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Pay it Forward

A community-focused initiative for deserving recipients to get a free healing from One Tribe where they would not have otherwise have been able to afford it. Please donate generously below.


We acknowledge that there may be some people in the community that need our assistance but may not be able to afford our services for some reason or another. We would really love to help these people, and therefore have set up a Pay it Forward account, which you may wish to donate to in order to allow us to serve our community.

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Pay it Forward FAQ

How can people become eligible to receive a healing via this initiative?

As this is a community-focused initiative, if you know of anyone who would be a deserving recipient of a shamanic healing session with us, you can simply fill in the form here. You can nominate yourself or someone you feel needs it.

What types of sessions would an eligible person receive via Pay it Forward?

The eligible person will receive either a 2:1 session or a 1:1 session with a Teacher (subject to availability).

How do I contribute to the Pay it Forward account?

You can either contribute by donating using the form above or if you are booking a healing session with us, you can contribute to the Pay it Forward account as part of the booking process.

I’ve contributed to the Pay it Forward account. What’s next?

Once the Pay it Forward account has enough funds to cover a shamanic healing session (i.e. $220), we will then consider any applications put forward and allow Spirit to determine who would most benefit from a session with us.

By contributing to our Pay it Forward account, you will be receiving occasional updates from One Tribe Healing in relation to the applications received for people nominated to receive a shamanic healing from us. Don’t worry, we won’t be identifying the person nominated (unless they are happy for us to do so), we’ll just give you an update around their circumstances and why they were put forward.

We will also update you on who received the shamanic healing session.

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Nominate Someone

Do you know of someone who you feel would really benefit from a shamanic healing session from the One Tribe Shamanic Healing Clinic? You can nominate someone by filling in our form.