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It takes courage because whilst many tools and powerful techniques are learned, the subject is you and your life. You are practically initiated into the tools by using them to transform your own life and to re-awaken the wisdom that we are all one. Upon completion of the One Tribe shamanic training, you are eligible to get insurance as an approved shamanic practitioner. Whether you are a seasoned pro (having done many healing modalities and self-development courses) or a complete novice, this training will stretch you to grow and awaken the shamanic healer within you.

Our shamanic training practitioners come from all walks of life bonding to create a family of lasting connections.

Man stargazing with text overlaid - Shamanic training begins and ends with you. You are front and centre as the shamanic path is all about being a clear conduit.

Overview of the process

This Shamanic Training with One Tribe begins and ends with you. You are front and centre as the shamanic path is all about being a clear conduit, or what we call a hollow bone, to allow the healing energies of the universe and your guides to flow through you. To do that effectively you need to cleanse that which gets in the way of this process. Your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. The shamanic tools you learn are first experienced directly by you to support your own healing. Then you are guided to facilitate those shifts with others. Some do the shamanic training to serve their community as healers, but many do it just to become the best person they can be.

In the shamanic tradition this is all about coming back to oneness consciousness. Science is now catching up on what our ancestors have known all along, that everything is just pure, scintillating energy and that vibration is one of love. You have been educated to believe otherwise, therefore this training highlights your beauty, your innate wisdom, your tremendous capacity to love and your connection to all that is.

Upcoming training courses…

East Coast Shamanic Training Level 3&4 - October 2024

  • October 17, 2024 1:00 pm - October 27, 2024 5:30 pm
  • Banjos Bushland Retreat

Year-long Perth Shamanic Training – Expressions of Interest (2025)

  • January 1, 2025 8:00 am - December 31, 2025 5:00 pm
  • Perth-Fremantle Area

East Coast Shamanic Training Level 1&2 - Expressions of Interest (2025)

  • March 13, 2025 8:00 am - March 23, 2025 5:00 pm
  • Banjos Bushland Retreat

I’m a novice and concerned I’m not good enough?

Many who are drawn to do shamanic healing worry they are not special enough or do not have the gift. From our EXTENSIVE experience in working with hundreds of students, this is an unfounded concern. All who have the calling can do this. Most importantly, in shamanic healing, it is not us doing the healing but our healing guides. Therefore, a lot of the training is about learning how to get out of the way and allow the healing energy to flow through you. Paradoxically, it is often those who have not done any prior training that can do this best as they do not have any mental clutter or existing processes getting in the way of how their guides want to work through them. You will be amazed by the healing energy that will flow through you. On top of that, many students who do the training never have any intention of becoming professional healers upon completion of the training (even though they have the skills to do so). Many do it to transform, awaken and heal and the deep gift they offer their families, communities and the earth is their transformed self.

I trained with One Tribe for 18 months and found the experience a wonderful one.

There were times though, I really doubted myself and why I was there as I didn’t intend to become a healer. Part of me felt unworthy or inexperienced to be a part of something so amazing.  I constantly questioned my abilities and my position in the Tribe.

Whilst I was self-doubting myself, I was always lovingly supported by Mark, assistants and students alike.  I came to realise it was about getting out of my own way and that we are all uniquely different and all have something to offer.  I now bring healing every day to those around me, through conversation and love.  One Tribe is a family of love, which I’m blessed to be a part of.

Big love.

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The training has been phenomenal.

Both for myself in clearing some stuff and also being able to assist other to release things they need to let go of or being able to bring in things they need in their life. I had some huge doubts about my ability beforehand, even to the point of nearly cancelling. Within a couple of days all those doubts were blown away and I totally have confidence now that with this training and further assistance I will definitely be able to do this. Thank you One Tribe for an awesome training its phenomenal.

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For me it was an amazing experience.

I’ve never been able to feel energy or hear my guides or anything like that. It’s been amazing it is the first time ever that I have been able to trust myself and hear my guides and their guidance. So it’s been a change, a transformation for me.

