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Give Back, Take Back and Fly Free



We are honoured and excited to be able to finally offer the East Coast the deepest work we do at One Tribe! Whilst our students and clients have been hounding us to do it all these years, Mark's busy diary has prevented it from happening. However, an event Mark was attending in Brisbane has just been cancelled providing the much needed space for this important work to finally land on the East Coast.

The intention of this healing retreat is to provide the space to transform your life from within. This work is for those who are ready to let go of their past, reclaim their power and dream in a future aligned with mind, body and spirit. One Tribe are powerfully committed to helping you make a major shift in your life and are in your total service before, during and after the retreat.


Why do my dreams not come true? Why do my relationships not work? The answer to these questions often lays buried deep in our past, particularly our early childhood. During these formative years we are unable to differentiate our parent’s energy from our own absorbing them like a sponge. This includes their positive traits, but also their fears, anxieties, addictions, guilt, depression, low self-worth, anger and so on. These emotions, beliefs and thoughts, these energetic blueprints, are handed down from parent to child along the family line.

How does this energetic mess affect our lives? In what way doesn’t it! It affects our attitudes, emotions, health, outlook and relationships. This energetic baggage obscures the natural high vibration, intuition and clarity needed to manifest our dreams. We believe every soul is unique with a definite purpose. Achieving this purpose can be incredibly difficult when one continues to be overloaded with the negative energetic influences of their parents. 

Can our parents take our energy? Yes they can. Spiritual power is often given away by the young child to support and uplift the parent (or taken unconsciously by the adult). The child often ends up without the personal power required to walk through life with courage, strength and conviction.

How can this workshop help me/what happens during it? During this retreat you will systematically and safely release the negative energy you absorbed during your formative years. This includes the energetic baggage that weighs you down, clogs you up and poisons you. You will be guided to isolate, release and give all of that energy back into the fire of transformation. You will also take back what you have given away – your youth, vitality, confidence, self-worth, joy, love and so on. When you are more energetically whole again you can dream in your future without the blocks that make this virtually impossible. Little stands in the way from you and the universe around you, which is ultimately a divine one. This will involve a vision quest in nature on the third day.

Just a note there may or may not be didgeridoos to support this work. This is not a sound healing retreat, it is about consciously clearing the energetic blocks within us and we do this powerfully as a group. We identify what energy we have taken on then work as a group to cleanse and clear that from our system. We have done this for many years now with great success serving hundreds of people in this intimate powerful way. Mark who leads the retreat trained for a year with a guru called Sai Maa in America who not only trained him in this work but empowered him to do it giving her full spiritual blessings behind it. During this retreat we clear what we have taken on mentally, emotionally and physcially. We also address any abuse that may have been suffered as well as working on energy taken on from siblings. It is huge, deep and transformative work. 

Is this retreat suitable for me?: This is an intense retreat designed to bring up and clear stuck emotions and mental patterns. Whilst this is a freeing and liberating process for most, it is very intense and is not for everyone. If you are unwilling to experience in yourself or witness in others strong, powerful emotional releases it is strongly recommended you do not attend. As this can be a challenging retreat it is recommended only for those who are ready to participate. If you are unsure about your capacity to participate please consult your medical practitioner. In addition to consulting your medical practitioner, Mark Steinward can be contacted on 0410 524 281 for more information.

Link for onilne application form (emailed when you book in but here for your convenience). Click Here

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 Wednesday 7th (from 7:30pm), 8th, 9th and 10th (finishes at 3pm) of October. This is a 3 night and three day live-in retreat.
WHERE: Banjos Bushland Retreat - Moonabung Mountain Range, Vacy NSW (Hunter Valley)
COST: $1,350. This price includes accommodation and all ORGANIC vegetarian meals. Place secured $300 deposit. Due to course content family members are usually not permitted to attend this retreat together. 
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To view a video explaining more about the theory behind this course



What participants say about the course

Accommodation and Food
Set on a mountain top is Banjos Bushland Retreat; three architect-designed 4 ½ star Luxury Lodges nestled on 20 acres of secluded, pristine bushland set within a 1,000 acre reserve in the delightful Hunter Valley only 3 hours from Sydney. We will have an in-house cook making beautiful organic meals (not first night).

Getting there

The retreat is about 3 hours drive from Sydney and is not far from Newcastle where transport options are available to the venue. When you complete the application form you let us know where you are coming from and how you intend to travel there. We can arrange carpooling from Sydney (or other regions) to share the burden of travel. Also if people are flying in or coming by public transport then we can arrange a shuttle vehicle to and from Newcastle (extra $90 each way). Banjos Bushland Retreat is about an hour from central Newcastle.


Feedback from a participant 6 months on: We have included this as the video is taken straight after the retreat but what about its potential longer term effects?

Hello One tribe, What an amazing time I had on the give back take back retreat! Firstly I would like to thank you all. I am truly grateful to Mark & Sue each of you played an important part of my journey. To the two beautiful women behind the scene's -  they played an important part of this weekend being so nurturing with their amazing food, made with such love...thank you ladies!

I have been on a journey to myself for about 18 years & after completing this retreat I am finally free to be me. Over the last 18 years I have done full on seminars some I stayed for 3 days & some went for 2 days for 12 hours per day. They were intense, in your face, uncomfortable, exhausting. I wouldn't take back any of them as they all played an important part of my journey. What I want to share with you is, after the seminars you were on a high & everything was wonderful for about 2 weeks. But slowly old habits started to form again but on a smaller scale than before but still there. They helped me heal relationships, forgive & mentally work through situations that I was faced with. But why was something still not right?

My experience on the retreat was absolutely mind blowing for me. One Tribe provide a safe, gentle & well guided journey. Wow! You know it still amazes me when I think about it! So to break it down for you by the second day, I saw my life for how it really was....I was shown in my silence the real story & it just made so much sense, all the pieces of the puzzle had come together. I felt like I was starting the grieving. When the time was right, I began to give back what wasn't mine. This process was so gentle, I felt completely safe & I had complete trust in One Tribe. But my processing & healing didn't stop at the end of the retreat. That night when I went home I continued to do the Process. The next day was the beginning of my new journey, looking at the world through my eyes.

How was Take back Give back different to all the other course? I wasn't on a high, I felt grounded. I felt & still feel like I have a 360 degree vision on everything in my life. I did the retreat about 6 months ago now & I can tell you that it is truly the best gift I have ever given myself! The only self development course for me in the future will be about my future, not my past! Its funny, its the small things that have changed that have made the biggest effects. On the Monday after One tribe did a follow up & has continued to stay in contact. I was amazed at the time they gave me...truly caring souls. Thank you all for sharing your gifts with me. I am so grateful & my heart is completely open. We did it...I'm home!

Lots of love & light