20 Days of Light Meditation


This month long meditation - 20 minutes a day for 22 days - is all about connecting to that sacred part within us that all traditions say is there. That part that never dies, never gets old or sick, that is pure unconditional love and scintillating light. From the shamanic perspective we all come from oneness consciousness. We then take birth and have a physical body. Instead of being reminded we come from this oneness consciousness, that in essence we are all the same, we are told we are separate, different from each other. In fact we have a whole education of separation. But the truth is (again from a shamanic perspective), when we die, we return back to oneness consciousness and our separateness just dissolves away along with our body. So in essence, what is real, what is lasting, is our divinity, is this light inside. All of the great mystics, shamans and enlightened beings before us simply embodied and lived from this true essence we ourselves have too. They were not better than us, they just had the education of connection, of oneness and overcame the education of separation. They all say the same thing - this light inside is our true nature, go there and be that... 

Every day for a month (feel free to have the weekends off or repeat one of the sessions you got a lot from) you can connect to that light inside. Over 60 people signed up for this course live and during it we connected to the you who will listen to this in the future. We have already formed a connection with you and your future light has already helped support us, now we can help you when you listen to it live. Know that time is not linear, we are with you and you have already been with us. Know you will be held by the group light, know that you have already helped create that group light. Doing this as a group makes it SOOOOO much easier. That is why we did it in the first place. Please know, we are with you when you listen to this. 
Lastly - COMMIT. Commit to do this everyday as your education of separation is invested in you being isolated and separate. It may try to encourage you to forget your commitment to do this, that you are too busy, it is too hard, it doesn't work etc, then it just slips away and that separate you has been able to cling on. Help it dissolve back into the light for it is light too. The shifts people had during this 20 days is simply mind blowing. This works!!!
Just go for it.
We also recommend you set a space to do this from everyday (better not to do it in your bed get up and be somewhere dedicated to this work) and try to do it around the same time. In the morning is best as it will set you up for a wonderful day. We are with you...