John Szwecow
Location WA (other), Online
Available Days 6. Saturday, 7. Sunday, 4. Thursday, 1. Monday, 3. Wednesday
Practitioner Tier 2. Senior Shamanic Practitioner - $180

John Szwecow

About me

As a child, life felt so magical, being new to this life, trying to make sense of the reality. I had difficulties with parents, ultimately I was labeled as shy, and “he does not speak”. The magic began to dissipate and I began to live a mostly internalised life  following the separation of my parents.

As the years passed, with my father’s alcoholism and my mother being totally detached, I felt there was no love or care. My parents were angry, aggressive, abusive and expressed powerful negative language that shattered my life.

Despite that, I married at twenty-five and two children followed -  I was determined the children would have loving parents. This meant not repeating the parenting behavior of the past. I found myself being the primary carer of two young children as a single parent - it was a happy time. I noticed a common thread in my own parenting though: my lack of self love as a very young child and the feeling of not being heard.

While in Sydney, I completed a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Complementary Therapies.

In 2001, I started my private practice. At the same time, I also delved into various spiritual work which would form the foundation for future studies and my own healing path. I realised the pain and trauma from early childhood present and unresolved.

Early 2020 I had my first experience of shamanic healing in Fremantle and it was apparent very quickly I was going into a realm of healing I felt totally comfortable with. Shamanic spirit journeying came to me so powerfully. I knew I had to understand more  and commenced Shamanic Training in July 2020. One Tribe’s training was well structured and meeting a heap of Brothers and Sisters during the training formed a powerful connection as part of my healing process.

I feel Shamanic healing and Naturopathic medicine are great partners complementing each other. Working with Spirit guides, I’ve developed my ability to delve deeper into areas of life that had previously been so difficult for me. Now I want help others on their healing journeys with my Shamanic and Naturopathic medicine.

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