Week Long Shamanic Training Level 2 - East Coast Hunter Valley


March 14 (1pm)-19 (11:45am) 2019. Level 1 is a pre-requisite for Level 2

It is our deep honour to invite you to join us for the Weeklong Shamanic Training Level 2. This level really does change lives. It is not necessarily easy as it is about stepping more into trust and love and letting go of fear-based energy. We call Level 2 the deep cleanse as it is a cleansing of old energies (over lifetimes) that have supported us/yet often disempowered us too, protected us/often through fear using defence and attack strategies, and helped us get things in life /often by unconsciously misusing our spiritual energy. This is a huge journey of trust where we let go of these old energies to surrender more and more into the light. In the process we grow enormously!

These old energies are focussed on me, safety and are founded on the notion that what I need and want is outside of myself. We are limited in our growth by holding onto them. In contrast, when we let these go, the new energies that replace it (perhaps more accurately step forward as they are always around you) are about us (not just me), unconditional love and personal empowerment. Both energies serve and protect – so in letting the old go it does not mean we are left defenceless even though we can have that fear at the time as it is all we unconsciously know and it has served us. In fact, the love-based energy is much more powerful and evolved. The big difference between the two is that one comes from fear and separation, the other from love, connection and trust. One allows us to grow, the other caps our growth.

Of course, we have no doubt you are familiar with both energies, you have experienced trust, love and being in the light. In many areas of your life we know you are strongly aligned with these energies and operate from complete trust. Yet from our personal experience and the experience of working with groups, in the areas where we do not trust, or we believe what we want and need is outside of ourselves, we can be trying to control life. We usually do this is very unconscious ways. This is often known as our shadow – that which we cannot see or have yet to fully acknowledge. Our shadow, and what we call our shadow child, can access all sorts of energies to support us in areas we are not confident in or have experienced fear, trauma, disappointment and disempowerment in the past. In the areas where we do not trust we can be trying to control life and in doing that we can be accessing energies that are not 100% unconditionally based in love. In identifying these and letting them go, we can make incredible leaps forward in our spiritual progress and a big upgrade in our energetic light body. We are also much safer to be around for our family, friends and colleagues. Over time, more and more they get to see the best sides of ourselves.

As mentioned we have often developed these relationships and defensive ways of being during times of trauma or need. For example, during our childhood we may have protected our heart and shut it down (even subconsciously employing energies to defend it). This may have happened because our parents could not love or acknowledge us the way we truly needed, or we may even have suffered emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual traumas from that time. To shield us from further pain, we can put big walls up and all kinds of ways to sabotage us from experiencing love again (and hence the pain that went with it during childhood). As adults we can now choose the company we keep and that real danger and uncertainty from childhood is hopefully gone. As a result, on a conscious level we may want to look outside to share love and community again but there are still those outdated walls and defences there which may be sabotaging us from actually experiencing it on the deepest levels. It is safe to let them down now or you would never have been drawn to do shamanic work to this level.

We also call this level the big choice as it is up to you what you hold onto or let go of. No one can force you to do anything, pretty much ever.... The choice is do you want to hold onto what you have known and works (yet keeps you smaller than you truly are), or have you outgrown the need for that and are ready to take a leap of faith? Are YOU ready to make that LEAP OF FAITH? In signing up for Level 2 the answer is a big yes. Yet, we also acknowledge that when it comes down to it, at that critical choice point, you may be able to let some things go and not others. Our job is to take you to that choice point; it is up to you then what you decide. There is never any pressure or judgement from our end. In a week-long training environment, we have found what is ready to be released is shown and the perfect time for releasing it naturally presents itself.

The drums are sounding, the guides are calling us and the truth and light await. May each of us be held, safe and grow until we are in each other’s company again. 



Day 1: Working with the Shadow 1pm-5pm
Everything is just energy. When we have core wounds from our childhood, past relationships, and even past lives, those imprints stay within our energetic field. Those impressions then attract people to us thereby triggering those initial wounds giving us an opportunity to address them. For example, if we took on from our childhood that we are unlovable, it is likely that we will unconsciously attract situations and people to us to validate that thought – I am unlovable. Yet on a deeper level, we keep attracting those situations and people so that we can address and balance that initial wound or energetic imprint. Unfortunately, instead of looking within and asking – what do I have to learn from this situation and person; we tend to look outwards to the person and ask, why are you doing that to me! We focus on them and the situation, going into defence and attack, thereby creating more confusion and stress. Instead it is much more powerful to ask, what do I have to learn here? As soon as you ask that question everything shifts to a position of empowerment, growth and healthy choices. During this session we will look at the challenging situations and people in our lives to identify our lessons and heal our source wounds.

