Lemurian Light Activation

ExpiredLemurian Light Activation – Winter Solstice 21st June 2022

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What is Lemuria? Lemuria was an ancient civilisation pre-Atlantis. It was a time of oneness; moving, living, loving as one. One with all things. This ancient memory is encoded in many people and is being activated right now as we step into a time where our divine potential is accessible and safe to express in the world.

Lemurians all over the planet are waking up and remembering who they are and how to be and love as a community again. To help bring in the divine age upon us. This re-activation happened for One Tribe several years ago and we started to run exploratory workshops with the shamanic trainees to remember those gifts, to re-learn how to heal in teams and work with Lemurian encoded crystals. A whole new (well very, very old) modality of healing was remembered through us and for the first time we are sharing the energy of that transmission with the broader public. Of course, this Lemurian remembering is not unique to One Tribe, many are being guided to work with the pure, divine light of Lemuria who were absolute masters of healing, unconditional love and the light of oneness.

This online Lemurian Light Activation workshop will take place on the Winter Solstice which is an incredibly powerful time to work with light, Spirit and sound – all Lemurian specialities. Let’s come together and dissolve into oneness. Let’s remember who we are, our light and gifts and help support the evolutionary shift going on right now on the planet. We are here to help reawaken the memory of oneness and who we all truly are. As we remember, activate and reach for our divinity we help anchor that more powerfully into the planet and are living examples of what is possible to those around us. We would love to revel in the light with you.

Time – 6-8pm Perth time. 8-10pm East Coast time.

Date – Winter Solstice Tuesday 21st of June 2022


The team leading and holding space for the evening

Mark Steinward, smiling and sitting in a woodland setting