Shamanism is ancient, and all of that ancestral power is available to anyone with a sincere heart and calling to serve.

Everyone has their own unique and beautiful expression of shamanic healing as everyone’s spirit guides and mastery over the lifetimes is different. Shamanic healing is also incredibly powerful as it harnesses all of the forces of creation which are grounded in and through the practitioner. On top of that, it is not just a healing modality, it also humanity’s oldest spiritual pathway, the foundation of which is the universal teachings of the interconnectedness of life and that we are all one.

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Why shamanic healing is so powerful?

Shamanic healing is so powerful and effective as it harnesses the universal wisdom and power that makes the planets spin, the seasons change and the cells within our body regulate our breathing, digestion and circulation without a conscious thought on our behalf. In the shamanic training with One Tribe, you are trained to access that wisdom and channel it through you to diagnose what is out of balance and why, and to treat it to bring it back into alignment. Shamanism always goes to the root source of a problem, tracking it down and rebalancing it, even across the lifetimes.

Masters of this like Lakota Holy man Frank Fools Crow were able to be conduits for remarkable healings as reported by Lutheran Pastor Thomas E Mails in his book Secret Native American pathways page 220.

“I personally saw him remove from a man’s face a huge purple birthmark in a four-day treatment using only a medicine herb. I also saw him stop in the midst of a sun dance and straighten out the grotesquely twisted leg of a nine-year-old boy, whose condition had existed since birth and was known to the hundreds of spectators who saw the healing happen. Two years later I saw the boy play basketball with his friends. The point I make in revealing what Fools Crow has accomplished is only that of showing how such power is available and that it can be acquired. What each person will be able to do with it will only be known as their relationship with the Above Beings unfolds”.

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But can I do what Frank Fools Crow could do?

According to Fools Crow, yes you can! “Anyone who is willing to lead the life I have led can do the things I do. I am out here on this remote reservation and am only here on earth for just a little while. Why would Wakan-Tanka limit these things to me? People all over the world have the same needs, and those who want to serve Him can be as big to Him as they want to be. The pity is that they doubt this and limit themselves”.

Whilst we may never in our lifetime be able to achieve the things that Fools Crow could do, he encourages us to aim high, live well and “to love everyone and put others first”. It is always reinforced in shamanic healing with One Tribe that it is not us who do the healing, but our healing guides and the forces of nature which work through us. Remarkable transformations happen in every class and every healing – it is truly a humbling thing to be a part of.

What if I can’t do Shamanic healing?

In our experience, people sometimes find it difficult to access shamanic healing and wisdom for themselves putting all sorts of doubts and blocks in the way. Yet when trained and supported to access this for another, our experience is that 100% of people can do this straight away! When we put our personal needs asid,e we can easily access the universal wisdom available with a bit of guidance and preparation.

Does Shamanic healing ever get boring?

Thankfully not the way One Tribe are guided to practice it. As every client and situation is different, each cause and corresponding treatment is unique. Also, our guides are all different so your expression of shamanic healing is totally unique to you. This is a delight to experience and constantly evolves as your practice does. It is important to know that it is not our job to know how to treat each client, that is the role of our spirit guides and the universal wisdom accessible to us. You are trained to receive those messages, understand them and allow the healing to happen through you. Sometimes from start to finish this will be unlike any healing you have ever been a part of even if you have been practicing for decades.

What if I have already learned other modalities that work effectively for me – can shamanic healing compliment what I already know?

Shamanic healing amplifies all you already know through this process. All those tools you have already acquired are accessible, but with the love of the universe doing it through you, it is turbo charged! What is so powerful about the shamanic tradition is that when we try to do the healing ourselves yes, we are powerful, as are different healing techniques you will learn, but at only a fraction of the potency of creation itself which is accessible to flow through you in support of another. All you have done, all you are going to do down the track, are benefitted by learning the simple yet incredibly powerful process of getting out of the way and allowing these forces to flow through and around you.

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