Online Sunday afternoon 11th of April


Sunday 11th April 2021

  • WA - 3:00pm
  • SA, NT - 4:30pm
  • NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT & TAS - 5:00pm
The deepest work we do at One Tribe is a 4 day retreat called The Give Back Take Back and Fly Free Retreat. This free online workshop will be a powerful taste of that fundamental healing work focusing on some core unhealthy energy within you to release that has been passed down your family line. Whilst this workshop is only 2 hours it will be very deep so only consider it if you are seriously ready to do the healing work.
Whilst the unhealthy ancestral energy we carry around with us is physically unseen, it is real. Up until the age of about seven, we are unable to differentiate our energy from those in our environment (particularly our parents), absorbing them like a sponge. This includes their positive traits, but also their fears, anxieties, addictions, guilt, depression, low self-worth, anger and so on. These emotions, beliefs and energetic blueprints penetrate deep inside us and are handed down from parent to child along the family line making it incredibly difficult to realise our dreams and maintain healthy relationships with ourselves and others.
During this 2 hour workshop you will systematically release SOME of the negative energy you absorbed during your formative years. This includes the energetic baggage that weighs you down, clogs you up and poisons you. You will be guided to isolate, release and give that energy back into the fire of transformation benefiting your entire family line. You will also take back SOME of what you have given away – your youth, vitality, confidence, self-worth, joy, love and so on. 
Whilst this is a short workshop - IT IS INTENSE WORK. So be prepared for your stuff to really come up and move. Prepare your space so you will not be intruded. Have a pillow close by for loud releases, a bucket handy in case you need an even deeper cleanse. This work is NOT LIGHT and you really need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to step in to get a strong release. Whilst this is a freeing and liberating process for most, it is very intense and is not for everyone. If you are unwilling to experience in yourself or witness in others' strong, powerful emotional releases it is strongly recommended you do not attend. If in doubt at all consult your doctor or psychologist etc to see if you are ready to do this deep work. You will learn some powerful techniques and tools but we are only looking to release some of that core energy you carry around so you need to be sure you can safely integrate without the support of a retreat style environment. This workshop is better for those that have done some energy release work in the past and feel confident about self care afterwards. Of course we are available for ongoing support after if required. 

All the zoom links and how to prepare will be emailed to you when you sign up. A recording of the session will also be sent to you if you cannot do it live on the day. If you can't use the booking system above then please use this link