Sarah Diamond
Location Sydney, Online
Available Days 3. Wednesday, 6. Saturday
Practitioner Tier 2. Senior Shamanic Practitioner - $180

Sarah Diamond

About me

Having grown up with an absent father and a very strict mother who was always blowing hot and cold -  I felt loved one minute but not the next. I felt I wasn’t seen or heard. I was always being told who I am, what my place in the world is, what I can and cannot do -  even what is available to me as a girl and what isn’t! It was very confusing and the world was an unsafe and unstable place to be. I realised when I was about 20 that this was not true, I didn’t have to stay on this path that was laid out for me by others.

I left my home town on the south coast of England and moved to London and began a healer’s journey. Firstly I completed a conventional health science University degree and immediately after I started learning about stress  management, food as medicine and energy healing. I later qualified as both a naturopath and a shamanic healer and integrated mindfulness, meditation and spirituality into my practice. I lived life… moved and traveled around the world, made and lost great friends, got married and have two precious boys, had a career, got divorced... The path of the healer has been a fundamental part of my life, both personally and professionally.

My children have been a big driving force for my own healing, change and transformation because I wanted them to grow up feeling the love and safety that I didn’t have. I feel very blessed to have them in my life as the valuable teachers that they are.

My soul’s purpose has been to remember the truth of who I am, my unique expression. Being a healer means first healing myself - diving deep into my shadows, fears, pains, triggers and programmes. We can’t truly appreciate the light without also acknowledging and facing the dark. And our work is never done. I consider myself a work in progress because that’s what my life is all about.  Exposing the illusions and releasing the old so that the new can be uncovered and the truth remembered.

I assist other beautiful people who also want to remember who they are. This journey is about remembering and returning to who you are... so that you too can feel the freedom of who you came here to Be.


"Sarah was amazing!
So very patient with me, I felt deeply listened to and held (in an energetic sense). I felt huge shifts, reverberating forever more 🙏
After a lengthy time together via zoom from the comfort of my house with my dogs close by, it was phenomenal!
Thankyou Sarah, your patience and gift is truly appreciated 💙💫
- Suava

"I have completed a session with Sarah and it was really amazing! Thank you so much for the work you do to raise consciousness of humanity and Mother Earth. Much gratitude and Aroha I send to all of you." - Derek

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