Men of Light Training - 6 month online program

An aboriginal grandmother on the East Coast requested One Tribe to develop a program for the men of Australia – this is the fruit of that collaboration. This six-month online program focusses on one theme each month ending with an optional group camp in the Sydney region. Each month there is a live online group workshop supported by a recorded talk/meditation to repeat subsequently each day on that theme. Repetition of healthy images, words and powerful exercises can reprogram old unhealthy patterns of a life time so we can embody the Men of Light we truly are. All workshops are 7:30pm-9pm east coast time with all but one falling on a Wednesday evening. All sessions will be recorded if you miss any.

Like anything, you get out of it what you put in. This program has enough material to truly harness healthy powerful change if you choose to go for it. It is only $150 for the full six-month program, including the recordings (money back guarantee after the first session if you feel it is not for you) and the group camp, which is an optional extra, is only $350 (includes all food) for the weekend. 


Topics covered include:

1. Wednesday 22nd of May. Who am I - Accessing the incorruptible, pure, deathless, peaceful, wise, true nature of who we are; not the rubbish programming we are conditioned to believe we are!

2. Wednesday 19th of June. Anchoring and accessing the energy of the divine masculine into our bodies, hearts, minds and spirits.

3. Wednesday 24th of July. How to deeply honour the feminine from the space of the healthy masculine.

4. Wednesday 28th of August. How to parent our inner child so we can live and act from our conscious minds instead of our unconscious fears.

5. THURSDAY 26th of September. How to be the leader of your own life.

6. Wednesday 23rd of October. Accessing your divine purpose.

• Optional extra: Men of light camp Nov 29-Dec 1.


COST: $150 full program. Men of Light camp in the Sydney region $350 including food - Nov 29-1st of Dec. 

DATE: May - October. Men of Light camp optional extra Nov 29-1st of Dec. 

LOCATION: Program run on Zoom. A brilliant online platform, very easy to use, means we can have break out rooms for small and large chats, record the sessions etc. Fantastic tool! 

If you want to speak to someone directly on this course you can call Mark on 0410 524 281.