The You the Shaman Sees


Connect to the you that is untaintable, needs no healing, is deathless, vibrant, and full of light and power. This is the real you the shaman sees.

Connect to your community that loves and adores you, that supports and respects you, that understands you are a multi-dimensional being and that your happiness and well-being is interwoven and connected with theirs. This is the you the shaman sees and nurtures in relation to your community.

Connect to your unconditionally loving spirit guides that are assigned to help you embody who you truly are, not the you you’ve been conditioned to believe you are. This is the you the shaman sees, a being of light surrounded by beings of light.

This two-day workshop is designed to melt the conditioning that separates you from your magnificent true nature, that separates you from the love of your community and that separates you from the spirit world. Let’s come together as one – our hearts are yearning for this embodied experience.

One Tribe run an accredited shamanic training program across Australia, based in Perth. Mark Steinward will be leading this workshop and has been teaching shamanic healing for over 14 years.

COST: $350

DATE: Saturday 18th of May 9:45am-5pm - Sunday the 19th of May 9:45am - 5:00pm.

LOCATION: Beacon Yoga Centre 151 South St Beaconsfield entry to hall off Field Street


Is this workshop suitable for me?: There is no pre-requisite to join this weekend workshop. It will be a high vibrational weekend yet also very grounded and practical. It really seeks to break down the walls between us and our true selves, our community and the spirit world. As we connect to our true light, it is natural for those things which are not the light to surface for release. It is important that if you are joining us your therapist/medical practitioner be totally comfortable with you doing deep work at a high vibration. We want to support you to find your centre but you need to be in a reasonably balanced psychological state to do that (ie not currently feeling suicidal, having known delusions, sinking in a really deep depression, experiencing an extreme life crisis where you are not at all coping etc). In these cases it is wise to seek professional help and ask them if this course is suitable for you - and don't hesitate to contact Mark Steinward on 0410 524 281.

More details about the three components of this workshop:

Component 1) Connecting to the incorruptible you. This is the real you the shaman sees. A being of pure brilliant light. This light is incorruptible and by accessing it you can start to let go of the defences that keep your heart boxed in. To be vulnerable is to be anchored in trust and open to life. When we know our core can never truly be hurt, we can take risks and love more deeply. We can allow life in and our true beauty out. Naturally as we connect with our light, that which is not the light can surface for release. By staying focussed on that light, we can begin to naturally transform our patterns and blockages to our true beauty. This experience and practice forms the foundation for the whole weekend.

Component 2) Connecting with your community that DOES love you. Part of us really craves deep intimacy, to be seen and heard at the most sacred level. During our life’s walk we have often been unseen, unheard and incorrectly labelled as bad, wrong or not good enough. We can be subconsciously frightened to connect deeply with our tribe. We may have experienced before that this is not safe. Having connected with our pure, deathless light from within during the first session, we can feel much safer to start to break down the walls between us and others. During this session our intention is to gently and safely clear the obstacles to experience deep connection with others.

Component 3) A universal understanding in shamanic cultures is that we all have unconditionally loving spirit guides assigned to support us on our journey through life. These guides are here to help us truly embody the light that we are. During this component of the weekend we will connect with these unconditionally loving allies and form a safe relationship with them. One Tribe has assisted thousands of people to safely make this connection.

Not only can our spirit guides support us to embody the light we are they can also train us how to help others too. This is a central component of the accredited shamanic training program that has assisted hundreds of people across Australia to transform their lives and serve their community. If we have time and it feels right for the group we will explore some simple and safe exercises in this area. To learn more about One Tribe shamanic training program visit this page 

ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM - must be filled in and submitted prior to the training. You also receive the registration form when you book in. A link to this registration form is also HERE for your convenience and review.

If you want to speak to someone directly on this course you can call Mark on 0410 524 281.