Upcoming Year-long Perth Shamanic Training – 2025/2026

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    Year-long Perth Shamanic Training – 2025/2026

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Year-long Shamanic Training Overview with Mark

Key dates snapshot 2025/26

Shamanic Training Levels 1&2
– Shamanic Training Levels 1 & 2 in person training (9-19 February 2025) Fremantle area Western Australia
– Four individual online healings spread over the training
– 10-week online integration program March-May 2025

Deep Ancestral Healing Retreat
– Deep Ancestral Healing Live-in Retreat (23-26 May 2025) in the Perth Hills.
– 6-month Deep Ancestral Healing Retreat follow up program giving you the tools to design and shape your life. June-November 2025

Shamanic Training Levels 3 & 4
– Shamanic Training Levels 3 & 4 in person training (7-17 September 2025) Fremantle area Western Australia
– 4 Month Mentoring online SOAR Program October 2025-January 2026

Final review – From March 2026 onwards.

How can I start the process?

Mark will be in contact with you for a chat after you complete the application form here.

Welcome to a healing journey of a lifetime!

Thank you for turning up for you. Thank you for your courage and determination to be the best version of yourself you can be. Thank you for embarking upon discovering your hidden talents and gifts and reclaiming your lost power and strength. Whatever state you are in, come to drink from the well of your own purity and find your shamanic calling and unique expression of it.

You are a beautiful expression of the divine and this year-long shamanic training will reinforce that. There is nothing wrong with you and there never was. This shamanic training will ignite that truth within you. You will cleanse, you will clear across the lifetimes that which prevents you from being your true self and shining the light that you are.

Be strong through this shamanic training. Turn up knowing that there are layers to heal and release. That you have put walls up through the lifetimes between you and life. Between you and love. Between you and community. Bring these down in the safety of a community coming together to do just that. Trust in self and learn to trust in others again at the deepest level.

In this journey of self-discovery and healing you will develop your own distinctive healing gifts. This is because everyone’s Spirit and Healing Guides are all unique. This shamanic training supports you to develop a strong relationship with your Guides. To deeply trust there is something bigger, richer, deeper and all knowing that YOU have direct access to. That YOU can be a conduit of that power to flow through you to support others in their journey of inner healing and self-reclamation.

There is no doubt this will be one of your greatest journeys of healing over many lifetimes. Embrace it. Relish it. Dive into it. Be fearless in it. Allow all your old notions of self-protection and narrow-minded thinking to dissolve expanding into your greatest capacity to be fully present, fully aligned and deeply loving. This is your time. This is your year. OWN IT.

Know that you are in good hands. The One Tribe shamanic team have been training and supporting students to connect with their healing gifts for over 20 years. At the completion of all prerequisites for the shamanic training, you can get access to professional indemnity insurance to work as a shamanic healer giving you confidence in all you have learned and all you have healed on your journey. Know that this journey is one of self-healing for the deeper you go yourself, the further you can take others.

A taster of the journey to come…

Free Pre-training Course (available to anyone via these links) – This program is called Diving into Shamanism. There are four, 2 hour recorded sessions designed specifically to prepare you for this training. These will also give you are very good idea if the training is for you. These can be accessed below.

    • Reconnecting you to the shamanic path click here
    • Initiation into the four directions click here
    • Meeting and working with your Spirit Guides click here
    • Components of diving deeper into the shamanic path click here 

Support if traveling internationally or from interstate

Many students travel from overseas or interstate to do the shamanic training in Perth with One Tribe. To support your journey, you can stay at an inexpensive ashram close by (meals included) which we have developed a relationship with over many years. For a shared room for the 11 nights for Shamanic Training Levels 1 and 2, it is $553, for a single room it is $690 – both include breakfast and dinner. This is an additional expense to the shamanic training. Generally speaking, interstate flights one way to Perth are around $250-$350 if booked a few months in advance.

