Kellie Fraser
Location Online, WA (other)
Available Days 4. Thursday
Practitioner Tier 2. Senior Shamanic Practitioner - $180

Kellie Fraser

About me

For as long as I can remember I have had a deep connection to mother earth, her oceans, her plants and animals. I grew up in a quiet coastal town in Western Australia and was always happiest in nature. As a very sensitive child I would often escape my home life to go to the beach where I would spend hours exploring.

As I grew up though, I turned to alcohol, drugs and work to escape and spent much of my teenage and young adult years pouring my energy into my career and partying. I studied Environmental Science and worked in this field in the mines before becoming a mother. The birth of my first child was traumatic and this was the beginning of my own rebirth and spiritual awakening. I could not run away or numb myself anymore and I had no choice but to delve deep into my shadows. I experienced postnatal depression and anxiety and hit a very low point in my life.

That time in my life was a catalyst that led me onto my own healing journey. I investigated and explored many different healing modalities, going through my deep spiritual transformation. When I discovered Shamanic Healing it really naturally and easily shifted things for me. I noticed not only the profound transformation the healing had on me but also on those around me.

As I contemplated my path forward I received a very clear message from Spirit - “if you want to help the earth you need to help the people of the earth with their awakening and healing journey”. It is now my soul purpose and mission through my work as a Shamanic Practitioner to help guide people onto their own spiritual transformation and discovery of self.


"I loved my shamanic healing session with Kellie and have recommended her to many others..... her calming nature made me feel very comfortable and she took me on an amazing journey.... Helping me to understand myself better and giving me some excellent tools which i use when need be... hello garden of my heart!💓Using crystals, her voice and her drum Kellie’s healing was intense and magical. I loved every moment! Thanks so much." - Karen

"I cannot thank Kellie enough for my recent healing session. I was initially a little anxious about trying something new however Kellie put me at ease immediately in her inviting space and calm presence. I can’t begin to describe where I went in my healing but all i can say is while it was extremely intense during some moments, it was also beautifully releasing and exactly what it’s meant to be “healing”. I contacted Kellie as I had an issue that I just couldn’t shake and since I’ve seen her I haven’t thought once about it and have been feeling like a new person ever since. I’m lighter, brighter and seeing the beauty in everyday life. Thank you Kellie, you truly are a gifted soul who makes the world shine brighter." - Michelle

"I was referred to Kellie through a very close friend who had recently had a session with her. I had been struggling with overwhelming sadness and anger following some big changes in my own life. I went to see Kellie with the intention of shifting this negative energy and seeking spiritual guidance for my future. I was not disappointed. My healing experience with Kellie was amazing. Something i have never experienced before, and I left feeling as though that dark, heavy weight had lifted, and instead, peace and hope had taken its place. I cant thank Kellie enough for her care, her knowledge, and her time." - Chels

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