Students stay intimately connected with each other and the school for years going on shamanic trips, through the private shamanic Facebook page, continued mentoring support, helping one another individually and as groups, as well as doing online courses and events just for the students. There are also weekly Sunday Spirit Guide journeys and healings to keep developing and sharpening their skills. The school is also constantly growing and there are opportunities to support that growth as practitioners and support teachers.

EXCITINGLY – once students graduate, they can also joing the shamanic healing clinic as shamanic practitioners! This is another whole round of ongoing training and upskilling. The shamanic clinic is located in Perth (1/68 Petra St Palmyra) with online healings available so students from all over the country can be a part of this incredible opportunity.

The shamanic clinic is a powerful space to serve the community, grow as as a shamanic healer and to continue your training and healing work. It is for those that are passionate to serve and help. The clinic is structured to give the practitioners as much income as possible from their services and time. There are also opportunities to do healing work in teams, be a part of healing workshops and to help those that are less privileged and in need. Like everything to do with One Tribe, it is about family, connections and service.

Know that when the formal training ends, the support is there for as long as you need it fostered through the individual relationships you have developed as well as through the ongoing mentor program (which is accessible at anytime to continue to sharpen your skills), the shamanic clinic and the school itself.

What I love about the school is that you are encouraged to find your own spiritual lineage from your own mastery and your own gifts.

There is a lot of freedom to use this modality in whatever way you feel fit when you leave the school. This works really well if you are a practitioner with other modalities because you can combine those in your practice. What you find is when healers leave the school, they are quite varied in the way they express their gifts.

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