Year-long Shamanic Training Overview

    • Upon signing up or upon completing the application form, you will have an interview with Mark Steinward who oversees the shamanic training to ensure you fully understand what is involved and are ready on all levels to attend. This is an opportunity to ask more questions and for both parties to feel comfortable in moving forward together. 
    • In-person Shamanic Training Levels 1 & 2 (9 – 19 February 2025 inclusive) – Break day between levels 1 & 2 included. Fremantle area in Western Australia. This is a washing machine of growth where you learn the core shamanic healing tools by first experiencing the power of them in transforming your own life and then being guided how to facilitate those tools with your fellow students. You learn a new shamanic healing tool every day. This is a mixture of head (information), heart (divine alignment) and experiential work (receiving and giving healings). Topics and tools covered include things like – Shamanic Initiation Day, Past Life Healing, Rites of Passage Ceremony, Animal Medicine, Working with the Shadow, Soul Retrieval, Clearing Entities, ET’s and Black Magic as well as how to rebalance and work with the Inner Child.
      – For full course overview on Level 1 click here.
      – For full course overview on Level 2 click here.
    • Integration support after Levels 1 and 2
      • Group online integration session 26th of March 2025 7- 8:30pm.
      • Online individual healings in a small group of three with a core teacher and shamanic practitioner. 2-hour commitment on 8th or 9th March. These powerful individual healings give you direct access with your teachers who personally support your individual healing journey and growth
      • 10-week online integration program in groups of 4 to practice, deepen and expand all you learned in levels 1 & 2. 1-hour weekly commitment. 
      • Online individual healings in a small group of three with a core teacher and shamanic practitioner. 2-hour commitment on 9th and 10th of August.
      • A plethora of integration recorded programs are offered free of charge to support your integration journey. 
    • Deep Ancestral Healing Retreat – (Fri 23 May – Mon Monday 26 May 2025). Live-in retreat with accommodation/organic food provided in the Perth Hills. This is incredibly intense, uprooting the core energy taken on from your parents during your formative years. Even if you had a wonderful upbringing, you still absorb up until the age of 7 the thoughts, beliefs and energy from your entire ancestral line; much of which may be unhealthy. This is core, raw and deep and is only for those that are ready to experience intense emotional and energetic releases in themselves as well as others. During this work you will give back what does not belong to you (control, addictions, repression, low self-worth, not feeling good enough etc) putting it into the fire of transformation and take back what you have given or had taken away (your love, strength, femininity, personal power, confidence etc). This ancestral energy forms the core healing work most people do throughout their lives, which is why it is an integral part of the overall training.
      – For a detailed overview of this powerful retreat click here.
    • Deep Ancestral Healing follow up 6-month program to help you design, create and shape your world. 
      • Rebirth your Chakras weekend program – online March 31 and June 1. Unblocking and activating your chakras with your core support group: 10-hour online program.
        – For more information about this program
        click here.  
      • Individual healing in a small group of three with a core teacher and shamanic practitioner. 2-hour commitment on 7th or 8th of June.
      • Design your Life 6-month online program. Having cleared your ancestors core beliefs and energy, you now have a blank canvas to create 6-month, 12-month and 5-year goals in the areas of health, wealth and fulfillment along with the art of how to manifest them with ease and grace. The blocks to our goals and inspirational lives are merely energy, so specific tools and programs are available to unblock your path as well as tools to learn how to easily access your highest visions for your life. You will meet with your group for an hour once a month as well be given weekly tools, programs and assistance to step by step go on that journey of learning how to create the life you choose. Core time commitment is a 1-hour session with your group once a month and a minimum of 1-3 hours per month focussed on designing your life. What could be more important than spending time reflecting upon, dreaming in and experiencing how you want your life to be!  Sound vortex
      • Final group online sharing of the journey of the 6 month follow up program December 4 2025 7-8:30pm.
    • In-person Shamanic Training Levels 3 & 4 (7-17 September 2025 inclusive) – Break day between levels 3 & 4 included. Fremantle area in Western Australia. Inexpensive accommodation at an additional cost is available at a local ashram for those traveling from interstate and abroad. Level 3 and 4 is a once in a lifetime healing journey, there really is nothing else like it! In levels 3 you are systematically taught all the key skills required to do a healing to the depth experienced in level 4. Along with tools learned in Levels 1 and 2, you are given additional techniques to address mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances. It is magical, life transforming and incredibly deep. In Level 4, shamanic practitioner training, the classes are limited to a maximum of 5 per class, and it begins with your own personal deep healing. There will be 4 practitioners and the teacher all focussed on supporting you to make a monumental core breakthrough in your life. Once the entire team has had their individual healings, we then begin to bring in clients from the outside to gift them the opportunity of the same healing journey you yourself will have experienced. The personal growth is extraordinary, the healings epic and the journey totally life transforming. You may never want to become a healer (or ever do healings to the depths offered in level 4), but you will transform through this journey, grow immensely (most students experience the biggest transformations through levels 3 & 4) and have all the skills available to you to take people to the core of their healing journey, even across the lifetimes.
      – For full course overview on Level 3 click here.
      – For full course overview on Level 4
       click here.
    • Integration for Levels 3 & 4 plus 4 month mentoring program
      • Group online integration session – Thursday 24th of September 2025 7-8:30pm.
      • Individual healing in a small group of three with a core teacher and shamanic practitioner. 2-hour commitment on 4th & 5th of October 2025. 
      • 4 Month Mentoring Soar Program. This program gives you the opportunity to take your healings to the next level, build on the skills, knowledge and experience you gained during your training, deepen your understanding of healing work and ensure you feel confident in offering your services as a practitioner if that’s the path you choose. Even if you do not decide to become a healer, doing healing work is an express growth platform. The program operates in small groups of 3 or 4 students. You are required to personally organise a minimum of 3 client healing sessions, complete 2 written case studies and participate in group healings (1 per month with your core group;). You will meet online once a month with your mentor giving your feedback on your case studies and offering advice and support. As a part of this program, you will do a healing (the client is organised by One Tribe) online with your mentor coaching and supporting you through it in preparation of readying you for your final review.
  • Final review – From March 2026 onwards. At the completion of your 4 Month Mentoring Program, when you feel ready, you can progress to do your final review to become an approved One Tribe shamanic practitioner gaining an official certificate and access to discounted Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. To qualify, you must successfully complete a 1:1 Healing Review with Mark. This will be held at the One Tribe Shamanic Clinic in Palmyra or online via Zoom. If you do not pass on the first time, you will be given steps and a plan to help support you to get there.

