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Shamanic Clinic

Throughout the ages we’ve always had healers, ones who could communicate with the deepest aspects of our being, clearly seeing where we are at and how to navigate back to wellness. Following in those footsteps, One Tribe shamanic practitioners are ready to serve and support you on your healing journey.

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Perth Shamanic Clinic

Perth Shamanic Clinic located at 1/68 Petra Street Palmyra. The clinic is located in the Fremantle Trotting building which is next to the Westpac bank which is on the corner or Petra and Hammad Street.

All bookings are taken online. Take a tour of the clinic in the video below.

Online Sessions

Online shamanic healing sessions via Zoom. Our experience is these sessions are just as powerful as live giving you access to One Tribe shamanic healers from across the country

Take a tour of the new Perth Clinic

Why the clinic was created… a message from Mark.

“I’ve seen shattered lives come together, dis-ease dissolve, broken hearts mend and the down-trodden rise up. I’m amazed that every healing makes complete sense, that there truly are no victims only heroes taking shape before my eyes.

The vision for this shamanic healing clinic was born through the truly remarkable healings to the public during the One Tribe shamanic practitioner training sessions. It was just a knowing, a seed of a dream, that this HAD TO HAPPEN. That this ancient healing potency had to spread more deeply into the community”.

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How is shamanic healing different?

Shamanic healing is very results focussed. If you have an issue, it is looked to be resolved on the table in that session, or perhaps followed up with a few sessions to work through the deeper layers or to help pace the integration. Everything is just energy – so it can be moved, shifted and transformed. Life can seem random but through healing you learn that every ailment – mental, emotional or physical – has a root energetic cause that is traceable, makes perfect sense and can be addressed not outside of the session for homework – but there and then during it.

Shamanic healing is so effective as it goes beyond the practitioner’s mind and skillset, accessing the universal intelligence that makes your heart beat, the atoms in your body spin and holds the galaxies and star systems in place. It utilises masters of healing in the form of what shamanism calls spirit guides to help diagnose and treat your situation. This wisdom is measurable, accurate and effective. You will be given information about your situation that should deeply resonate with you. You will be supported to release and clear energetic blockages in tangibly powerful ways. You will be intimately aware of the shifts taking place and encouraged to actively participate in them.

Shamanic healing techniques are vast, varied and effective, yet what supercharges their effectiveness is accessing the higher universal wisdom that comes through for you. You will feel when this energy comes in and is transmitted through the practitioner. Please do not thank the practitioner for the potency of the healing as it is not them actually doing the healing. Yes, they have been highly trained to work with that energy, they have done loads of deep healing work on themselves and will have emptied themselves out to be a conduit for your healing session, but they do not actually DO THE HEALING. They are merely humble transmitters for the healing energy to flow through them which is much bigger, wiser and more powerful than they are. Thank the universal wisdom through the form of your spirit guides and theirs for that is where the praise truly lies.

Shamanic healings can be powerful and it takes courage to go there

Shamanic healing goes to the heart of whatever intention you bring. It doesn’t mess around, it doesn’t take years, it just relentlessly, lovingly, sheds light on what was hidden, giving you the choice to shift the energetic blocks and in so doing transform your life.

This process isn’t always easy as the shifts can be so big your subconscious might get scared that your unhealthy coping mechanisms will no longer be needed. That your sophisticated protection that keeps everything out – including love – has been outgrown and is being encouraged to be dissolved. Lifetimes of engrained patterns can be washed away in a session leaving you treading on completely new ground. This can be incredibly liberating but it can also be subconsciously tempting to hold onto old unhealthy ways of being as they are so familiar. It truly does take courage to make big changes in our lives. We honour you deeply for yours and for taking the steps to transform your life from within.

Different types of sessions offered in the clinic

Each shamanic healing session goes for a duration of 1.5 hours.

Two on One Sessions

Having two shamanic practitioners work on you at once can exponentially expand the potency of the work. The One Tribe practitioners are trained to work in groups and we have found these to be incredibly powerful and effective. Having two practitioners pulsing the healing energy together can speed up the ground that can be covered in a session and with the extra support can often dive deeper into it. Practitioners are often guided to work on different things with different specialities which can round out the healing as well. We strongly recommend you consider this type of session if you feel ready to dive deep into your personal intention.

