Week Long Shamanic Training Level 3 - East Coast

A pre-requisite for this course is Shamanic Training Level 1 and 2. This level gives you the opportunity to practise what you have been learning in Levels 1 and 2. You will be surprised by how competent you are at doing shamanic healing as the tools you have learned to date are also initiations; so they are already inside you ready to come out. You will be trained to work in a very precise surgical way. First, clearly diagnosing the root cause of any issue being addressed, then following exactly what you are guided to do to shift that energy. Nothing more or less than you are guided to do. It is an amazing journey of concentration, healing and discovery. During this week you will both give and receive healings. 

Day 1 Thursday 12th of October 2017
Being a Hollow Bone 1-5pm

This is the fundamental, foundational principal on how we teach shamanic healing. Whilst you are fully equipped with techniques (and we will share many more through this journey), how, when and if you administer these techniques is applied through the principal of being a hollow bone. It is all guided, it is all unique in how it is administered, and it is therefore shaped exactly to the need at hand. With shamanic healing, how we teach it anyway, we do nothing more and nothing less than we are guided to do. We have found that the most powerful healing work happens not when we are in the head, but when we are in the shamanic flow and are actually shifting and addressing the energy at hand.

It is likely during this session that we may be required to do some healing work around blocks that may prevent you from being a powerful hollow bone. This may come in the guise of being persecuted for doing healing work in the past lives, self-worth issues from childhood, beings interfering and so on. We will also cover all you need to practically get started before we bring out the tables and start doing the healing work doing a review of techniques already covered. You will both give and receive healings.

Dinner 6:30-8pm
Questions and answers plus check in session: 8-9:30pm. This session gives you the opportunity to ask any questions as a group and to also split into smaller pods to dive deeper into your own individual journey.

Day 2 Friday:
9am-1:30pm – See, Ask and Act

During this session, we will practise the fundamentals of first Seeing: getting a clear picture/feeling/ knowing/message and starting point for the healing. This is the diagnosis phase. What is at the root cause of this issue or the starting point to get there? Here it is not our job to “see” but simply to receive the messages coming from spirit. Remember, hollow bone healing is very humble work we do not need to try to make it work, we just step back and receive what always presents. The only time something will not present is if the client themselves does not feel comfortable enough to show themselves fully to you. We will guide you through how to overcome that situation should it occur.

Once we have the diagnosis we can ask what to actually do about it. What is the action required to make a shift? This action may be to use a technique you have already learned, to be guided to use a new one or simply to fully step out of the way and let the healing happen through you.

Lastly, we then act. This is where the energy shifts – the intention is a powerful on to shift that deeply and permanently. During the Act phase, we must stay fluid to the process in tune to where it is flowing and where or if it becomes blocked. If we sense a block or some resistance to the process, we go back into the seeing, asking and then action phase to work through it. This process is very natural and easy and the onus is on the guides, not us. We simply present to be the hollow bone, the rest is up to the guides and our own confidence to sense from the heart what is required.

You do not need to worry about if you see the guides, hear them etc; just trust the process as it unfolds in a structured and measured way. This process does work, with everyone every time. It just takes a bit of practise and training to step out of the way. You can and will do this.

1:30-4:30pm – Lunch and break. We always leave a break after lunch to allow time for food to digest. Doing healing work and shamanic initiations on a full stomach is much harder than on a light one.

4:30pm-7:30pm – Working safely. During this session, we will review techniques and principals of how to work safely and not take on energy we are looking to clear. There are many effective techniques we ourselves have learned along the way which we will share with you to help you remain a clear hollow bone throughout a healing. As soon as the energy we are looking to clear comes into us it compromises our ability to be that clear conduit. It is therefore important to be aware of when energy is trying to come in and how to address it, as well as how to clear it if it does get through. As always in healing we come from a deep space of trust knowing that we will not get anything that we cannot handle or manage. However, there are common learnings we all learn as we walk this path which we can share to help you work more efficiently, confidently and safely.

Day 3 Saturday: 

9am-1:30pm – Healing the physical. From our experience, both working on ourselves and with our clients, every physical ailment has a mental, emotional and spiritual root cause behind it. The body is trying to tell us something and when we listen to it we can address that problem and heal it energetically. We can also then take steps to transform our life and bring it into balance.

Doing the energetic healing often then leads to a corresponding physical cure but of course not always. There are many factors that come into play for that to happen including but not limited to time (the physical body is the last place to manifest an illness – it first starting in our minds, emotions etc – and therefore is often the last to disappear), the person’s faith, belief system, support network, diet, exercise, ongoing medical treatments, and of course we all have a time we are to leave this earth plane. Shamanic healing works well with other modalities including western medicine and a combination is often required for an effective cure.
At times, we are guided to work on the root energetic cause behind a physical ailment and at other times we are guided to work on just the physical ailment itself (going right inside the body and its systems). On top of this we are all different and we all develop our unique specialities depending on our own life experience, interest and our guides. Some of you will be very drawn to working with the physical body particularly if you have some medical anatomical training behind you. All of that knowledge can then be harnessed by the guides and will naturally fuse into your shamanic healing work. Whatever healing modalities, knowledge and life experience you have behind you the guides can and will access that to bring benefit for the client.

