Everyone’s expression of shamanic healing and personal healing journey is unique

Shamanic healing is ancient, going back at least 50,000 years in Australia alone. As such there is a wealth of ancestral and spiritual support to draw upon. For whilst you learn powerful shamanic tools, the expression of those will be as unique as you and your spirit guides are. Whilst it is true that during this shamanic training you will encounter incredible spirit guides and discover latent healing abilities, the true gift is transforming your personal life and stepping into your authentic power.

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The One Tribe shamanic training program is a mixture of teachings, demonstrations and experiential practices. It has evolved over many years and is now condensed into 11-day blocks with a day’s break between the levels.

  • First you complete Shamanic Training Level 1 and 2 (11 days). You are then supported with a three-month online program with your fellow brothers and sisters who are now like family, to hone and extend your skills and importantly to continue the healing and growing.
  • You then step up to the next level to complete Shamanic Training Level 3 and 4 (Level 4 is called Practitioner Training). This can be completed as an 11-day program if you want to do them both together, or you can do them as 5-day separate blocks. We have given that flexibility as Level 3 completes the core shamanic tools taught at One Tribe and not everyone wants to go on to do Practitioner Training.
  • After Practitioner training, for those who want to graduate which gives you access to insurance, you have case studies to complete supported by a four month mentoring group of senior practitioners who already have an established shamanic practice. You also get allocated in groups to give and receive healings with each other for another 9 months of ongoing peer support. After you complete your case studies and practice healings, you can then do your final review. Upon completion of your final review, you are eligible for get insurance as a shamanic practitioner. The class sizes begin at around 20 per group and end with a maximum of 5 per class in Practitioner Training. The training is completed on the East Coast of Australia as a live-in retreat in the Hunter Valley and in Perth (accommodation options close by are available).
  • After graduating and getting insurance, you are then eligible to join the One Tribe shamanic clinic. There is a clinic located at Palmyra in Perth and you can also join the program doing online healings from anywhere in the country.
Diving into Shamanism

Free 8-hour Diving Into Shamanism Training

This training combines theory with practice. Every topic is touched first with the head and practical information, then experienced through the heart with experiential shamanic journeys, healings and meditative states. This training was designed specifically to prepare you for the shamanic training with One Tribe. Each session is two hours in length and will cover the following topics:
  • Reconnecting you to the shamanic path click here
  • Initiation into the four directions click here
  • Meeting and working with your Spirit Guides click here
  • Components of diving deeper into the shamanic path click here 

Upcoming training…

East Coast Shamanic Training Level 3&4 - October 2024

  • October 17, 2024 1:00 pm - October 27, 2024 5:30 pm
  • Banjos Bushland Retreat

Year-long Perth Shamanic Training – Expressions of Interest (2025)

  • January 1, 2025 8:00 am - December 31, 2025 5:00 pm
  • Perth-Fremantle Area

East Coast Shamanic Training Level 1&2 - Expressions of Interest (2025)

  • March 13, 2025 8:00 am - March 23, 2025 5:00 pm
  • Banjos Bushland Retreat

Shamanic Training – Level 1

Shamanic Training Level 1 with One Tribe begins with the Shamanic Initiation Day. During this powerful day you will step into the medicine wheel where you will be physically initiated into the elements of earth, air, fire and water. You will also meet your spirit guides who love you unconditionally. Each of us have spirit guides assigned to us who are ready, willing and well equipped to help us grow and evolve. By forming a relationship with them, you can deepen your connection to your authentic self and the sacredness of life.

Shamanic Training Level 1 covers some of the foundational techniques and skills used in shamanic healing including a Shamanic Initiation Ceremony, Animal Medicine, Past Life healing, Soul Retrievals, Sacred Ceremony, Communing with Nature and a Sweat Lodge Ceremony (West Coast of Australia only). It also provides training in how to be a pure channel for shamanic healing including a map of the energetic landscape you may encounter. It will be deep, transformative and powerful. This training is for those who yearn to connect with the sacredness of life and are ready to do the inner work required to serve their community and transform their own lives.