In this session we will also explore our shadow. Our shadow is a characteristic/trait/pattern we have but cannot see or own in ourselves. We often attract people into our lives that also have that characteristic mirroring it back to us – like attracts like. It can really piss us off when we see that trait in another person as we don’t want to acknowledge that we have it in ourselves, we genuinely struggle to see it there. We can point out all of their flaws not even realising that we are actually pointing out our own. It is important to note that the shadow side we see in others is not always our own and what they are mirroring to us may be hard to identify. For example, if someone is stealing from you that behaviour is going to upset anybody, it does not mean you are doing the same. Yet on a deeper level, in other areas of their lives, they may for example be mirroring to you things like your arrogance which may be a lot harder to see.
Dinner 6:30-8pm
Check in session: 8-9:30pm. This session will be an opportunity to meet in smaller groups, ask questions and dive deeper into our shadow.

Day 2 Friday:
9am-1:30pm – Extracting ET’s
. Just like people, ET’s have varying ranges of consciousness; you can find enlightened and not so enlightened ones. Doing healing work we are often working with energies that are out of balance and distorted. As such, it is likely doing shamanic work that you are going to be working with ET’s of the not so enlightened category that are disturbing peoples energetic fields. Just like humans who test, monitor, and track animals; ET’s have been doing similar experiments to humans for a long time. They can be technologically advanced, yet disconnected from unconditional love, emotions and moral intelligence. Their influence on people can cause a lot of physical, psychic and emotional damage. It is important to note that on some level permission must be given for this interference as the law of freewill applies to all. This law of freewill is important as it means we can also undo any permission given and free ourselves of their influence, tracking devices and experimentation (even across lifetimes). The percentage of students who are suffering some sort of ET interference is usually very high; often well over half the class. During this class we will identify those energies in our ourselves and others and be given the choice to remove that association and influence from our lives.
1:30-4:30pm – Lunch and break. We always leave a break after lunch to allow time for food to digest. Doing healing work and shamanic initiations on a full stomach is much harder than on a light one.
4:30pm-7:30pm – Working with colour. In this session we will work with colour as a shamanic healing tool. Each colour, like every note on the harmonic scale, resonates with a different chakra and healing frequency. For example, the colour red is associated with the base chakra (which out of interest is the note of C on the harmonic scale). The base is connected to the earth, our physicality, fire, passion etc. Working with red can be energising, stimulating and strengthening. If someone is depleted or tired you might be guided to work with red to help energise and rebalance them. The colour red can also draw out and rebalance deep seated fears in the base chakra. It is important to note we never try to work out which colour to use or even if we use a colour at all. In shamanic healing we always work as a hollow bone and are guided every step of the way. This session is more about initiating you into the use of colours as a healing tool and exploring them from an experiential perspective.

Day 3 Saturday
9am-1:30pm – Clearing entities.
There are many varieties of entities that we can encounter during a shamanic healing. In very extreme cases there are those that literally take over and possess a person contorting their bodies and faces even speaking through them. As a side tip for the future; if this happens to you ever whilst you are doing a healing for someone don’t be scared. You never get what you cannot handle and I have only had full possessions a couple of times in working with thousands of people. If it happens just remain calm, encourage the person to stay with you, if the entity fully takes over the person address the entity directly. Reassure and calm the being asserting you are there to help as these entities are often scared and can therefore become aggressive as they are literally being evicted from their home. I stress again, these types of possessions are rare but you may experience them. Remain calm and ask your guides for help.
More common are beings like protective gate keepers assigned to protect your vulnerability, beings which have given you a sense of power and may have been with you for centuries, energies you have picked up from clients, or those collected going out and about in the world, then there are beings that are dead people and have found you as a source of light to live through. There are entities of addictions, demonic entities, entities created from our repetitive dark thoughts etc. During this session we will identify those beings that have served us, protected us, kept us safe or lived through us. We will acknowledge their service and set you both free. Once again the law of freewill applies in these areas and permission on some level must have been given which can be undone. Whilst they may be big scary types of entities to those trying to remove them from the outside, for you they will be very familiar on some level and it may be emotional or even hard to let them go as they may have been a source of protection and support. We simply come to a point in our journey where we outgrow the need for their assistance.
1:30-4:30pm – Lunch and break.
4:30pm-7:30pm – Shamanic Dance… This is not your usual dance, this is shamanic dance where we really go deep within and let our bodies express itself and move as required ina sacred way. It is incredibly powerful to access – it truly is medicine. Indigenous tribes have always used dance as a means to heal and call in power. For example in the Australian aboriginal culture the dreamtime stories and medicine were always connected with dance, songs and art.