I’m a seasoned pro (having done lots of training and self development) and I’m concerned this will be too basic for me?

This concern has never materialised from any students who have EVER done the training. In fact, the overwhelming response from seasoned pros has consistently been that this is the deepest and most powerful work they have encountered. The training is intense yet supported and does stretch all to grow in ways often never imagined. Both in terms of the personal healing experienced and their capacity to offer healing to others.

What is different about this modality is that you are trained and actively encouraged to be a conduit for your own style of healing with your own unique and specific healing guides. These guides will access and use all you have already learned but they will empower it exponentially by doing it through you. Many students are guided to merge modalities or even create their own as their guides cherry pick what will be most effective in any given situation. One Tribe is specialised at helping you develop this relationship and are expert at guiding you to know when you are in your mind and when you are in the shamanic flow being a conduit for a higher source of healing.

I’ve just finished One Tribe’s Level 1 and Level 2 combined training courses and I can truly say this was the best, most intense and wonderful training experience I’ve ever undertaken.

Everything was well organised and in the most flowing and loving way. I’ve never felt more cared for in a training environment – even before the course began. Mark’s many skills, extensive experience, seemingly inexhaustible energy and compassion, supported by Sharon’s skills, experience and gentle, nurturing compassion provided both a powerful learning and safe healing environment. I’ve learned so much about myself, about shamanic practices and healing in such a relatively short time and feel like a changed, more confident person viewing the world with a different and far more positive perspective. Definitely recommend this training.

What I love about the school is that you are encouraged to find your own spiritual lineage from your own mastery and your own gifts.

There is a lot of freedom to use this modality in whatever way you feel fit when you leave the school. This works really well if you are a practitioner with other modalities because you can combine those in your practice. What you find is when healers leave the school, they are quite varied in the way they express their gifts.

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There is a depth to it and a love to it that makes it so powerful…

…more powerful and more cleansing than anything I have ever done before. And I have done some really amazing work. I’ve been with some really amazing healers and teachers, but the shamanic work has taken it to another level.

It’s difficult to put into words what I’ve just experienced on the One Tribe Shamanic Healing Retreat levels 1 & 2. It was unlike any other healing modality I’ve experienced or trained in before and there have been many!

It is a beautiful and complete union of body mind soul spirit where all and everything is important and valued and where no judgement is passed on where or who you are, but where ultimately you’re being gently yet powerfully guided back to unconditional love and oneness; l learned that this is the very core teaching of the shamanic path.

We couldn’t have asked for clearer, more connected guides and teachers than Mark and Sharon. Mark is an embodiment of this connection. His absolute devotion to spirit and service is at the very core of his being. Sharon is a powerful love and presence and together they held and guided us lovingly closer to remembering our own connection.

The training was a very balanced mix of teachings, demonstrations and experiential practices. You will definitely come away with a whole new sense of what’s true and what’s possible.

For me it feels like the start of a new path but one that I was always waiting for and one that already feels lighter and freer.

I’m excited about where this journey is leading me and already can’t wait for levels 3 & 4!

With much respect, gratitude and love.

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I’ve done many trainings and been on my spiritual journey for a long time, and this truly is the most intense and rewarding training I’ve ever taken.

From the moment that I arrived there was nothing to worry about.

There was only support and gentleness and the right kind of guidance from Mark and Sharon as teachers, from the brothers and sisters that I met and from Spirit. I walked in with a real sense of comfort in not needing to be at a certain level of skill or to know anything. The entire journey was one of training yes, you will learn tools but also one of intense healing. Eleven days of inner work and the opportunity to look at all the things that needed to come up. Mark and Sharon were incredible at holding space, at being teachers who really want to share this practice which is special and that everyone can welcome more into their life. To know how to connect to oneself again, to connect to the inner wisdoms and to connect to Spirit. So, whether you are coming to this training as a practitioner looking to further develop your practice and tools or whether you are just interested to do some self-healing work, I think that the One Tribe teachers and community is a very welcoming one, that you will be not disappointed and that this journey is the one for you.

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