How can I start the process?

Mark will be in contact with you for a chat after you complete the application form here.

Message from Mandy Shamanic Co-Teacher in Perth

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this training for me?

People from all backgrounds are called to do the shamanic healing with One Tribe; doctors, mums, psychologists, tradies, healers, business professionals, spiritual teachers, students of different modalities, etc. The common thread is a yearning to grow, a connection with the earth and the spiritual connectedness of life and, whilst they may not be aware of it at the start, tremendous courage.  

It takes courage because whilst many tools and powerful techniques are learned, the subject is you and your life. You are practically initiated into the tools by using them to transform your own life and to re-awaken the wisdom that we are all one. Whether you are a seasoned pro (having done many healing modalities and self-development courses) or a complete novice, this training will stretch you to grow and awaken the shamanic healer within you.

This Shamanic Training with One Tribe begins and ends with you. You are front and centre as the shamanic path is all about being a clear conduit, or what we call a hollow bone, to allow the healing energies of the universe and your guides to flow through you. To do that effectively you need to cleanse that which gets in the way of this process. Your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. The shamanic tools you learn are first experienced directly by you to support your own healing. Then you are guided to facilitate those shifts with others. Some do the shamanic training to serve their community as healers, but many do it just to become the best person they can be.Bush silhouette

Due to the intense nature of this training, it is important that you are mentally stable and ready to do the work. If in doubt contact us, your local doctor and therapist to see if you are ready. 


What our students have to say about the training


Is this training the real deal?

You will learn to calmly deal with the deepest of traumas and situations within yourself and for others. Nothing has ever presented itself to the school that has been too big for it to manage.


Will I meet like-minded people?

