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    Both Past Life Deepening workshop & Practitioner Mastery of the Inner Child

    You can do BOTH the Past Life Sharpening & Deepening and the Practitioner Mastery of the Inner Child for a reduced price of $360 for both.

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Online and live at the One Tribe Shamanic Clinic 27th/28th of July: 9:30am-5:30pm WA TIME (usually add 2 hours if interstate check local times). Combine this workshop with the Past Life Sharpening and Deepening workshop on the 6th & 7th of July for a discount. $220 for each individual workshop or $360 combined.

More info on Practitioner Mastery of the Inner Child workshop here

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Past life rebalancing is at the heart of so many of the deep-seated issues we carry with us (and therefore by default with our clients as well). Mastering and evolving your skills in this area is paramount to your own healing journey and supporting others on theirs. This year I have had lots of downloads in how to evolve the past life work we do and want to sharpen and expand your skillset. As a part of this training, you will of course have the chance to get to the heart of some core issues you carry through the partner work you will do. There are three clear pathways of doing past life release work I am guided to do and want to share/review and deepen these with you.

  1. The traditional past life release work you did in levels 1 and 2. Here I want to really support you to further deepen your access to the Akashic records (the libraries of all that has happened over the lifetimes) to really clarify the story and beliefs that go with them. As well as review/sharpen how to clear these.
    • Understanding with greater clarity what happened in the past life? Every event has a beginning, middle and an end. Many of you do not ask the right or enough questions to get to the heart of what actually happened. Some of you are also not confident in getting the details so do not even ask the guides for the background and make space for it to land. As a result, you and your clients are not fully aware of the patterns playing themselves out over the lifetimes. This reduces the depth of the release possible as the deeper understanding is missing. We will hone your skill in this area to expand your confidence to really get the story.
    • These big past life events create powerful belief systems that are carried forward with us. Knowing this is important as our beliefs create our lives… It is important you identify what these are and how they are impacting you/your client now. We will sharpen your ability to do this.
    • As you have already been doing in levels 1 and 2 it is important to close the loop. How is that past life event impacting your/their current life and the intention you/they have brought to the healing.
    • Now it is time to release that past life and the impacts it is having on you/your client. From this point, there are now a few choices of how to release those lives which your guides can direct you to choose from. One is not better than another, it all depends on what will serve best for each situation. We will review how we have traditionally done this work in levels 1 and 2, we will show you at least one new technique as well as reviewing (or showing you for the first time) the soul mastery work we first shared in 2022.
  1. New technique A – Ascending the golden staircase… A new technique has been shown which may be similar to what your own guides may have shared (what comes in for one often comes in across the planet). Instead of the past life going into the light, along with all the energy that went with it, we will bring down a golden staircase (or something similar your guides show you).

Here the past life is supported to ascend, releasing all that has been carried from that life. Every step up, they leave behind thoughts, beliefs and experiences from that lifetime. At the top, they have ascended into a totally healed territory. If their experience had caused them to create thoughtforms and beliefs of betrayal for example, the ascension at the top may be the embodiment of reconnection, loving support and oneness. It is generally the polar opposite of how they interpreted that event.

Once ascended, you bring that ascension energy down into the conception of you/your client in the womb. You go through a process of being birthed and growing up with the very opposite of what you originally carried forward with you from that life. That experience of betrayal is replaced with the knowing of connection and loving support. As the little you/your client grows up the experience of oneness expands until you/your client are at your/their current age.

This modification of the past life healing work not only clears and releases the past life, the present life is upgraded with the ascension energy accessed, recalibrating it to a whole new expanded frequency.

New technique B) Changing Timelines. Myself and Mandy have also been directed by our guides to change timelines. This involves going back in time to just before the event occurred and slightly changing what happened to then totally change the event. In this scenario the traumatic event, betrayal etc does not happen, usually the very opposite of it. As time in not linear, as we change the event it simultaneously changes our subconscious, neural pathways and belief systems. Another modification of changing timelines is to go back in time to just before it happened, skipping that entire event and arriving back into the present. Again, this changing of time changes the subconscious and beliefs systems that go with it. We will explore this territory.

  1. Soul Lesson Mastery – This work was shared in 2022 and will be reviewed again here. The depth we go into this will be dependent on how we are guided over the weekend. Every major soul lesson appears to come with a test. How we meet that test dictates lifetimes of experiences. If we meet it with COMPLETE surrender, welcoming it with all our heart, the lesson is mastered. We complete the cycle of that lesson and reincarnate at a whole new frequency and vibration. If we resist it, label it, judge it, misinterpret it, our subsequent lifetimes revolve around that interpretation.

This technique involves:

  • Having identified the past life and the human interpretations of those events, we identify what was the key surrender moment in that past experience. The exact point where if you/your client had fully surrendered and embraced what was happening with an open heart would have catapulted you/your client into the soul mastery realms of light.
  • From this surrender point we go UP. Up into the soul realms of mastery unique to you/your client and your/their soul lesson. This is very different from the human lesson which may be themes like forgiveness or having clearer boundaries to prevent that experience or to learn from it. The soul lesson is expansive, it is unique to you/your client and it is about mastery. It is incredibly high vibrational and full of wisdom and LIGHT CODES OF INFORMATION. Everything changes from that realm. You will be guided up to access those realms of light and the wisdom that goes with them.
  • The final step is to bring those light codes of mastery down into the physical body totally reframing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies with that new information. You will ANCHOR that into every cell of your/their body. Once again, the depth we go into Soul Lesson Mastery will be dependent on how we are guided over the weekend.

Really looking forward to journeying with you online and live at the One Tribe shamanic clinic. This workshop will sharpen and deepen your past life healing work and improve your confidence and ability to read, see, feel and know the root of ancient blockages and how to skilfully rebalance them.


Online and live at the One Tribe Shamanic Clinic 27th/28th of July: 9:30am-5:30pm. Combine this workshop with the Past Life Sharpening and Deepening workshop on the 6th & 7th of July for a discount. $220 for each individual workshop or $360 combined.

More info on Practitioner Mastery of the Inner Child workshop here



Clinic Address: 1/68 Petra St, Palmyra, Western Australia, 6157, Australia


Clinic Address: 1/68 Petra St, Palmyra WA

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