Mark Steinward
Location Perth
Available Days 1. Monday, 2. Tuesday, 7. Sunday
Practitioner Tier 1. Shamanic Teacher - $220

Mark Steinward

About me

My mum was deeply depressed when I was born. My father was having an affair and left when I was only 6 months old. My mother provided for me physically but was unable to be present and love me the way I needed. As I got older, to get her attention, I rebelled with uncontrollable fits of anger. When I was 9 years old my mother put me in a home for dysfunctional children far from all my familiar surroundings. I grew up feeling that I was unlovable and that there was something wrong with me.

I was later sent back to live with my mother and throughout my teens continued to rebel to get attention, fighting the system and anyone who tried to control me. The turning point was when I was 16 and I got beaten up badly by a gang; this was the point I felt I really had to make a choice. I could continue down this path of destruction, crime and revenge  - or perhaps choose the harder path that would take more work, a path of healing and love.

I I turned my life around with meditation, focus and discipline. I met my shamanic teacher in my early 20’s and was lucky enough to have been exposed to the healing world since I was a small child. I learned about Spirit and deepened my healing gifts while I applied myself to study. I got a degree and even ended up with a high-flying corporate job.

At 30 years old, I strapped on a backpack and travelled  the world on spiritual pilgrimages and spending time with shamans. I continued to heal deep layers of my rejection and abandonment. When I returned 2 years later, my teacher said it was time to start teaching : One Tribe was started, as was the shamanic healing school and I haven’t stopped since then. I have devoted my life to first healing myself and then supporting others on the same journey. I have learned that our essence is pure and that healing is about releasing what is NOT US. We are not broken; we are whole and we can create a dream life for ourselves. I am living proof of that. I now have a wonderful, nourishing relationship with both my parents and I am in a loving relationship with myself and my beloved partner. I am lovable and I’m here to remind you that so are you.


"Mark is a powerful and effective healer. After my session with him, I feel like a massive load has been removed from my back. The baggage that I have been carrying around for years has been removed, and I am free to proceed in my life uncambered. I can see that the quality of relationships with those close to me will be improved tremendously by the healing I have received. I couldn’t recommend Mark and One Tribe highly enough!" - Nina

"I’ve had many healing/therapy sessions in the past, and this one far exceeded my expectations. It literally covered every base I could think of. It felt very holistic indeed. I’m definitely keen to do more sessions in the future!" - Anton

"I had wanted to experience a shamanic healing as I’ve been particularly drawn to the elements and sound and felt this modality would be insightful and supportive. I came into the session curious and open but wasn’t clear on what I wanted to “work” on. I had a few possible focus areas, which were clarified with the practitioner in the initial phase – some I hadn’t expected to come up but was supported by their guidance. I gained some really potent insights that I’m carrying forward with me into the months ahead, and things have being flowing a lot more since – particularly my creativity. Thank you!" - Niki

Book a healing with Mark

Mark often has a waitlist several months long for a session. To overcome this problem we are running small groups of 6 participants working with Mark and two shamanic practitioners. The session will go for three hours with each person individually addressing their unique situation. As one person does their individual work, the invitation will be for the whole group to release what presents. Our experience is when a group comes together they usually have similar core themes. As one person dives deep it touches the entire group giving everyone the opportunity to release. Working in a group exponentially expands the potency of the work when the participants give each other permission to go there. 

If you are interested in participating in the group healing, please contact us for more information, to book in or to go on Mark's waitlist for 1 on 1 healings.
Mark is still conducting weekly Spirit Guide Journeys every Sunday (available in Perth and Online). To book the Spirit Guide Journeys, please head to our Events page.

Mark is also happy to guide you to the shamanic practitioner he feels would be best suited for you. If you would like this, please contact him directly.

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