Katara Sky
Location Sydney, Online
Available Days 1. Monday, 7. Sunday
Practitioner Tier 2. Senior Shamanic Practitioner - $180

Katara Sky

About me

I wasn’t too far off from the classic stereotype of being the ‘smart’ Asian kid in class, complete with glasses and braces for about all of my high school life. My humble and hardworking parents chose summer school and Saturday Chinese classes rather than playdates and parties for me; I didn’t know what fun or play meant. I definitely wasn’t encouraged to express myself, I had to be ‘quiet and an obedient girl’.  Yet there was no quiet at home; I remember lots of yelling, my parents were often fighting. My brother and I were caught in it, just trying to ‘be good’ and not cause more trouble.  I wanted to please my parents. Even when I completed business school and qualified as a proper Chartered Accountant, I still didn’t feel good enough.

Little did I know that I literally had to escape halfway around the world to even begin healing from wounds I didn’t know I had. It’s now been 10+ years since leaving my home country of Canada, I've lived across the Middle East, Europe and Australia. I’d run away from the expectations, responsibilities and stifling childhood to satisfy my deep yearning to explore. But I hadn’t escaped from the limiting confines of my conditioned beliefs; it was like I could see the ‘I’m not enough’ program wreaking havoc in my relationships, my work life even. My seeming outward success didn’t run deep, it didn’t give me a sense of meaning in what I was doing.

I threw myself into figuring it out; a quest in studying myself through yoga, qigong, hypnotherapy, meditation and reiki trainings. But it wasn’t until I was initiated into the Shamanic way that healing became transformational.  As I healed, I became more aware and I went deeper… as I healed more I became more aware and went even deeper. I found freedom in the power of acceptance of just being myself. I realised this was a journey about self love and knowing the truth is I AM ENOUGH. Now I express myself. I find meaning in this work to help others find clarity and create change in their life, so they can choose to live purposefully and live a life with purpose.

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