Lemurian Crystal Light Training

This is not so much a training course as it is a remembering. This program is for those that already have the Lemurian healing light codes within them and are ready to reawaken that specific past life mastery (Lemuria was a highly evolved civilisation said to pre-date Atlantis). This will involve working with crystals, sound and light for healing. It will be re-learning how to use these ancient techniques in a safe environment. A big part of the training is working as one in groups. The intention is to leave this three-day workshop (27, 28th, 29th of April) with the ability to access and use your healing gifts with confidence. Numbers are restricted to a maximum of 16 participants. Training will take place in the Fremantle area of Western Australia, details given on acceptance to join the course. Price - $330 for the three days training. Bring up to $100 to purchase your crystal which will be wholesale prices with NO price mark up, also included will be a Larimar crystal (last time we purchased beautiful pendants for only $22). Prices of crystals last time ranged from about $30-$80 and were all perfect for the work. You really create a deep bond with both healing tools. This will really awaken your resonance with crystals and how they can aid healing. 


Background to this course: 

Mark Steinward runs a shamanic training school across Australia. In January of 2019 on an overseas holiday he met a woman from Belgium who had enormous healing potential and no training. He was strongly guided to support her to access her unique healing gifts - which happened to come from Lemuria. This course was designed for that specific purpose. The results for all who participated were simply extraordinary and it changed the whole flavour of the shamanic training school. The emphasis on being as one and the power that comes through when we really create a gentle, safe, non-competitive space for that energy to flow through was incredible. To join this course, you must also hold the same specific light frequencies and latent potential of the Lemurian energy. Please do not be offended if you are not accepted it does not mean you do not also hold tremendous healing potential too, it may just be of a different frequency to this very specific course. It is fine if you are a total novice to healing, it is not your experience but your unique vibration that matters. Contact Mark on 0410 524 281 to see if this course is for you.

Detailed Course outline: 

Saturday 27th of April:
Cleansing and Clearing (9:30am-11am):
 Before we step into doing healing work it is important to make sure that we clear our mental, emotional and physical bodies. This will involve releasing stuck and restrictive energies accumulated over a lifetime. 
Meet your healing guides (11:30am-1pm): Truly powerful healing often involves being a conduit for something bigger than us. During this session we will meet our guides of light aligned to the energy of this course. 
Meet and use your crystal (2-3:30pm). A Lemurian crystal or clear quartz crystal will be available to purchase at wholesale prices for this training course. These crystals will range from about $30-$100 and are being purchased specifically for this course. If you want to bring your own crystal or healing wand you must provide a photo on application to see if it is appropriate. During this session we will connect with our crystal, learn its unique healing properties and how to apply them. 
Shamanic initiation into the healing light codes (4-5:30pm): During this session we will connect with our guides who will initiate us into the specific healing light codes that will be used during the rest of the training.

Sunday 28th – Monday 29th of February 
How to be a hollow bone or clear conduit for this healing light (9:30-11am):
 During this session you will be guided on how to safely administer healing. You will learn how to be a conduit for healing and how to clear energy using these specific light frequencies. You will both give and receive healings. 
How to use your crystal for healing (11:30am-1pm): During this session we will start to incorporate using our crystals during the healing sessions. In shamanic healing, your healing guides direct what to do and how to do it. We will train you how to do that whilst incorporating your crystal. 
Refining your healing gifts (2pm Sunday – 3:30pm on Monday): During the remaining one and half days you will become familiar with how your healing guides work through you, what they specialise in and how to effectively use light and crystals for healing. This is not a course for beginners, in past lives you HAVE done this before. This is just providing you with a safe place to remember how it feels to be in service in this way and to be guided on the practicalities of doing healing work in a safe and grounded way. This is a remembering, not a beginning. 
Grounding session (Monday 4-5:30pm): After spending 3 days in a high vibration environment it is important to leave grounded. Time will be spent in nature for this purpose.

Cost: $330 and bring along $100 to purchase your crystals (at wholesale prices). 
Location: Fremantle Australia details given upon acceptance to join the course.
How to apply for the training: Contact Mark on 0410 524 281.

Application Form: HERE