One on One Sessions

Shamanic Teachers

Whilst it can at times be hard to book in a session with one of the teachers due to their busy commitments, it is well worth booking in ahead of time if your requirements are not urgent.

Senior Shamanic Practitioners

These practitioners either have many years of shamanic healing experience or are incredibly adept practitioners often working in other modalities such as doctors, psychologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths etc. Shamanic healing is often a calling that goes back over lifetimes meaning some students new to healing already have a rich storehouse of wisdom to access and the formal training is more a refresher than a new endeavour.


All prices are inclusive of GST.

Payment will be required upfront when you book.

We do not accept any payments on-site.

  • 2:1 shamanic healing session
  • $220
  • 1:1 shamanic healing session
  • Shamanic Practitioner: $150
    Senior Practitioner: $180
    Teacher: $220

Special Circumstances Rate

We understand that there may be circumstances where you would really benefit from a shamanic healing session but are not in the financial position to be able to afford the above prices. If this is the case, we do offer a “Special Circumstances Rate” which is 50% off all current rates. If you genuinely feel that this applies to you, please contact clinic@onetribehealing.com.au to put forward your written situation and request.

What actually happens during a shamanic healing?

  • You will have filled in an online form which is required before the healing commences. Please ensure this is complete before the session or it will eat into your session time.
  • There will be in interview which usually goes for about 10-15 minutes. This is a time to share your intention and for the practitioner to flesh out details about your life (which remain confidential) that might be relevant to that. They may ask about your childhood, situations around the time the ailment or incident occurred etc. This will be a fluid, intuitive process where an intention is solidified and a relationship formed.
  • The healing process itself often takes place on the massage table but will vary situation by situation. It is important to know there is a big shift here from mentally engaging the situation to now totally focusing on energetically shifting it. That means that bigger, longer head-centered stories are less required and eat into the time that could be spent shifting the energy behind them. This process goes for an hour or more.
    • The practitioner will tune in to get specific information about your situation and how to proceed with it. You will be informed and give your consent step by step as the healing unfolds.
    • The form of the healing and techniques used vary healing by healing and practitioner by practitioner. They often involve breaking old unhealthy energetic contracts, releasing energy that is not yours from childhood and reclaiming energy that is. Past lives may be addressed, energetic attachments released and the inner child supported and worked with to name but a few common processes used. The practitioner may use voice, breathe, crystals, touch, give affirmations to repeat, rattles, bowls etc. The form of the healing is less important than the physical releases that go with them. You will almost certainly be actively participating in releasing and reclaiming your freedom, power and health.
  • Once the healing is complete there will be a debrief of the session, a discussion about integration and next steps in terms of any follow up sessions if required that may support your growth. Depending on the session length this often goes for about 10 minutes.

How can I prepare for the healing?

First and foremost, have a very clear intention for the healing and what you want to get out of it as this will drive the session. You may have some ideas on what are the energetic blocks that are creating the mental, emotional and physical situations in your life. It is common that the problem feels like it is out there – with another person or external situation. We know from healing work that everything outside is a reflection of the energy within us. This means we can change our external world and experience of life by changing the patterns, beliefs and energy inside of us. The outside characters and situations in our life are usually just a trigger for something that is ALREADY within us. These triggers often go back to our childhood or even beyond that to past lives. The practitioner will be given information about the root causes of your current situation which may be very different to what you expect. The main thing is to be open, curious and trust as the process organically unfolds.

You are in full control during the healing. Nothing can shift or clear without your express and willing consent. This means it is very important to be as open as you can be. Let the practitioner know if you are closing down, contracting or resisting. If you energetically shut down it makes it very difficult to access the information contained within you to support your journey. Your practitioner is trained to manage this as it is common during deep healing work, but if you can consciously be open during the work it will flow much more smoothly and you will cover more ground during the session.

Integration after the session

Thankfully, the last place to manifest an emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance is within the body. That also means the last place for this energy to leave is physically. As a result, there is often an integration process after a deep healing that can be a bit unsettling as the energy continues to release and clear. This is normal and natural. To support the process drink lots of water to flush the toxins out of the body. Use self-care to support you – rest, a warm bath, the beach, nature, good healthy food, gentle exercise etc. Avoid alcohol and drugs yet continue your medication as prescribed by your health practitioner. If this process gets uncomfortable contact your shamanic practitioner ASAP. You will have been given their email address and you can ask if they are comfortable to share phone numbers to support the integration if needed.

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