Paulina Wolowska
Location Online, WA (other)
Available Days 1. Monday, 2. Tuesday
Practitioner Tier 3. Shamanic Practitioner - $150

Paulina Wolowska

About me

I was born and raised in Poland. Childhood was traumatic. I was living with an aggressive, alcoholic father with a seemingly a dark soul, and a mother with low self esteem and an inability to stand up for herself. I soaked in everything, all the negativity and darkness around me in those times like a little sponge. I was sensitive to energies from a very young age.

So I left my home country at 19 years of age in quest of creating a better life for myself. I spent the next 12 years living, travelling, and studying in London. But I also spent it overindulging in alcohol, drugs, and sex at every opportunity to “forget” my life in Poland. Extreme stress levels from my work in hospitality management led to severe anxiety, panic attacks and excessive negative self-talk. This went on for years building up, which eventuated in me finally losing my job. But this was also the catalyst to ending up in Australia.

It was 2016, I was 30. It was like I felt a deep sense of belonging from the moment I stepped off the plane. I happily travel around Uluru for a few months and it was there I experienced a deep spiritual awakening which would have powerful ripple effects on the whole of my travels and life to come. Firstly I immersed myself in Himalayan Kundalini Yoga practices and even studied with my guru in India. But it was really when I had my first shamanic healing in March 2020 that changed everything. That healing helped me to shift a lot of stuck energy, it left me wanting to go deeper and deeper into discovering exactly who I am and what I live for. I worked with my Spirit guides and unconditional love to help me release trauma, stuck emotions and energy and claim my power back - now I can help others do that.

In my healing practices and shamanic training, I got to know myself at the deepest level. I got to know who I am, I reclaimed my power and I know I am a divine being of Light. I feel very blessed to be in service, I am a bridge for cosmic consciousness and the Spirit world and I’m humbled to assist you in your own journey of awakening.


"I have been receiving shamanic healings with Paulina for 6 months and through this experience, I have deepened my connection to my intuition, as well as my spiritual connections. In these sessions, I felt incredibly safe to express what I was feeling and what I was having challenges with in my life, and with Paulina's support, I have been able to work through deep emotional and energetic layers and shift into more alignment within myself. I feel incredibly grateful for Paulina's support and I look forward to receiving shamanic healings with Paulina again in the future, as I continue to deepen my connection to self, on my spiritual journey." - Tilby

"It was an amazing session with Paulina. Very powerful. Highly recommend her. " - Kathryn

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