Solstice Event – Piercing the Veil

Upcoming Solstice Event – Piercing the Veil

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  • Solstice Event – Piercing the Veil
     June 23, 2024
     10:00 am - 5:00 pm
     Fremantle PCYC

Supporting you through this global transition

We are at a monumental time in human history, moving from one paradigm, one whole way of being, to another. Yogis in India refer to this period as moving from Kali Yuga, the age of darkness, to Satya Yuga, the age of light. At present it can feel difficult as we are still in the crumbling of the old way of being – stress, hard work, anxiety, repression etc. The new way has not yet taken form – the way of peace, grace, ease and abundance. We are stuck in the middle and the only real place to be right now is in a deeper place of letting go, surrender and trust. Equally, coming into stillness regularly supports the shift we are stepping into…

Our feeling is that this upcoming Winter Solstice, a moment when the veil thins between the physical and spiritual dimensions, is a time of deeper letting go and an opportunity to really receive the new way forward. That is why we are putting on a massive ALL-DAY EVENT at the Fremantle PCYC. We have the entire One Tribe sound healing team and all the shamanic practitioners from the Shamanic Clinic coming together to support you to release the old and open the portal to the new. Come and join us for a deeply held and sacred day devoted to Self, Spirit, Community and accessing the way forward.

Components of this special day:

  • Shamanic cleanse as you enter sacred space (9:50am). You will consciously let go of all that could get in the way of you being present as four shamanic practitioners cleanse you at the door. You will then enter a sacred spiritual container to bathe in the big drums, didgeridoos and vocal Spirit sounds.
  • Session 1 (10am-12pm) Meet and connect more deeply with your Spirit Guides. Here you have the opportunity to release all that stands in the way from you and a deeper connection to your spiritual guides and allies. As we step into the new paradigm, this strong connection is required for ease, direction and support. This connection will be forged through a shamanic release and journey with drum and didgeridoo.
  • 12-1pm break for lunch
  • Session 2 (1-3pm) Letting go Ceremony. To fully step into what is possible, we first have to let go of the old way of being that stands in the way of that. This may include past regrets, struggle and hard work, disappointments and stuck energy; as well as surrendering old ideas about the shape and form your dreams and visions should take, in order to allow something even better to land. This ceremony will involve stepping into a huge medicine circle surrounded by two big drums, gongs and didgeridoos. Inside the circle you will be supported by 6 shamanic practitioners working two at a time with rattles, fans and drums to support your letting go. This will be powerful, held and sacred.
  • Session 3 (3:30-5pm) Stepping into Ceremony. Having released and cleared the blocks in the previous ceremony, you have now made space for what you are Stepping Into – the new paradigm! This will be a sacred, high vibrational guided journey of sound to allow room for your visions, downloads and the way forward to land for you. To assist you to be in a fully receptive state you are encouraged to bring whatever will support you to lie down and fully receive for much of this session (E.g. pillow, mat and blanket). We will round out the day with a closing circle.

We feel deeply honoured and privileged to be a part of your sacred walk at this powerful point in our collective history. May it hold, guide and support your journey forward.

From our hearts to yours – One Tribe.



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