Level 1 – Detailed Course Outline

Day 1 – Shamanic Initiation Ceremony

8:45am – 5:30pm. West Coast times below (East Coast has a longer lunch break and finishes later as it is a live in retreat).

The shamanic path is ancient. In its purest form, shamanism creates a bridge between the physical world and the spiritual dimension for healing, divination and transformation. During this powerful day, you will step into the medicine wheel where you will be physically initiated into the elements of earth, air, fire and water. You will also meet your spirit guides who love you unconditionally, and can powerfully support your spiritual growth and healing ability. By forming a relationship with them, you can deepen your connection to your authentic self and the sacredness of life. This is a profound and deeply sacred day one we treat with the utmost respect and love.

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Day 2 – Past Life Healing

8:45am – 1pm

During this session we will release past life aspects within us that are negatively impacting upon us in this life. Shamanic healing goes back to the root cause of a problem. This often means travelling back in time to heal and release shocks, traumas and losses from past lives. It is possible to isolate these past life aspects within us and clear the traumas associated with them. As a simple example, we may have been persecuted in a past life for doing healing work. In that life, under extreme distress, we may have made powerful vows to ourselves to never do that work again to protect ourselves from future trauma and pain. This trauma can remain in our energetic system thereby blocking us from powerfully stepping into doing healing work in this life. It can affect our spiritual sight and healing gifts, our ability to promote ourselves as healers and our feelings of safety and confidence doing the work. By safely clearing that past life aspect and the trauma associated with it, we can overcome what were once deep seated and previously unexplained obstacles in our lives.

2:30pm – 5:30pm

The morning session is spent learning these powerful techniques, in the afternoon we will be applying what has been learned.

Day 3 – Soul Retrieval

8:45am – 1pm

Shamans have long specialised in soul retrieval work. In order to survive and get through a traumatic experience, part of our soul or spirit can leave our body. This is one of the reasons many abuse victims do not remember their traumas until a point in their lives when they are actually ready to deal with it. Whilst this helps us to get through a trauma, it means we are not operating at our full capacity or power if that soul fragment does not return. We can be left feeling ungrounded, disengaged, have a poor immune system, feel flat, depressed, fearful, have gaps in our memory, become prey to addictions and so on. If someone says after a particular incident they have never quite been the same since, this can be a case of soul loss. The shamanic practitioner’s job and expertise is to find and bring back these lost soul parts. This can give us an enormous boost of energy, power, clarity and confidence. Soul loss can be caused by any number of incidents knowing that what one person considers traumatic can be very different to someone else. Equally, trauma at one age can be totally different to another. Common examples that may cause soul loss are car accidents, abuse, shock, illness, combat, addiction, loss of a loved one, divorce or break ups etc. During this session you will be guided to find and retrieve lost parts of your own spirit and support others to reclaim theirs. This is a very powerful healing session.

2:30pm – 5:30pm

The morning session is spent learning soul retrievals, in the afternoon we will be applying what has been learned.

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Day 4 – Animal Medicine & Communing with Nature

8:45am – 1pm

During this session you will meet and develop deep relationships with your Animal Medicine Guides. For eons shamans have connected with and harnessed the healing and transformative power of their animal guides. These guides can open new faculties within us, expand our consciousness and improve our healing ability. You will journey to meet your animal guides as well as learn to retrieve animal medicine for other people. This is always a wonderful, magical and enriching session.

2:30pm – 5:30pm

Communing with Nature. Shamans and indigenous tribes have long been able to commune with all elements of nature. During this session we will spend time on the land connecting to and communicating with the spiritual energy that moves through and maintains it. We will also learn to communicate with the rocks and trees. We will learn to hear and interpret the clear messages from nature. Approached in the right way, we can all do this. This is always a sacred and mesmerising session of exploration and discovery.

Day 5 – Sacred Ceremony

8:45am – 3pm

Ceremonial work is at the heart of shamanic healing and personal transformation. It is a powerful invitation to your unconditionally wise and loving spirit guides to support you to make significant changes in your personal life. Once you learn how to do ceremony for yourself and your community, you are empowered to truly take control of your life and make it sacred. We always say if you want to change your life, do a ceremony! It can help support you to make any transition in your life that is necessary. During this session we will do a powerful One Tribe rite of passage ceremony releasing unresolved energy in 7 year blocks up to our current age. We will also step into the next phase of the medicine wheel of our life to embody the energy of the age we are stepping into. This is a very powerful session.

3:00pm – Lunch and finish on the West Coast.

I’ve just finished One Tribe’s Level 1 and Level 2 combined training courses and I can truly say this was the best, most intense and wonderful training experience I’ve ever undertaken.

Everything was well organised and in the most flowing and loving way. I’ve never felt more cared for in a training environment – even before the course began. Mark’s many skills, extensive experience, seemingly inexhaustible energy and compassion, supported by Sharon’s skills, experience and gentle, nurturing compassion provided both a powerful learning and safe healing environment. I’ve learned so much about myself, about shamanic practices and healing in such a relatively short time and feel like a changed, more confident person viewing the world with a different and far more positive perspective. Definitely recommend this training.

It’s difficult to put into words what I’ve just experienced on the One Tribe Shamanic Healing Retreat levels 1 & 2. It was unlike any other healing modality I’ve experienced or trained in before and there have been many!

It is a beautiful and complete union of body mind soul spirit where all and everything is important and valued and where no judgement is passed on where or who you are, but where ultimately you’re being gently yet powerfully guided back to unconditional love and oneness; l learned that this is the very core teaching of the shamanic path.

We couldn’t have asked for clearer, more connected guides and teachers than Mark and Sharon. Mark is an embodiment of this connection. His absolute devotion to spirit and service is at the very core of his being. Sharon is a powerful love and presence and together they held and guided us lovingly closer to remembering our own connection.

The training was a very balanced mix of teachings, demonstrations and experiential practices. You will definitely come away with a whole new sense of what’s true and what’s possible.

For me it feels like the start of a new path but one that I was always waiting for and one that already feels lighter and freer.

I’m excited about where this journey is leading me and already can’t wait for levels 3 & 4!

With much respect, gratitude and love.

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