Gareth Mansell

Gareth Mansell

Gareth is one of the founding members of One Tribe. He just arrived on the first night's sound healing with his didgeridoo and never left (Mark didn't even know he was coming!). Gareth is an incredible didgeridoo player, the anchor of the team. Any instrument he picks up within a few months he plays it like he has been doing it for lifetimes! He will shock the team by suddenly saying - I'm ready to play the flute on the microphone (literally after playing for a few weeks), then nail it like a pro. He does this repeatedly! One day he just rocked up and could do incredible Mongolian throat singing weaving multiple octaves all at once - when asked how he learned that overnight he simply replied my spirit guides taught me.

Beyond being an incredibly gifted sound healer, Gareth is a renowned shamanic healer. He is constantly fully booked, has never advertised and does not have a website. In many ways life appears to be effortless for Gareth and we all enjoy the fruits of his talents, eccentricity and his incredibly compassionate heart.

If you want to book in for a shamanic healing, call him directly on 0403 946 047. You will not be disappointed.

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