You are not your Depression

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Depression will be different for each of us. It’s made up of many different factors and takes on many different forms. It can come on suddenly or build gradually over time. We may all feel down, stressed or anxious from time to time, however the feeling of depression can become constant and last over weeks, months or even years, with no end in sight.

Depression is the feeling of being caught and stuck in cycles of negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours, which can stop us from our normal daily activities. It can cause us to lose interest and withdraw from friends, family and the joy of life itself. It can be painful, lonely, isolating and even unbearable, as we struggle to seek answers and understanding.

I struggled with depression through my 20s and was diagnosed in my early 30s, only finding temporary relief through heavy medication. Despite this, my symptoms returned but with the added numbness of the medication, and life became even more of a struggle. I was at a complete loss, with no idea of what was wrong with me or what was happening. Everything felt very much out of my control. I started searching for alternative therapies and found elements of relief through hypnotherapy, NLP and time-based modalities, all of which I trained and qualified in on my journey. However, it wasn’t until I came across Shamanic Healing through One Tribe that I was able to get a clear understanding of my depression and finally get to the root of my pain, suffering and ill health over the previous 30 plus years.

What I learnt through One Tribe was that depression was giving me many signals, requesting my attention, and the longer I ignored those signals, the harder life became. The amazing discovery for me was to realise that everything I was experiencing (the fear, stress, anxiety, panic, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, loneliness and ill health) was all energy in some form that had become stuck or trapped in my body. Whether it be energy from past events or past traumas, including from my childhood, from a traumatic pregnancy, from being in a coma, or from kidney failure. What it showed was that although these events had passed, the energetic imprint was still there, the emotions were still trapped and they were a constant and daily reminder within my body and on a deep subconscious level. Not being energetically free of those events was causing me to subconsciously relive them, which was consuming and overwhelming, so it was no wonder I was unable to function and driven to the point of complete shutdown.

Understanding your depression, becoming aware of the signals, understanding what your body and deep subconscious is holding and showing you is key. Then you can resolve the root causes of what is happening and understand the energies you are holding in your body, causing you to feel the way you are feeling. This understanding will be  key to releasing those energies and setting yourself free on all levels; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

During my own long journey of self-discovery to be free of my depression, I have worked in this area for many years. I qualified as a One Tribe Shamanic Practitioner and now Mentor and Teacher, and I am very passionate about bringing this workshop to you.

This workshop is an opportunity to start making sense of your depression, to gain new insights and understandings about yourself and to start clearing the energies trapped within, as you begin your personal journey of self-discovery and take steps towards freeing yourself of depression. I will share with you everything I have learned about depression and how I broke free of it!

So, if you are fed up with living the way you are, want to be free of the pain and suffering of depression, and want to gain understanding, meaning and purpose in your life, then please join us.

We look forward to working with you and being part of your unique journey!

Session Times – Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of February
All sessions live on zoom with recordings sent automatically when they become available

  • WA – 9am-5pm
  • NT – 10:30am-6:30pm
  • QLD – 11am-7pm
  • SA – 11:30am-7:30pm
  • NSWVIC, ACT and TAS –12pm-8pm

Meet the team



Workshop Leader and Presenter


One Tribe Founder & Shamanic Healer


Shamanic Healer


A word from Mandy



Day 1 – Saturday 24th February 2024

9am-1pm – Understanding your Depression
– Remembering of your true essence
– Understanding energy
– Break down your experience of depression, get a clear picture of what it means to you
– Understanding the energies that are present and where they are held in the body
– Sharing my experience of Depression and breaking free of it

1pm-2pm – Lunch

2pm-5pm – Discovering the energetic roots of your Depression
– Connecting to the emotions held in the body
– Getting a sense of who’s energy it is, is it yours, mums, dads, ancestral, past life
– Working to get the energies out

Day 2 – Sunday 25th February 2024 

9am-1pm – Delving Deep (9am-1pm)
– Working deeper to up root and clear out the energies
– Doing the deep work needed
– Connecting, Soothing and Healing the inner child

1pm-2pm – Lunch

2pm-5pm – Taking back your Personal Power
– Who took uour power – taking back what’s yours
– Who did you give our power away to – reclaiming your power
– Connect to and expand the light within – your true essence


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