The body is amazing as is the way it responds to shamanic healing. Even giving someone a spiritual diagnosis for their illness can be very comforting and empowering. It moves them from victim mode into a deep understanding of energy and how they can both create and dissolve physical issues in their life. This session opens the door to working on the physical body in a deep and powerful way.

1:30-4:30pm – Lunch

4:30pm-7:30pm – Practitioner Training begins... In shamanic healing, as in any healing, the more you can heal yourself the deeper you can go with others. This is partly because you have done the work they need to do, and also because their stuff in not sticking to your own stuff that you have not worked through. How can you truly help liberate another if you have not faced the deep things within yourself? Therefore, in the following session we invite you to address the deep issues within you that have not addressed. This is of course an invitation and not forced, it is up to you to actually go as deep as you feel comfortable but the intention is to go to the root cause of your issues and work through them. Then when we work on others you have already been there yourself and have that experience, empathy and understanding.

In this first session, we will identify what it is that we are to work on. This session can be confrontational for people as it holds the energy of the practitioner training behind it which is deep.

Day 4 – Sunday:

9am-1:30pm – Practitioner Training Healing. The practitioner training is an apprentice style training where I share with you all that I know freely guiding you to feel, see, sense what I do and also to strengthen your own ability to be a clear hollow bone working in your own unique way. This training is usually just me and two or three practitioner trainees. In these sessions, the medicine flows through different people at different times. Sometimes it is through the trainees and I oversee how that is going, at other times it is through me so you can learn new techniques. It is very focussed and very potent. Working as a group the healing energy is amplified. We will modify this of course given the group size is bigger. There will times when it will be a smaller group working and others watching, sometimes it may include the whole group (never fall asleep I may call on you at any time) and there will be times when we break into smaller pods all working at the same time.

As the intention is for deep healing in these sessions there will be times when people just need to rest and integrate. They can watch, lie down and stay in the room or rest where they feel they need to be.

1:30-4:30pm – Lunch and break.

4:30pm-7:30pm – Practitioner training continued. This will be a full day of practitioner training work. We will modify this work based on your own ability to maintain and develop your focus. Sometimes you will rest and watch, at other times receive healings and of course give them. We train and work in a very focussed way and it takes a bit of time to develop that focus for hours on end. Seeing that demonstrated by us shows you what is possible and helps hold the focus of the room. I once lost focus when training with my mum’s guru on a four-day intense healing retreat (at time working for 4-5 hour stretches). She blasted me – it never happened again! It is amazing what our minds are capable of doing but that takes time to develop (I am a lot more compassionate and gentle than my mother’s guru).

Day 5 – Monday:

9am-1:30pm – Practitioner training continued. As we develop and grow you will gain confidence quickly. You will be surprised how fast you are able to do this particularly as all of that medicine is already inside you. We will start to have multiple tables and healing going on at once.

There are many ways we get messages and direction from spirit in a shamanic healing – through our inner knowing, hearing, feeling, smell, taste and of course through our shamanic sight. There is often a heavy focus on spiritual sight in the west as a pre-requisite to doing healing work and even as a measure of spiritual progress. This is of course total nonsense. As a result, people can feel inadequate in a healing setting and may ignore or not appreciate the huge clear messages and direction they are receiving from all the other senses. From the outset, let’s be clear, shamanic sight is not required for an effective healing; spirit will always get the messages and directions across if we are open. Nonetheless, our shamanic sight can be a powerful and helpful diagnostic tool. We may have shut down our shamanic sight due to past traumas where we have been persecuted for using it, through fear of the spiritual world, because of religious beliefs, our low self-worth and so on. During this session we will address these fears as well as open and empower the use of your shamanic sight. We will also practise using our shamanic sight as a diagnostic tool.

1:30-4:30pm – Lunch and break.

4:30pm-7:30pm – Practitioner training continued: As we continue the focus, energy and power will intensify as will your ability to be in and hold that space. There will be a natural crescendo point from where we will come down from and begin the integration process. It is likely given the limited time we have together we may well be guided to work right up until the final moments of this evening.

Day 6 – Tuesday
8:00am-11:45pm – Integration session

In this session, we will share the medicine we have garnered and be given an opportunity to ask questions and discuss them as a group. By this stage of the retreat we will have a clearer feeling where we are to go from there and how to approach that. My feeling is that may include trips to Sydney and Melbourne to work in smaller groups and with the public, so you can start to work on people you do not know. I am prepared to support you as far as you are prepared to go.
There are three stages we cover in practitioner training. The first is working deeply on ourselves. My hope is we will have completed this by the end of this retreat. The next stage is working on friends that come to the practitioner sessions. After this you work with people you do not know. Lastly, you do a session which is just you and client. I review this and give you tips on where to go from there. Within that framework, you also do case studies which I review. All of that I feel is possible if we open ourselves to that.
RETREAT ENDS….. (until we meet for the next level!!!).

