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Amanda Pearse

About me

For most of my life I felt a deep sense of something ‘more’ available to me, which inevitably took me on a long spiritual journey of seeking outside myself for the love and belonging my heart truly yearned for.

As my awakening continued, I came to realise what I was seeking was already inside of me.. a well-spring of joy, peace, connection, and infinite love ready and waiting.. I just needed to surrender, remember, and trust!

With a natural desire to holistically help people live their best life, I trained and worked for 20 years as an Occupational Therapist. However, working within the confines of the western medical model, my passion and calling to help people on a deeper, more energetic and spiritual level became apparent and very loud! During this time I pursued and practised as a Reiki healer, and explored many other energy healing and embodiment modalities through my own personal healing journey and practise.

Despite living and breathing all things One Tribe (pretty hard not to when Mark is your beautiful beloved!) and being part of the Sound Healing team, it wasn’t until I completed my Shamanic Healing Practitioner training in its entirety that I experienced and witnessed the incredible, miraculous power of the oldest healing modality in the world, time and time again. When it truly landed for me that everything is just energy, and ANYTHING is possible when we trust and open ourselves to LOVE. I remembered my past lives as a light worker, and the unconditional love of the spirit realm that is ready and waiting to serve through me, to restore peace, balance, harmony in the world, one beautiful human at a time.

It is my absolute pleasure and honour to serve you as a Shamanic Practitioner, as a clear channel for Spirit to shine a light on the blindspots, bringing healing and transformation to your life. My intention for each session is to create the safety required for you to realign your entire being to the frequency of unconditional love and source light. For it is from this place of deep rest, safety and peace that you can more readily rebalance distorted energies, and access and embody your true gifts, light, purpose, and divinity.



"I have had a shamanic healing with Amanda and it has been life changing. I finally feel like I have my sovereignty back 🙏"


"I recently had the profound privilege of experiencing a session with Amanda and the encounter has left a lasting shift in my heart and soul.

From the moment I entered the healing space, I felt enveloped in a sense of genuine safety and sacredness. I was ready to dive in.

Amanda was able to meet me where I was at immediately whilst also being able to gently pace me through the journey, with her calm and knowing presence. I felt that she was genuinely attuned to the energies and emotions within and around me.

She listened to my intentions for the session with a sense of ease and safety that allowed me to be truly honest with my self and my needs; and in a way that I felt connected with spirit once again.

As we moved into the healing ceremony, the shamanic practices employed felt both ancient and profoundly resonant. I was reminded of the interconnectedness of the world within and around us.

I felt a strong connection with my inner child in a way that they had been waiting years for 💜 I released what was no longer serving me and felt a newfound sense of lightness within me.

I am so incredibly grateful and fortunate to have had that experience with Amanda. This work is testament to the enduring power of ancient wisdom and the incredible potential for healing that lies within us all."

"I haven't done anything like this before and I was sceptical at first. But working with Amanda on shifting some deeply-rooted beliefs has helped me open up to a new way of seeing the world and our place in it. After the session, I felt grounded, steady and open. And ready to come back to continue the work. Thank you, Amanda!"

"My time with Amanda completely transformed my approach to an upcoming program of medical treatment. All my resistance dissolved and I was prepared on every level to invite the medicine in, to welcome healing in all its forms. From the moment Amanda tuned in we were bathed in pure white diamond light. I felt completely seen and held while she translated the guidance into the clearest, most powerful affirmations that dispelled all my fears and doubts. The written notes at the end were a lovely touch to help integrate the session at home. Thank you!"

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To book a healing with Amanda, please contact her directly on 0450 714 986.