Expired Rebirth Your Chakras: A 7-night adventure!

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  • Rebirth your Chakras: A 7-night adventure
     August 7, 2023 - August 14, 2023
     6:30 pm - 7:45 pm
     One Tribe Shamanic Clinic

    Monday 7th August to Monday 14th August 2023

You can still book into this event and the recorded sessions will be sent

Rebirth Your Chakras: A 7-Night Adventure!

On this seven-night journey during the Lion’s Gate portal in August (recordings available to do in your own time), we will travel through each chakra – cleansing, clearing and rebooting them to their divine vibration. There has been so much change in the world, such a speeding and leveling up vibrationally, our chakras need an overhaul to match what is now possible. Have you noticed a heightened ability to manifest instantly, reached new realms of awareness, experienced an expansion of synchronicities and spiritual abilities? To help you truly be in the seat of your personal power in this new realm of possibility, we will literally be rebirthing our chakras to shine like the sun!

This medicine comes fresh from Ancient Egypt! The One Tribe sound healing members, shamanic teachers and the shamanic healing clinic team just returned from a two-week sacred pilgrimage through Egypt. On that journey we visited the Goddess temple of Isis on the river Nile. This sanctuary is literally dripping with unconditional love. Here Mark experienced a spontaneous outpouring of love in the heart chakra. He was guided to take this love down to the solar plexus chakra (the seat of our personal power) where old, hidden stuck energy from the past was revealed and deeply cleansed. At the birthing chamber of the deity Horus (son of Isis and Osiris) he then rebirthed that chakra! Sanctifying and charging him with glorious new levels of self-respect, confidence and love.

Since working with this medicine himself, he has been guided to share it with others. At the recent Deep Ancestral Healing retreat in NSW, we extended the event by two days and went through this same process of cleansing and rebirthing each chakra. WE WERE ON FIRE!!! Renewed, cleansed and deeply in the seat of our personal power.

This 7-night program is timed to coincide with the Lion’s Gate portal when Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, lines up behind the sun flooding the planet with new codes of light. Egyptian hieroglyphs link Sirius with Isis, and the Ancient Egyptians began their yearly cycle at this time. The Lion’s Gate portal is open from the 26th of July (start of the Mayan calendar), until the 12th of August with the peak date being on the 8th of the 8th (the 8th of August). This date, the Lion’s Gate, is when Sirius directly aligns with the ancient Egyptian Pyramid Complex in Giza (over 4,000 years old!). We begin our program on the 7th of August so that as we are being flushed with these new light codes, we can more deeply cleanse the old and align ourselves with the new.

The program can be done live in the One Tribe clinic in Palmyra WA (limited spots available), live via zoom, or through the recordings. We will systematically cleanse and rebirth each chakra one night at a time. The journey will be shamanically guided using tools such as the power of intention, affirmations, visualisations and sound to move old stuck energy and activate the divine blueprint of each chakra. We will be using the powerful techniques learned in Egypt and honed back here in Australia. In the One Tribe clinic there will be three practitioners all working through the room to support your journey. This will all be captured via zoom and the recordings. We have been working with sound and zoom for many years at One Tribe, so we know how to effectively capture the experience through technology. We ourselves do the recordings each morning from the evening prior. If you are coming to the live event at the clinic you need to commit to each of the 7 nights (or catch up any nights missed via the recordings before rejoining the group). The journey will be tailored to the group but will include themes like:

  1. Monday 7th of August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA time, check local times) – Base Chakra. This chakra is located at the base of our spine and is connected with our safety, security and physical wellbeing. In leveling up this chakra we will be working with energies like abundance and aligning that to our spirituality. Getting well paid for doing what we love, being financially AND spiritually wealthy and loving and respecting ourselves AS WE ARE to name but a few.
  2. Tuesday 8th of August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA time, check local times) – Sacral Chakra. Often called our sex chakra this is also the seat of our creativity – our ability to birth new things in the world. By pouring this chakra with love from the heart we embrace our sexuality and creativity aligning it to become a temple of love.
  3. Wednesday 9th of August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA time, check local times) – Solar Plexus chakra. Here we will firmly plant ourselves on the throne of our personal power filling it with the power of the sun. We will level up our self-worth, respect and love to match the brilliance of the suns ability to give unconditionally. Look out world, here we come!
  4. Thursday 10th of August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA time, check local times) – Heart Chakra. Here we balance the divine feminine and masculine heart to radiate unconditional love without fears from the past. Outdated protection, walls and subtle shutdowns will be replaced with our naturally huge capacity to love unconditionally.
  5. Friday 11th of August break night (Sound Healing will be on instead).
  6. Saturday 12th of August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA time, check local times) – Throat Chakra. We uplevel this chakra to speak our truth, live our passion and express our unique gifts in the world.
  7. Sunday 13th of August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA time, check local times) – Third Eye Chakra. Seeing deeply into life is this chakra’s divine birth rite. Here we will unlock our spiritual sight activating this chakra’s ability to see the divine in all things and understand the natural laws at play in the world.
  8. Monday 14th of August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA time, check local times) – Crown Chakra. This portal is our divine connection to the spiritual realms. We will expand into the cosmos and beyond as we round out this incredible recalibration of the chakras, by dissolving into the oneness of all that is…

We look forward to going on this incredible journey of levelling up and rebirthing our chakras with you at the sacred time of the Lion’s Gate Portal. May you all journey well until then.


Timetable – Recordings sent the next day

Monday 7th August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA | 8:30pm-9:45pm East Coast)
Tuesday 8th August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA | 8:30pm-9:45pm East Coast)
Wednesday 9th August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA | 8:30pm-9:45pm East Coast)
Thursday 10th August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA | 8:30pm-9:45pm East Coast)
Saturday 12th August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA | 8:30pm-9:45pm East Coast)
Sunday 13th August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA | 8:30pm-9:45pm East Coast)
Monday 14th August (6:30pm-7:45pm WA | 8:30pm-9:45pm East Coast)







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