What is provided
• All vegetarian meals
• Linen, towels (extras supplied for spa and sauna), pillows & doona etc.
• All bedrooms have en-suites. Two or three beds per room.
• All bedrooms have reverse cycle air conditioning and fans.
• Hair dryers, complimentary soap, shampoo and conditioner.
• Each cottage has its own cooking facilities, full size fridge and laundry/dryer/iron/soap etc. Also provided is insect repellents and a coffee percolator and plunger (bring your filter coffee this is not supplied).
• Wireless internet (user pays). We do discourage internet use – we recommend you disconnect from the plugged in world and be in nature. Give this time to yourself letting your loved ones know contact may be limited.

What to bring
• Security Pin number at gate entrance is: 6789
• Print out of directions (GPS can lead you in the wrong direction we have been warned and there can be limited reception for phone GPS).
• Lunch for the first day (the cooks will not have time to prepare this the first day). Light refreshments will be available.
• Pen and note book.
• Large water bottle.
• Ear plugs for the night (snoring happens on occasion).
• There are no chemist facilities close by so bring any medication you may need.
• Bring your own beach towel if you intend to swim in the pool (located 2 minutes’ drive from the lodges near the restaurant).
• $2 coins if you want to use the sauna ($2 per half hour)
• Torch.
• Walking shoes – there are lots of nature trails nearby.
• Mix of clothing the weather can vary.
• Toiletries.
• Wet weather gear in case it rains (it is a little walk from each lodge).
• We have been requested to only feed the native animals Wild Parrot Mix bird seed, fruit and meat (wildlife cannot digest bread and Kookaburras can easily choke on bacon and can only eat meat). If you intend to feed the wildlife bring this along (although we did find a place which stocked this and will supply some food again for this purpose).
• Any special dietary requirements beyond vegetarian.
What to leave at home
Leave behind your expectations – whatever you are meant to experience and take from the retreat, trust you will. This will be powerful and sacred and you will get what you need. This may not be what you expect so stay fluid and open.
We recommend you advise your family, friends and work that you will be difficult to contact and reach during your stay. Really give yourself this week to be with yourself. Engaging with our loved ones can restrict our ability to be truly present and dive deep into the work. One small conversation can distract us and have us elsewhere, perhaps even needlessly stressing about what is beyond our control. Trust they will fine without you for the week.
What plane to catch from
There are cheap flights at present from Melbourne on Jetstar and Virgin. There is an early flight on Jetstar for just $55 as present – 8/6/17.
How to get to the retreat centre from Sydney and Vacy (about 2.5 hour drive):
Please be sure to print out the directions supplied from the retreat centre as reception can be difficult to get for your GPS or lead you in the wrong direction!
 Take the Sydney - Newcastle (M1) Pacific Motorway - previously named F3 expressway (north towards Newcastle). If using a GPS system please ensure you also follow these instructions as the GPS can often lead you in the wrong direction.
 At the end of the M1 (lots of ridges in the road indicate the end of expressway), travel straight across roundabout and turn left onto New England Highway, travel through East Maitland 7.4 kms from end of Freeway, turn right into Melbourne Street @ traffic lights; 0.3 kms along Melbourne Street, Left into Pitnacree Road – changes name to Flat Road; 4.7 kms to roundabout – turn right and follow signs to Paterson 14.0 kms
 If you need to use your mobile phone DO IT NOW as phones can be patchy coverage until you reach the top of the mountain.
• Then 8.0 kms to Vacy -
 Turn left immediately after Vacy Bridge (single lane bridge) - Summerhill Rd.
 Travel 5.2 kms along Summerhill Road – then turn left at large Eaglereach sign. Travel to top of mountain, (4.0 kms) sharp left turn at Eaglereach Sign, then 2.0 kms to Banjos through Eaglereach Resort.
 Especially when driving at dusk or evening- PLEASE KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR KANGAROOS AND OTHER WILDLIFE. The road through the Eaglereach Resort is gravel - PLEASE travel along at the RECOMMENDED SLOW SPEED.
 Follow the road past many lodges on both sides of the road (approx 1 km) then around to the right into Goanna Grove (away from the large maintenance shed). Down the hill almost to the end on the right (just past Caddishack Lodge which is to the left) you will find a sign BANJOS BUSHLAND RETREAT. You have arrived!!!
 Banjos private road – Use 4 digit code 6789 to open gate. The gate will close automatically after you have entered.

Please drive slowly – observing all road signs!
 Turn left @ large sign "EAGLEREACH" on Summer Hill Rd 5.2 kms
 SHARP LEFT at Top of Summer Hill Rd 4.0 kms
 Follow map to BANJOS Private Road 2.0 kms





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WHENThursday October 12 2017 1:00 PM - Tuesday October 17 2017 12:00 PM
WHEREMoonabung Mountain Range, Vacy (Paterson) NSW 2421 Australia (map)
COSTLevels 1 and 2 are prerequisites $2,200.00

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