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Sound Healing

Relax, unwind and transform your body, mind and spirit through sound. Sound is the primordial building block of the universe. Science supports what the ancients have always known – that everything in the universe vibrates at different frequencies which all have a corresponding sound.

Sound healing is such a powerful modality as it cuts through any mental blocks to healing by working directly on the vibrational frequency of your own body, cells, emotions and mind.

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Friday 1st July 2022

Sounds for Expansion: Increasing our Spiritual Bandwidth

This week’s medicine is inspired by recent-felt experiences of high vibrational frequencies that expand and renew. It is an invitation to experience a Soundscape that gives us greater capacity to act in joyful, productive ways and lifts any heaviness that come upon us. The simple intension is Expansion. To really feel Bigger. Broader. Fuller. Both physically and energetically.

In an energetic and vibrational sense, we envision this as “increasing our bandwidth”. Just like a radio can tune into multiple frequencies, so too can our physical and energetic bodies. Through increasing our “spiritual bandwidth” via these expansive, high vibrations, we open up to a greater range of frequencies around us. Thus, expanding our capacity to hold more energy, more light, and experience greater empowerment.

Feeling this increase of our bandwidth tells our spirit, “You can do this. You’ve got this. The world needs your expansion. It is a physical knowing of our connection with all that is. We hope you can join us for a session that’s close to our collective hearts and bathe in the expansive love of this soundscape. Let’s resonate with all who surrounds us, include all the diversity of human expressions in our communities and play our own unique role in bringing through this sense of Unity that our planet needs.

NEW OFFER – each session will be recorded and we will be releasing the audio each Monday. Pre-order the audio recording in the link below as a ticket or you can purchase it when it releases each Monday.

One Tribe Friday Night Sound Healing

  • July 1, 2022 7:30 pm
  • Beacon Yoga Centre

Why are Sound Healings at One Tribe so special?

One Tribe have been doing didgeridoo-based sound healings every Friday night in Fremantle at the Beacon Yoga Centre for over 11 years with over 15,000 bodies having attended those sessions! What makes the One Tribe experience unique to other sound healings?

Firstly, it is a group rather than one or two individuals – there are at least 4 sound healers in every session. That way you experience a range of instruments and sounds all harmonising and working together with a powerful group intention. These instruments are often played directly over or around you and include: didgeridoos, medicine drums, gongs, crystal bowls, flutes, vocals, percussion and more.

Secondly, the didgeridoo is an incredibly powerful healing instrument and is a key feature of every session ranging from 1 to 3 didgeridoo players depending on the theme.

Thirdly, there is a powerful and uniquely crafted intention that goes behind every single session which we call Medicine. These Medicines/Themes often draw upon the healing power of nature and include things like – Eagle Medicine, Archangel Michael Medicine, Medicine of the stars and Phoenix Medicine. Each member in the group leads a session once a month and they put their heart and soul into first living and embodying the healing properties of that Medicine to transform their own life. They are then responsible for crafting how to express the purest essence of that Medicine through sound. Every single week is a different theme all lived, loved and designed for your own transformational experience. We encourage you to deeply consider your personal intention for your sound healing session as that will shape how the Medicine/Theme will support and transform your life.

Session Details – a different theme every week…

Weekly One Tribe Sound Healing sessions are held every Friday from 7:30pm-9:00pm at the Beacon Yoga Centre, 151 South Street Beaconsfield Perth (entry to the hall is on Field Street). Each week there is a different theme using unique instruments, intentions and medicine. Please bring your own pillow, blanket and water – mats are provided. Due to ongoing limitations on the number of places we can provide we do not offer refunds, but you can of course give your spot to someone else.

Cost is $31 per person.

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