Shamanic Reboot - Return to Love


Most of us didn’t get the foundation of love required through our childhood to naturally support loving, intimate relationships in our adult lives. Throughout the ages the disconnection from healthy loving communities, nature and spirit fractured the very fabric of life necessary to raise a child so they not only know they are loved, but that they are love, and so is everything around them. 

In the shamanic realm it’s understood experientially that time is not linear. This means we can have a do-over! We can journey back to the exact moment we split off from oneness consciousness with the crazy idea of experiencing ourselves as separate in order to know our magnificence. We can redo our birth, our upbringing, our connection and introduction to spirit, meeting a mate and eventually returning back to oneness bliss.

This inexpensive three-week program (six 1- hour sessions - $55) tracks that very journey. The intention is a total shamanic reboot around our relationship with love, which ultimately begins with ourselves. Rather than playing the same pathetic record, falling into the same debilitating patterns over and over again in our relationships we can totally wipe the slate clean and experience the most balanced, loving journey through life imaginable. The goal is to re-wire our subconscious (the driver behind our sabotaging patterns) to the frequency of a tank totally full of love. To be anchored in the foundations of love so that we can deeply know we are that, and can easily attract and maintain healthy, loving relationships in our lives. 

Mark Steinward from One Tribe will lead these online workshops. Mark runs the accredited shamanic training school at One Tribe which operates on both sides of the country and has been teaching shamanic healing for 16 years. Mark loves teaching online and has been doing it for years with the shamanic students. 

The sessions will all be recorded (only Mark's screen is recorded for privacy) so if you cannot make any or all of the times but want to participate you can book in and the recorded session will be emailed to you. Many of the shamanic students do this as they have experienced that the recorded sessions are equally powerful. 

Session Times and themes – Be sure to double check time zones only WA (Western Australia) and AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) are given. Each session is 1 hour in length.  

  1. Sunday 10th May (4PM W.A / 6PM AEST) - Return to source – journey back to when we split off from oneness consciousness and love.
  2. Wednesday 13th May (6PM W.A / 8PM AEST) - Birthed into love – experience a welcome, connected and celebrated birth within the fabric of a loving community of well wishes and joy.
  3. Sunday 17th May (4PM W.A / 6PM AEST) - Nurtured from the bosom of life – This session is split between drinking in the divine feminine and divine masculine love.
  4. Wednesday 20th May (6PM W.A / 8PM AEST) - Loved by Spirit – Be introduced to your spirit guides from a young age to educate, love, sustain and enrich you.
  5. Sunday 24th May (4PM W.A / 6PM AEST) - Freedom to be you – You are supported by a loving community who encourage you to truly express yourself and your unique gifts.
  6. Wednesday 27th May (6PM W.A / 8PM AEST) - Finding your mate to journey in joy together – With effortless ease your love of self is mirrored back to you through the love of self of another. 

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WHEN Saturday 10th May 2020 - Wednesday 27th May 2020
WHERE ONLINE (you will receive a Zoom link and password after booking)
COST $55
BOOK Link to booking

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Here are just a couple of the many spontaneous thank you emails sent to One Tribe from recent online sessions with Mark from people who have never experienced his work before.

Thank you so much, it was a great experience, the time and space were filled with loving, healing light, and I had an abundance of personal healing, it was my birthday that day. I felt called to commit the time and I’m so glad I did. I have a renewed joy, and better energy, am remembering dreams and am still feeling the waves of clearing energy. It was amazing to link with light workers all over Australia.

Thank you again to Mark and everyone holding the space,

Much love and peace

Thank you very much for an amazing workshop on Saturday.  I found it extremely beneficial and enlightening. I have been self-isolating for some weeks, so it was great to meet new people in the break out rooms, all from such diverse areas.

I have taken notes and plan to revisit the exercises, which I found very beneficial, particularly for these challenging times. Thank you again, and I hope to see you in Brisbane sometime soon.

Warm regards,

Watching this video is a pre-requisite to joining this workshop

If you have not been a student of the One Tribe shamanic school before participating in this ceremony it is a pre-requisite to first watch this 20 minute video to meet your shamanic guides as this forms the basis of all shamanic work conducted at One Tribe.