The overwhelming response from the students is YES! Some people have never been with their tribe, never really been seen, heard or understood to that level. There is absolutely no pretence or big egos – people are really encouraged to just be themselves. It is a safe environment to be totally authentic and real. You share so much with your fellow students as you go through such deep and intimate healings together. It really bonds the groups and many make deep, lasting, lifelong friendships not just with students from their level, but with others in the shamanic group. This is because the tribe is not limited to just your one group – when you join the training you are joining a shamanic family of many students past and present. That is the culture which is fostered


Meet the core West Australian team – click on photos below

Mark Steinward

Mark Steinward

Founder & Teacher

Mark runs the school and is responsible for the content and course delivery.

Mandy Lisbon

Mandy Lisbon


Mandy supports the shamanic training on the West Coast of Australia.

How the payment plan works

We are happy to offer flexible payment plans for our upcoming event. You can secure your ticket with a $2,500 deposit, and the remaining balance can be paid through one of the following options:

  • Quarterly plan: Pay $1,537.50 every three months. Start the payment plan here.
  • Monthly plan: Pay $512.50 per month. Start the payment plan here.
  • Fortnightly plan: Pay $236.50 per fortnight. Start the payment plan here.

Choose the plan that best suits your budget and secure your spot at the event. When you are directed to PayPal, you can proceed with the payment even if you don’t have a PayPal account. If you choose to log into your PayPal account, you will have the option to pay using your bank account, credit card, or your PayPal funds. This flexibility allows you to select the most convenient payment method for you.

What if I start the training but do not want to continue the journey?

It is really important that you feel confident in doing the entire training and seeing it through before you commit. It is challenging as it is all about growth and transformation and as with any big change, we can have subconscious resistance to it as we know how to operate in the old paradigm, but don’t know yet how to in the new. It is also normal in the training to be triggered as this brings up the core energy from childhood and even other lifetimes that limit and restrict us so that it can have the opportunity to be addressed. Your patterns of defence, running and hiding, having a tantrum, going on the attack etc can and likely will Lizard silhouettesurface during this work. Our patterns are often created in our family environment so it is common for them to surface when we come together as a group, especially when we dive deep and seek to master ourselves and grow. As our unhealthy patterns are created in a group setting (our family, school, society etc), on a deep level we need a safe gathering of people to create and embed new ones. The training is all about creating new healthy patterns with self, with Tribe with all of life. Give these time to be established and solidified. You will be given the most incredible opportunity and tools to work through them in a loving container. This container is there for you for a whole year! Not just with the teachers, but with each other.

In joining the training really commit to seeing that through. Expect your stuff to come up even before you attend the first day. Notice, observe and learn how to self soothe, how to find your powerful inner adult, access your higher wisdom and love that little child inside who often runs the show as there were not always healthy adults in all areas of your childhood to do that for them.

If you are not able to go complete the training, you have the opportunity to leave the program during the following three jump out points:

  • Within 24 hours after the initial interview with Mark: If in discussing the training in more depth with Mark you decide this training is not for you, you have 24 hours to inform us of your decision. You will receive a full refund of any fees paid.
  • After completion of Levels 1 & 2 : You will be refunded your fees paid to date MINUS the $2,500 deposit. You will still have access to the integration program and follow up healing.
  • After the Deep Ancestral Healing Retreat: You will be refunded your fees paid to date MINUS $5,000. You will still have access to the 6 month integration program, follow up healing and Chakra Healing course.

Note the amount deducted reflects that your place in the training cannot be replaced mid journey, along with the expenses and costs in relation to the courses that you have already completed prior to exercising the jump out point.

Our strong suggestion is to go all in and trust all aspects of this sacred journey, as we 100% will do for you.

What happens if an unforeseen event prevents me from attending a core face to face training session?

If you cannot attend one of the core face to face training sessions but want to continue the training you will have an opportunity to jump on the next one in Perth (or perhaps even on the East Coast) if a spot becomes free in the next round or if we can squeeze you in. These things tend to always sort themselves out. If that is not possible for a period of two years and you want a refund on parts of the course not attended the refund policy above applies.

Reconnecting you to the shamanic path – January 2024

I’m not sure about committing to this training, but I’m interested. What do I do?

Mark will be in contact with you for a chat after you complete the application form here.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

We have tried to make the Terms and Conditions as clear as possible. You can find them here.



Fremantle-Perth, Western Australia, Australia