Trip on Country with Uncle Noel

Trip on Country with Dr Noel Nannup – Carers of Everything – August 2023

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  • Trip on Country - Carers of Everything
     August 19, 2023 - August 21, 2023
     7:45 am - 4:00 pm

    Saturday 19th August 7:45am - Monday 21st August 4:00pm

Personal account from Mark and being on country with Dr Noel Nannup (Uncle Noel)
It makes me emotional knowing we can support Uncle Noel in this way and that you get the same opportunity to go out on country as I’ve had. One Tribe’s connection with going out on country with Uncle Noel is over 10 years old. Almost every year, the One Tribe shamanic practitioners have gone out on life-changing trips into this sacred land around Perth. I’ll never forget my first…

It was over 14 years ago and I was completely mesmerized from start to finish. It was like Uncle Noel had the key to the dreaming and opened the door into his sacred world. He shared the Carers of Everything story with us – a key creation dreaming story of the southwest – about how humans won the right to be carers of everything. To look after country. We listened to that story, drove upon the trails of it, went to sacred sites along it, and even saw it in the night sky above us! It was everywhere all around me and I changed. I opened, I softened, I felt a deep sense of connection to the land and heard the whispers of the ancestors. I even had a song come to me in my dreams! It was like Uncle Noel‘s teacher he had spoke so much about came to me in the early hours and sang me a song which I remembered upon waking! I worked with Uncle Noel to get some Nyoongar lyrics for the chorus. I taught the whole group the song and we sang it as we journeyed in the bus along those sacred trails. Ever since then, every year, I have sung it out on country with the trips we’ve gone on.

This is that song

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I am forever grateful to have had that experience and I wanted all the One Tribe shamanic practitioners to get the same opportunity I had. Now it’s your turn. Uncle Noel recently reached out to see if we could support his sacred trips. I didn’t hesitate to say yes. As much as possible, all proceeds after expenses go back to Uncle Noel and his work.

One Tribe will support the logistics and Uncle Noel will do what he does best, open a sacred portal to country and his ancestor’s ancient connection to it. There are four trips available this year, with even more advanced longer trips available next year to those who have done the Carers of Everything trip which is the foundational journey for all trips to follow.

I strongly suggest you grab this opportunity with both hands. We do not know how long Uncle Noel will continue doing these trips. May your trip on country be even more life-changing than mine.

A bit about Uncle Noel
Dr Noel Nannup (Uncle Noel) is a marvel, a living treasure. He has had many accolades and titles – NAIDOC male elder of the year, Edith Cowen Universities elder in residence, he is a heritage consultant, has a doctorate degree, is a storyteller, cultural guide and mentor. However, to us at One Tribe his true gift is in bridging the gap between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and deepening our connection to the land and learning to care for country.

Uncle Noel is a rare jewel combining academia with decades of caring for country as a ranger. After he graduated from the University of Canberra many years ago, he returned to WA for a job with the Department of Conservation and Land Management at Narrogin, working with the Aboriginal community and learning how they used the land. It was over these many years that he worked with the elders to track and record hundreds of ancient trails and the stories to go with them. These have recently been published in a book called Aboriginal Journey Ways – How ancient trails shaped our roads.

During your trip on country with Uncle Noel you will journey along some of these key trails piecing together the story as you go. It is a phenomenal experience as not only does Uncle Noel have that vast ancestral knowledge, he also intimately knows all the birds, insects, animals, plants and land we go through. He truly has it all and is an incredible guide who lives his main teaching – to care for country which includes caring for us.


Carers of Everything Trip
This foundational trip on country with Uncle Noel follows the powerful South West creation story of how people won the right to be Carers of Everything from yonga the kangaroo, weitch the emu, nyingarn the echidna and karda the goanna. During this trip you will follow key sites that make up this story. The Carers of Everything story has been recorded by Uncle Noel and will be sent to you upon booking in so you can really let that story sink in before going out on country with him. The Carers of Everything is the foundational trip from which other trips on country build upon.

Uncle Noel never shares the locations of trips before going out on country adding to the mystery and magic of it all. We are in his loving hands from start to finish. The Carers of Everything trip sets off early Saturday morning from Midland and returns Monday afternoon around 4pm. Bus, food and Uncle Noel’s presence and guidance are all included in the price. You need to bring your own camping gear with details outlined below of what to bring.

What to bring:

  • Packed lunch for the first day (we have a longish drive so this will maximise time on country).
  • Water bottles (bring at least a litre first day), hat, sunscreen, insect repellent for evenings, fly net, first aid kit, day pack (not much walking but good to have), cup, bowl, plate, cutlery and a container for lunch (we will make lunch in the morning to eat to save time for key sites), tea towel.
  • Camping Gear: A small tent, and/or a waterproof swag, self-inflatable mattress if you want a bit more comfort, sleeping bag, pillow, hammer/mallet for tent pegs. Camping chair and torch (head mounted ones are very handy). Usual camping stuff.
  • Personal Gear: Mix of warm and cooler clothes, rain jacket, walking shoes/boots, change of socks, undies etc, basic toiletries including deodorant toilet paper. You might like to bring some wipes as showers may be a luxury… and water is for drinking, cooking etc. Also bring wet weather gear just in case.
  • Snacks and treats if you require them (some snacks on bus provided).
  • Please note food is vegetarian (catering for gluten free)