Soul Lesson Mastery Training

Expired Soul Lesson Mastery Training – 17-18th September

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  • Soul Lesson Mastery Training - Full Ticket
     September 17, 2022 - September 18, 2022
     9:00 am - 5:00 pm

    When – Saturday and Sunday 17-18th of September. 9am-5pm
    Where – The One Tribe shamanic clinic 1/68 Petra Street Palmyra
    Cost – $330 

Soul Lesson Mastery Training 17-18th September

Massive upgrades have come into the school which must be shared more deeply. This new information revolutionises healing for me taking it to a whole new level. I feel strongly guided to share this now as new graduates are looking to complete their training but have not had access to this realm of healing. The integrity of the school dictates the need for this to be shared before they complete their training and for other practitioners and students who are interested and ready to receive it. You need to have completed level 3 and up and are able to journey spiritually into the soul realms. I have felt into those that may have this capacity or may be interested to learn it and you have been invited here to join. There may be others interested too who have not received this invite and they are more than welcome to buzz me to tune in together to see if this is suitable for them. Through the guides, I can take you there and initiate you into those realms, but you need to have that innate capacity and purity of heart for those doors to be opened to you.

This training is an initiatory experience that can take time to land and unfold at its own natural pace. Therefore, do not put pressure on yourself for that to happen instantly. Just come along and trust. You will not only be guided how to bring through this healing for others, you will also receive one yourself. This is a true soul gift from your higher realms of light to your human conscious self.

Background to the theory of the training

Every major soul lesson appears to come with a test. How we meet that test dictates lifetimes of experiences. If we meet it with COMPLETE surrender, welcoming it with all our heart, the lesson is mastered. We complete the cycle of that lesson and reincarnate at a whole new frequency and vibration. If we resist it, label it, judge it, misinterpret it, our subsequent lifetimes revolve around that interpretation.

For example, many lifetimes ago I was a master swordsman able to fully express all of creation through my craft. I was unbeatable in mock battles with my fellow warriors. My uncle grew jealous and had his men behead me when I was unarmed and defenceless. If I had completely surrendered to that moment, fully embracing my death and those enacting it upon me, knowing I had fully lived and expressed my light, I would have completed the lesson of the warrior. I would have reincarnated as a man or woman of peace with a whole new soul lesson to experience.

Instead of fully surrendering to that moment and accessing my soul’s lesson and its mastery, my final thought was one of contraction – people you love cannot be trusted and it is not safe to shine your light. My subsequent lifetimes have revolved around the interpretation of that event with repeated themes of betrayal and boxing my light in for protection.

The One Tribe school has always known how to track down these past life events and heal them by releasing the past life. But accessing this whole new dimension of light completely reframes these so-called traumatic experiences which were actually soul tests, which if we had completely surrendered to would have catapulted us into new realms of mastery and light.

It is possible to access that soul mastery in the form of light codes and enlightened perspectives and flood your entire being with it. Interestingly with this new process we have found we do not need to release the past life as we once did. The entire belief system and imprints from that life are upgraded to the new light codes of that soul mastery and the unique wisdom it provides.

What will be shared during the training

The healing will be broken down into steps.

  1. The first step is for you to identify what area you want to focus on for your personal healing. Big soul lessons and challenges in this life usually come from past life interpretations of events like the one shared above. What is your soul lesson that you are feeling into? What challenges or ongoing limitations based on your deep subconscious programming keep turning up in your life? These soul lessons will be identified and explored. Please come to the weekend having identified what that might be.
  2. Step two is to access the akashic records to identify what happened in a past life that has formed the belief systems you now operate under. We will do that for each other and you will be supported through the process.
  3. Having identified the past life and the human interpretations of those events, we will identify what was the key surrender moment in that past experience. The exact point where if you had fully surrendered and embraced what was happening with an open heart would have catapulted you into the soul mastery realms of light.
  4. From this surrender point we go UP. Up into the soul realms of mastery unique to that person and their soul lesson. This is very different from the human lesson which may be themes like forgiveness or having clearer boundaries to prevent that experience or learn from it. The soul lesson is expansive, it is unique to that person and it is about mastery. It is incredibly high vibrational and full of wisdom and LIGHT CODES OF INFORMATION. Everything changes from that realm. You will be guided up to access those realms of light and the wisdom that goes with them.
  5. The final step is to bring those light codes of mastery down into the physical body totally reframing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies with that new information. You will ANCHOR that into every cell of the body.

This weekend training will be full of light. Come with an open heart trusting you are guided to be there. This is new information. For some of you it will be very natural to go into these soul mastery realms, for others it may take time to absorb and integrate as it is such a reframe. It completely flips your human interpretation of life into a soul mastery one. We need to be ready for that and to not have too many expectations around it. Sometimes we progress in steps stages and other times in huge leaps. Both are perfect when we know we are learning at the exact pace and in the right way for us. Let’s do this and take the school and the training to a whole new level.

When – Saturday and Sunday 17-18th of September. 9am-5pm
Where – The One Tribe shamanic clinic 1/68 Petra Street Palmyra
Cost – $330

Discounted price $250 for current students ready to graduate (i.e. finished practitioner training this year but not done the final review) and One Tribe practitioners who work in the clinic

If there is enough interest this weekend may also be repeated the following weekend on the 24/25 September as well. Please let us know if you are keen to join but cannot do that first weekend.


1/68 Petra St, Palmyra, Western Australia, 6157, Australia


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