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Welcome to this ancient healing path

You are interested in, even called to, the shamanic path and want to taste the depth of its raw power and exquisite love. You know there is a power within and around you and desire to feel its potency course through you to uplift and transform yourself and others. You are ready. You are courageous. Not only are you unafraid to look within to heal, transform and dive into the shadows to bring more light, you are thirsty to do so. You have an inner calling to serve and a depth of maturity and integrity required to do that with purity and love. Every part of your being is ready for this and every fibre of our beingness is here to support your journey.

Who are One Tribe? One Tribe run a shamanic school on both the East and West Coasts of Australia (upon completion of the training you can get access to professional indemnity insurance as a shamanic healer), operate a shamanic healing clinic in Perth and online, run deep healing retreats and courses and do weekly shamanic sound healings in Fremantle Western Australia.

Who will lead these two half day workshops? Mark Steinward is the founder of One Tribe. He runs the Shamanic Training School and has been teaching shamanic healing for 19 years working with hundreds of students. He created the Deep Ancestral Healing Retreats and the Shamanic Clinic, started and continues to oversee and participate in the weekly Sound Healings since 2009 which has had tens of thousands of people attend. Mark has been doing healing work since he was a small child and has simply never stopped.

Session Times – Sunday 21st & Sunday 28th of January (all sessions live on zoom with recordings sent automatically when they become available). There is an hour break in the middle of each 5 hour block.

  • WA – 11am-4pm Sunday 21st and 28th of January
  • NT – 12:30-5:30pm Sunday 21st and 28th of January
  • QLD – 1:00-6:00pm Sunday 21st and 28th of January
  • SA – 1:30-6:30pm Sunday 21st and 28th of January
  • NSWVIC, ACT and TAS –2:00-7:00pm Sunday 21st and 28th of January

Why is this shamanic training offered free of charge? This shamanic training is offered free of charge for a number of key reasons:

  1. This course will become a pre-requisite for those wishing to do the Year-long Shamanic Training with One Tribe. The face-to-face content is jam packed so we need to ready and prepare students for the journey prior to coming.
  2. Medicine should be shared not hoarded. The in-depth shamanic training with One Tribe only reaches 60 students a year. We have a strong desire to share this work with more people as it has transformed our lives so powerfully.
  3. To give people who do not know our work a deep experience of what they can expect if they want to sign up for either the ten-day live-in Shamanic Training Levels 1 & 2 on the East Coast of Australia in March 2024 (only a few spots left) – click here for more, or the Year-long Shamanic Training in Perth in 2024/2025 (launched in January 2024) – click here for more.

What ground will be covered in this shamanic training? These workshops combine theory with practise. Every topic is touched first with the head and practical information, then experienced through the heart with experiential shamanic journeys, healings and meditative states. Each session is two hours in length and will cover the following topics:

  • Session 1 – Sunday 21st: Reconnecting you to the Shamanic Path – 2 hours
  • Session 2 – Sunday 21st: Healing Journey and initiation with the four directions– 2 hours.
  • Session 3 – Sunday 28th: Meeting and working with your Spirit Guides – 2 hours.
  • Session 4 – Sunday 28th: Key components of diving deeper into the Shamanic path – 2 hours.

See below for a more details Course Outline.

Course Content Overview

Session 1 – Sunday 21st January: Reconnecting you to the Shamanic Path – 2 hours.

Head Work – Content Heart Work – Experiential
Background and history of shamanic healing. Shamanic Journey calling that history and support to you.
Shamanic core principle of Oneness, and the interconnectedness of all that is. Meditation to experience Oneness light.
The shamanic healer is a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. What can block that channel? Shamanic healing to unblock energy in the way of you being a clear channel.
The journey is one of self-healing, trust and working with your shamanic guides. Shamanic healing working with your Spirit Guides.
Shamanism is the oldest healing modality and spiritual path. Diary work exploring is shamanic healing my path or part of it?


Session 2 – Sunday 21stJanuary: Healing Journey and initiation with the four directions – 2 hours.

Head Work – Content

Heart Work – Experiential

What are the four directions? How do they correlate with the elements & how to work with them shamanically. Shamanic healing journey working with the four directions and the elements of earth, air, fire and water. This will be a big healing journey and initiation into the four directions for the full two hour session.


Session 3 – Sunday 28th: Meeting and working with your Spirit Guides – 2 hours.

Head Work – Content

Heart Work – Experiential

Background content – What are Spirit Guides? How do you develop a relationship with them? How can they support your life and wellbeing? What qualities do they embody? Meditation on Oneness and the interconnected nature of life to sense, feel, know, intuit, hear and experience your Guides.
How freewill impacts how much your Spirit Guides can support you. Shamanic healing journey to cleanse any old traumas and thought forms over lifetimes that may keep your Spirit Guides at arm’s length.
Spiritual Discernment – checking your Spirit Guides love you unconditionally. Shamanic healing to clear old outdated spiritual relationships that may not be anchored in unconditional love.
Common blocks to meeting your Spirit Guides. Shamanic healing working to overcome these blocks.
Meeting your Spirit Guides Shamanic journey to meet and work with your Spirit Guides.


Session 4 – Sunday 28th: Key components of diving deeper into the shamanic path – 2 hours.

Head Work – Content

Heart Work – Experiential

Healing yourself is where you get your PHD in healing. Shamanic healing journey to dive deep into and bring healing to the energetic wounds within.
Mastery of the different parts of self – child, shadow child, adult, higher self. How these interplay with each other. Shamanic journey to meet the different parts of self to begin to find the balance of the adult and child within.
How our triggers in the world are opportunities for growth. Shamanic journey identifying a current trigger and its source roots.
The shamanic journey with One Tribe – what does the training look and feel like. Shamanic journey to identify if I want to take this work further.

Further shamanic training opportunities with One Tribe in 2024

  • Shamanic Training Level 1 & 2 East Coast 14-24th of March 2024. This ten-day live-in bush retreat is set in a stunning part of the Hunter Valley in NSW (less than a couple of hours drive from Sydney with easy transport options for interstate and international participants). This will be intense; it will stretch you to grow in ways you may never have imagined before. Healing deep parts of yourself and expanding into hidden capabilities waiting to be discovered. https://onetribehealing.com.au/events/east-coast-shamanic-training-level-12-march-2024/
  • NEW Perth Year-Long Shamanic Training 2024/2025 commences April 22. This year long program is 19 years in the making working with hundreds of students to create and perfect the ultimate shamanic training package. It encompasses the entire One Tribe Shamanic Training plus a lot more. No expenses have been spared or short cuts taken. We have been dreaming this in for years. To take a commited group of 20 souls on a year long held journey. It has taken us nearly two decades to master the capability to hold that container. We are SO READY – ARE YOU? https://onetribehealing.com.au/events/year-long-perth-shamanic-training-2024-25/

How was the shamanic training with One Tribe

Year-long Shamanic Training Overview with Mark