Shamanic Training Level 1 (3 months)

Shamanic Training Level 1 takes an in-depth look into some of the core techniques and skills used in shamanic healing, including spending time on the land connecting with nature. Shamanic healing is powerful, and one of the best ways to learn it is to experience the processes firsthand. During this three month journey you will dive into these techniques and into yourself, uncovering hidden talents as well as transforming and healing your life. Expect to change, heal and grow on this sacred journey of discovery and transformation.

Classes are on Sunday afternoons (there is usually enough interest to run a  second class on the Saturday of the same weekend as the dates below).

Dates and themes
• Animal Medicine: Sunday 2nd of October from 2-6pm 
• Past Life Release: Sunday 23rd of October from 2-6pm  
• Sacred Ceremony: Sunday 13th of November from 2-6pm 
• Soul Retrievals: Sunday 20th of November from 2-6pm 
• Communing with Nature: Sunday 4th of December from 11-4pm  
• Sweat Lodge Ceremony: Sunday 18h of December 6pm til late

Shamanic Initiation is a pre-requisite for this course

Detailed course outline

Animal Medicine.  During this session you will meet and develop deep relationships with your Animal Medicine Guides. For eons shamans have connected with and harnessed the healing and transformative power of their animal guides. These guides can open new faculties within us, expand our consciousness and improve our healing ability. You will journey to meet your animal guides as well as learn to retrieve animal medicine for other people. This is always a wonderful, magical and enriching session.

Past Lives  During this session we will release past life aspects within us that are negatively impacting upon us in this life. Shamanic healing goes back to the root cause of a problem. This often means travelling back in time to heal and release shocks, traumas and losses from lives past. It is possible to isolate these past lives aspects within us and clear the traumas associated with them. As a simple example we may have been persecuted in a past life for doing healing work. In that life, under extreme distress, we may have made powerful vows to ourselves to never do that work again to protect ourselves from future trauma and pain. This trauma can remain in our energetic system thereby blocking us from powerfully stepping into doing healing work in this life. It can affect our spiritual sight and healing gifts, our ability to promote ourselves as healers and our feelings of safety and confidence doing the work. By clearing that past life aspect and the trauma associated with it, we can overcome what were once deep seated and previously unexplained obstacles in our lives.

Sacred Ceremony  Ceremonial work is at the heart of shamanic healing and personal transformation. It is a powerful invitation to your unconditionally wise and loving spirit guides to support you to make significant changes in your personal life. Our guides can only support us if we invite them to; this is a potent way to do that. Once you learn how to do ceremony for yourself, and your community, you are empowered to truly take control of your life and make it sacred. It can help support you to make any transition in your life that is necessary. Everything we do at One Tribe is a ceremony which allows us to relax our control over our work and to allow the sacred energy of transformation to flow through us. During this session we will do a powerful healing ceremony. You will also tune in and get information for a personal ceremony to do at a later point in time to help you in your own life.

Soul Retrieval  Shamans have long specialised in soul retrieval work. In order to survive and get through a traumatic experience, part of our soul or spirit can leave our body. This is one of the reasons many abuse victims do not remember their traumas until a point in their lives when they are actually ready to deal with it. Whilst this helps us to get through a trauma, it means we are not operating at our full capacity or power if that soul fragment does not return. We can be left feeling ungrounded, disengaged, have a poor immune system, feel flat, depressed, fearful, have gaps in our memory, become prey to addictions and so on. If someone says after a particular incident they have just never quite been the same since, this can be a case of soul loss. The shaman’s job and expertise is to find and bring back these lost soul parts. This can give us an enormous boost of energy, power, clarity and confidence. Soul loss can be caused by any number of incidents knowing that what one person considers traumatic can be very different to someone else. Equally, trauma at one age can be totally different to another. Common examples that may cause soul loss are car accidents, abuse, shock, illness, combat, addiction, loss of a loved one, divorce or break ups etc. During this session you will be guided to find and retrieve lost parts of your own spirit. This is a very powerful healing session.

Communing with Nature - Sunday 26th of June 2-6pm. Shamans and indigenous tribes have long been able to commune with all elements of nature. During this session we will spend time on the land in a national park connecting to and communicating with the spiritual energy that moves through and maintains it. We will also learn to communicate with the rocks and trees. We will learn to hear and interpret the clear messages from nature. Approached in the right way, we can all do this. This is always a sacred and mesmerising session of exploration and discovery.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony . One Tribe does not charge for running Sweat Lodge Ceremonies so this is factored in free of charge. This is our sacred offering to you. This is a powerful and ancient ceremony that will be explained closer to the date. Once you do this ceremony you may attend future sweat lodges we decide to do free of charge. This is a very powerful, cleansing and sacred ceremony, so much so that we choose not to write about it here.


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WHENSunday October 02 2016 2:00 PM - Sunday December 18 2016 10:00 PM
WHEREFremantle area details given upon application (map)
COSTShamanic Initiation pre-requisite $550.00

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Shamanic Training Level 1 (3 months)