive the messages coming from spirit. Remember, hollow bone healing is very humble work – we do not need to try to make it work, we just step back and receive what always presents. The only time something will not present is if the client themselves does not feel comfortable enough to show themselves fully to you. We will guide you through how to overcome that situation should it occur.

Once we have the diagnosis we can ask what to actually do about it. What is the action required to make a shift? This action may be to use a technique you have already learned, to be guided to use a new one or simply to fully step out of the way and let the healing happen through you.

Lastly, we then act. This is where the energy shifts – the intention is a powerful one to shift that deeply and permanently. During the Act phase, we must stay fluid to the process in tune to where it is flowing and where or if it becomes blocked. If we sense a block or some resistance to the process, we go back into the seeing, asking and then action phase to work through it. This process is very natural and easy and the onus is on the guides, not us. We simply present to be the hollow bone, the rest is up to the guides and our own confidence to sense from the heart what is required.

You do not need to worry about if you see the guides, hear them etc; just trust the process as it unfolds in a structured and measured way. This process does work, with everyone, every time. It just takes a bit of practice and training to step out of the way. You can and will do this.

2:30pm-5:30pm – Healing Session

During this session we will jump straight on the tables continuing doing the hollow bone healing work from the morning’s session.

Day 4 – Healing the deep energetic roots

8:45am – 1:00pm

During this session we will work on clearing the root causes of issues we have been plagued by throughout our lives. During childhood we take on the energy of our environment like a sponge, particularly the energy of our parents. Their energy goes deep into us – energetically we literally carry them around within us. This includes their anger, frustrations, limiting beliefs, addictions, control etc. This is part of the Give Back Take Back work. We strongly encourage you all attend that retreat particularly if you are planning to do Practitioner Training. This will be the first time we are doing this deep work in Level 3 which is the benefit of this extended program. There are many modalities out there but not many that really go into that deep cathartic work.

2:30pm – 5:30pm – Working with sound as a healing tool

During this session we will allow our guides to use sound to flow through us to soothe, heal and transform those we are working with. Sound can be used in a very surgical way like a laser beam or as an ocean of sound bathing those in the bliss of the guides’ love. We will explore really moving and working as one during this session.

Day 5 – Camp Fire Technique

8:45am – 1:00pm

During this session will be practice working with the inner child, to give them a voice for unexpressed emotions. We will also learn how to express the higher self of those that may have unconsciously caused us pain as children or during other times of trauma throughout our life. The aim of this session is to work on healing the emotions and coming to a place of forgiveness. This is one of the primary tools used throughout Practitioner Training.

2:30pm – 5:30pm – Final Healing Session

This will be the final healing session for what will have been a wonderful, transformative and bonding week.

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