Shamanic Rebirth - Birth the New Earth

Online Shamanic Half Day Workshop


Mother Earth is breathing as are we. As we stand in this global pause, we have a unique opportunity to redefine ourselves and our earth. For our world is not going to be the same and neither are we. We are not going to go back to ‘normal’ and for the health of our spirits and the earth herself would we want to? No things will never be the same - as everything has already energetically changed.

Are you ready to redefine yourself and actively contribute towards dreaming in this new earth? Are you ready to let go of the old program that no longer works on our upgraded operating system? For the great shift predicted by many masters past and present is upon us RIGHT NOW and we are the current custodians birthing in this new world. Our vision for it and ourselves matters.

Recorded - Saturday the 25 April -  an incredibly auspicious time to rebirth ourselves and dream in the new earth. In Vedic astrology it’s called Akshaya Tritiya. It’s referred to as 'the day of everlasting achievements' for what happens on that day lasts. It’s why many Hindus get married on this day, start new businesses and conduct transformational ceremonies. It’s a perfect day to birth a new earth. The exact time of Akshaya Tritiya begins during our workshop.

This half day online Shamanic workshop will first clear out the old programming of fear that subconsciously drives us. It will then bring in the new oneness consciousness currently being downloaded. Finally we will actively envision a New Earth.

Mark Steinward from One Tribe leads this workshop. Mark runs the accredited shamanic training school at One Tribe which operates on both sides of the country and has been teaching shamanic healing for 16 years

The session was recorded (only Mark's screen is recorded for privacy) so you can participate by booking in for the recorded session and it will be emailed to you. Many of the shamanic students do this as they have experienced that the sessions are equally powerful with the recorded session. 


Watching this video is a pre-requisite to joining this workshop

If you have not been a student of the One Tribe shamanic school before participating in this ceremony it is a pre-requisite to first watch this 20 minute video to meet your shamanic guides as this forms the basis of all shamanic work conducted at One Tribe. 


Here are just a couple of the many spontaneous thank you emails sent to One Tribe from recent online sessions with Mark from people who have never experienced his work before.

Thank you so much, it was a great experience, the time and space were filled with loving, healing light, and I had an abundance of personal healing, it was my birthday that day. I felt called to commit the time and I’m so glad I did. I have a renewed joy, and better energy, am remembering dreams and am still feeling the waves of clearing energy. It was amazing to link with light workers all over Australia.

Thank you again to Mark and everyone holding the space,

Much love and peace



Thank you very much for an amazing workshop on Saturday.  I found it extremely beneficial and enlightening. I have been self-isolating for some weeks, so it was great to meet new people in the break out rooms, all from such diverse areas.

I have taken notes and plan to revisit the exercises, which I found very beneficial, particularly for these challenging times. Thank you again, and I hope to see you in Brisbane sometime soon.

Warm regards,