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Give Back, Take Back, and Fly Free Retreat

You are invited on a three day retreat to transform your life from within. This retreat is for those who are ready to let go of their past, reclaim their power and dream in a future aligned with mind, body and spirit. This is the most intense and transformative work One Tribe undertakes. One Tribe are powerfully committed to helping you make a major shift in your life and in are in your total service before, during and after the retreat.

Why do my dreams not come true? Why do my relationships not work?

The answer to these questions often lies buried in our past, particularly our early childhood. During these years we take on the positive, but also negative aspects of our parents. To be like them, to be loved by them, we try to become them energetically. This all happens on a very deep, but subtle energetic level. The newborn, over time, takes on the traits, outlook and energy of the parent. This includes their darkness, fears, anxieties, guilt, depression, low self-worth, anger and so on. These emotions, these energetic blueprints, are handed down from parent to child along the family line.

How does this energetic mess affect our lives? 

In what way doesn’t it! It affects our attitudes, emotions, health, outlook and relationships. This energetic baggage obscures the natural high vibration, intuition and clarity needed to manifest our dreams. Every soul is unique with a definite purpose. Achieving this purpose can be almost impossible when one continues to be overloaded with the negative qualities of their parents

Can our parents take our energy? 

Yes they can. Spiritual power is often given away by the young child (or taken unconsciously by the adult) to support and uplift the parent. The child often ends up without the personal power required to walk through life with courage and conviction.

How can this workshop help me? 

During this workshop you will systematically and safely clear the negative energy you have absorbed during your formative years. This includes all of the energetic baggage that weighs you down, clogs you up and poisons you. You will also take back what you have given away – your youth, vitality, confidence, self-worth, joy, love and so on. When you are energetically whole again you can dream in your future without the blocks that make this virtually impossible. Little stands in the way from you and the universe around you, which is ultimately a divine one.

What actually happens during the course?

The first two days are a process of strong release. We begin by addressing the core issues related to your mother. This process will involve a guided journey to discover what you have taken on from your mother that no longer serves your best interests today. You will then be guided on a healing process to safely clear this energy giving it back to source. Three healers will be supporting you during your individual release. Once mum is addressed, the energetic imprints aborbed from dad are released.  The next process involves taking back the power you have given away, or was taken away, by our parents. Once all of this healing work is complete we can then dream in the future we want for ourselves without these burdens restricting our ability to achieve them. This will involve a guided journey, sacred ceremony and a vision quest in nature on the third day.

Just a note there may or may not be didgeridoos to support this work. This is not a sound healing retreat, it is about consciously clearing the energetic blocks within us. 

What is provided:

  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Accommodation – 1 person per room
  • Linen, pillows & doona