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Online Shamanic Healings

From our extensive experience we have found online healings to be just as powerful as in person ones. Step into your session with confidence, trust and a strong intention for a big shift.

How do online healings work?

Exactly the same as in person ones!

The difference is it will be in the convenience of your own home or whatever space you choose to do the healing from. The healings will all be done online via zoom which is very easy to use and operate – you will be sent a link to click on to at your appointment time when you book in. All you need is either a computer or a mobile phone. Headsets can be helpful for privacy at home if that is required but is not essential. Ensure that you will not be disturbed for the duration of the healing which is an hour and half in length. Lastly, as with any healing, really think about your intention and what you want to get from the session. The stronger your intention for a big shift the stronger the outcome.

How to choose and book your practitioner

Choose your practitioner by clicking on the photos below. Each photo links to more details about the practitioners own personal healing journey so you can see which practitioner resonates with you most and book them directly via that page.

Really trust and use your intuition to guide you to the shamanic practitioner that will serve you best.

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Meet Our Practitioners


All prices are inclusive of GST.

Payment will be required upfront when you book.

All prices are inclusive of GST
Session TypePrice
1:1 shamanic healing session – Senior Practitioner
Up to 1.5 hours
1:1 shamanic healing session – Teacher
Up to 1.5 hours
2 on 1 shamanic healing session
Up to 1.5 hours

Shamanic Teachers

Whilst it can at times be hard to book in a session with one of the teachers due to their busy commitments it is well worth booking in ahead of time if your requirements are not urgent.

Senior Shamanic Practitioners

These practitioners either have many years of shamanic healing experience or are incredibly adept practitioners often working in other modalities such as doctors, psychologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths etc. Shamanic healing is often a calling that goes back over lifetimes meaning some students new to healing already have a rich storehouse of wisdom to access and the formal training is more a refresher than a new endeavour.

Special Circumstances Rate

We understand that there may be circumstances where you would really benefit from a shamanic healing session but are not in the financial position to be able to afford it. If this is the case, we do offer a “Special Circumstances Rate” which is 50% off all current rates. If you genuinely feel that this applies to you, please contact clinic@onetribehealing.com.au to put forward your written situation and request.

Cancellation Policy

Client Cancellations

You may cancel a shamanic healing session at any time up until 24 hours prior to your appointment time. This is easily done via the original email that was sent to you when you first booked in. You will be entitled to a full refund if this is the case. Please then email clinic@onetribehealing.com.au to arrange for a refund.

If you cancel within the 24 hour period, a cancellation fee of 100% of the booking fee will apply. 50% of all cancellation fees will be donated to our Pay It Forward account giving those in need access to healings. Our shamanic practitioners count on you to be there. The charges cover the time that is lost by the practitioners as bookings are not taken less than 24 hours before a session is to commence so your time slot cannot be filled.

One Tribe cancellations

There may be times where we will need to cancel your appointment (e.g. the shamanic practitioner is unable to provide your healing, our clinic is required to shut down for reasons beyond our control, etc). Where we can, we will give you at least 48 hours’ notice prior to your appointment time if we need to cancel your appointment. You will be contacted directly by us and given the option to receive a full refund of your booking fee or to reschedule your appointment (either with the same practitioner or another practitioner) at a different time.