  • Shamanic Initiation
  • Animal Medicine
  • Past Life Release
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Soul Retrievals
  • Communing with Nature
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony (West Coast of Australia only)
Shamanic rattle
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Shamanic Training – Level 2

Shamanic Training Level 2 with One Tribe gives you practical experience and training in some of the more advanced aspects of shamanism. You will be trained in how to deal with fear-based energy, find your shamanic voice, open your shamanic sight, use colour for healing and much more. We refer to Level 2 as the big spiritual cleanse (which also means big spiritual growth). It is about strongly stepping into the path of love and trust, leaving behind energetic imprints and attachments we have outgrown that are more fear-based. This is a sacred and powerful journey of healing and awakening.


  • Clearing Shadow
  • Shamanic Voice
  • Shamanic Sight
  • Removing Entities
  • Clearing Black Magic
  • Working with Colour
  • Extracting negative ET’s
  • Working with the Light

Shamanic Training – Level 3

Shamanic training Level 3 completes the core foundational healing work we teach at One Tribe so we really encourage you to do it. It puts into practice everything you learned in Levels 1 & 2, giving you a sense of confidence to apply these tools to transform your own life and to be a conduit for healing for others. Level 3 has evolved over time to be excellent preparation for Practitioner Training by giving you more tools that can be used in that arena.

By this stage you have done a lot of work on transforming yourself through the powerful shamanic tools you have experienced. It is now time to tread the ancient path of being a clear conduit to bring healing to others. In this course you will learn how to step out of the way and allow your healing guides to flow through you. You will put into practice the key concepts of seeing (diagnosing the problem), asking (getting direction from your guides) and acting (enabling your guides to work through you harnessing all of the shamanic tools you have already acquired and giving you new ones). During this module, we take out the healing tables and you will both give and receive healings. This will be powerful, transformative and rewarding on many levels.


  • Being a Clear Conduit
  • Working with Colour
  • Working with Sound
  • See, Ask, Act
  • Working Safely
  • Healing the Physical Body
  • Healing the Deep Energetic Roots
  • Camp Fire Technique
  • Gratitude Ceremony

Shamanic Training – Level 4 (Practitioner Training)

Whilst in Shamanic Training Level 3 you gain confidence in using the tools in your own unique style, Practitioner Training is about mastering them. Practitioner Training is an apprentice-style course with a maximum of only 5 people in each class. As you go up the levels, the training gets more intense giving you more opportunities to transform and heal deep parts of yourself. It involves a lot of self-transformation and examination, as well as apprenticeship like training where all One Tribe’s skills and knowledge are freely shared. It is not about making you into us, but bringing your own unique healing gifts and talents to the surface and sharpening them.

This One Tribe shamanic training program also works! Having completed it with hundreds of students over many years, we are always blown away by the massive transformations and healing ability of the students when they do their final one on one reviews. It is such a rewarding experience for all of us.


  • Training body, mind and spirit
  • Healing sessions on each other
  • Healing people you don’t know
  • Case Studies to complete after the training
  • Four Month Online mentoring program after the training
  • One on One healing review

Your guides are all different, therefore your expression of shamanic healing is unique too

Each of us have different life times and therefore different mastery to draw upon. Even more so, the spirit guides that support your healing work are varied and different. It makes the healing journey an incredibly and intimately unique one. One Tribe do not train you to be clones, you are trained to step out of the way and learn how you express the healing artform with your unique individual talents and in particular the skills of your guides. Just like we all have differing skills, so too do your healing guides. As you progress and the need arises, many guides will come in to assist you to support others, as well as help you to heal yourself and mother earth.

The Healing Journey

This journey takes you deep inside to unlock your latent abilities and to help you make connections with the divine energy that is ever present in all things. You are initiated into each tool that you learn by experiencing its potent capacity to heal you! As you grow, let go and heal, you make more room for the healing guides and energy to flow through you, and you know the terrain that your clients will traverse as well. You learn to develop your compassion and an intimate connection with this sacred thing called life. You come out of your shell, let go of outdated walls that keep everything out – including love, and keep everything in – including your light and love. You grow, you heal and many feel the divine calling to support others to do the same.

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