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Spirit Guides are assigned to support our journey yet need our conscious invitation to be able to truly work their magic to help us realise our gifts and heal our past. Together we are a loving and formidable force for good in this world. These weekly sessions actively invite in this support so we can relish our life and understand the hidden mysteries and gifts contained within it – even in our challenging situations and relationships. We are not alone, we are supported, and these sessions will help make that tangibly real for you.

The beauty of these sessions is that they are tailored exactly to the group needs at that time. Sometimes they are mystical journeys with your Spirit Guides elevating and uplifting you, at other times they are very deep healings. Mark is so excited by the freedom to allow what needs to come through to do so in that given moment. These sessions have only just started and have been incredibly beautiful and deep. The space is held with love and with the same commitment Mark puts into his 11 day training programs so it is a great taster of what life is like within the One Tribe shamanic school as well. On top of that you are in the bosom of the One Tribe shamanic clinic which is truly held with deep reverence and love and is a beautiful space to do group work from.

These journeys are held Sundays

Please note the following times are during daylight saving hours.
Western Australia4:30-6:00pm
Northern Territory6:00-7:30pm
South Australia7:00-8:30pm
New South Wales
Onsite in Palmyra Perth – $30Online via Zoom – $15

All are invited to these weekly shamanic journeys

They will be held live in the One Tribe shamanic clinic in Palmyra – Perth, zoomed live online with recordings available if you cannot make the session. One Tribe run a shamanic training school and clinic on both sides of Australia and this is an inexpensive way to stay connected to the healing energy it provides ($30 for live in the clinic and $15 for online).

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Spirit Guide Journeys & Healings - 30th January 2022

  • January 30, 2022 4:30 pm
  • One Tribe Shamanic Clinic
Free Spirit Guide Journeys & Healings - Healing our Relationship to Love

Healing our Relationship to Love
Recorded 7th November 2021

This session was about welcoming ourselves onto the planet with love and healing the aspects that did not feel that loving embrace when we first arrived and throughout our lives.

Free Spirit Guide Journeys & Healings – Recalibrate Back Your Essence

Recalibrate Back Your Essence
Recorded 28th November 2021

This session was completed between two eclipses which can be a time of change and upheaval. Many people were particularly challenged during this time. This session had a powerful resolve to come back to our essence, our purity, our light. It cleared out what was in the way of that, what was caught in our field from others and from ourselves blocking that reconnection. It looked to bring peace to those who have challenged us and to reverse the effects of our words and theirs said from a place of separation, pain or fear. It brought compassion and love to the words we say to ourselves bringing powerful healing to those areas. Lastly it worked on our self esteem reclaiming parts of ourselves that split off during trauma or fear celebrating our coming home and returning to our power.

Spirit Guide Journeys & Healings - Clearing Dysfunctional Relationships with Self and Others

Clearing Dysfunctional Relationships with Self and Others
Recorded 12th December 2021

This session digs deep to uproot the energy of control, oppression and fear from dysfunctional relationships. These relationships can be with self, a loved one, family, friends, our community, places of work, religions and so on. It also acknowledges and releases the expectations and aspirations we took into these relationships which were not met causing us suffering and resentment. Once the energy of these dysfunctional relationships and unmet expectations are cleared, we reconnect to our light and anchor that powerfully into our system.

This final session for 2021 is an extended session which went for two hours.

Spirit Guide Journeys & Healings - Releasing Regrets Across the Lifetimes

Releasing Regrets Across the Lifetimes
Recorded 21st November 2021

Many of us hold regrets that energetically keep us stuck in the past. Some of these are conscious regrets and others are ones we thought we had come to terms with but there is still an energetic imprint within our system. This session addresses those regrets from across the lifetimes. After doing our own healing work we then send healing energy across the world where there is conflict, regret, guilt and blame. This is a very powerful and intense healing session.

Spirit Guide Journeys & Healings - Spiritual Upgrade and Global Healing

Spiritual Upgrade and Global Healing
Recorded 14th November 2021

This Spirit Guide Journey and Healing session took us to Uluru. We were all spiritually upgraded and reconnected to the energy of oneness. We were then encouraged to create a portal of healing and oneness for the entire world which is so needed at such a time of separation. Towards the end we worked with people who are really struggling to even be here on the planet reminding them that they are loved and not alone.


What participants say about the journeys

Was such a great session, heading off to Uluru in all its glory and so different from the other sessions. As I have been to all of them, it is safe to say it is never the same. Last week for example was deep self healing and this week it was more about being the conduit for our guides to work through us, in giving for our earth and others and being oneness. It has never been the same group each week either and a lot of people I have never met, so I like not knowing what we will be working on and what people are guided to join. I use this as my weekly cleanse and community connection.

Thanks Mark and our beautiful guides who love us unconditionally.

That was one of the deepest healings I’ve ever had. Sound was perfect, energy was even better.
No distortions in the chanting either overall 9/10.

A great way to get to know the healing practices of shamanism and the excellent quality of your practitioners at One Tribe.

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