Day 4 – Sunday
9am-1:30pm – Clearing Black Magic.

The shadow side to shamanism is the misuse of spiritual energy. As such, those that are interested in shamanism have probably experienced or dabbled in black magic types of energy in past lives – how can we truly know the light without experiencing its opposite? These energetic connections and opportunities stay with us even when we die and need to be addressed to step more powerfully into the light. These energies are fear based and are ways we unconsciously try to control others, protect ourselves or get things we want. Our shadow child in particular is more than happy to use these powerful energies without us even being aware of it.
This is a fascinating area of study and healing as it draws upon many shamanic tools to uproot it from within a client. It includes ending past life vows and agreements with these energies, sects, teachers, entities etc, the removal of the tools and spells of black magic must be addressed, people who have been affected by those energies must be freed across all time and space, past lives need to be cleared, our shadow child comforted so they can give up these energies, we need to set free beings under our control and those that control us and on and on it goes. We are not aware of anyone else who dives into it in the depth we do. It is one thing to neutralise black magic energy sent to you that is quite common to be taught, another thing entirely to uproot that from within yourself. When you do you will be that much safer to be around and you make a lot more room for your unconditionally loving guides to step forward. This energy really holds people back and often poisons and harms their family, friends, colleagues and loved ones. So much damage can be done unconsciously through the use of this energy; our thoughts alone can set it into motion… It is our great honour to work with you in this area and give you the choice to free yourself from these old associations.
1:30-4:30pm – Lunch and break.
4:30pm-7:30pm – Moon Medicine. We will take in the cleansing energetic rays of the moon to rebalance and lighten us, helping to further clear the heavier energies we have released throughout the day.

Day 5 – Monday
9am-1:30pm – Shamanic Sight.

There are many ways we get messages and direction from spirit in a shamanic healing – through our inner knowing, hearing, feeling, smell, taste and of course through our shamanic sight. There is often a heavy focus on spiritual sight in the west as a pre-requisite to doing healing work and even as a measure of spiritual progress. This is of course total nonsense. As a result, people can feel inadequate in a healing setting and may ignore or not appreciate the huge clear messages and direction they are receiving from all the other senses. From the outset, let’s be clear, shamanic sight is not required for an effective healing; spirit will always get the messages and directions across if we are open. Nonetheless, our shamanic sight can be a powerful and helpful diagnostic tool. We may have shut down our shamanic sight due to past traumas where we have been persecuted for using it, through fear of the spiritual world, because of religious beliefs, our low self-worth and so on. During this session we will address these fears as well as open and empower the use of your shamanic sight. We will also practise using our shamanic sight as a diagnostic tool.
1:30-4:30pm – Lunch and break.
4:30pm-7:30pm – Staying in the light.
We will have done so much work to cleanse and clear ourselves through the week, really stepping more powerfully into unconditional love, light and the potential for sacred service. The question then begs, how can we stay that way? This session will explore this question giving helpful insights and tips to take with you back into your life beyond the retreat.

Day 6 – Tuesday
8:00am-11:45pm – Shamanic Voice

Our guides can access many ways to heal through us. One powerful way is through our shamanic voice and through sound. This is not about singing and requires no talent at all in this regard. It is about experiencing what it feels like to allow our guides to step in and sound medicine through us. This is a wonderful experiential session to finish what will have an incredible week together!
RETREAT ENDS….. (until we meet for the next level!!!).

What is provided

·         All vegetarian meals

·         Linen, towels (extras supplied for spa and sauna), pillows & doona etc.

·         All bedrooms have en-suites. Two or three beds per room. 

·         All bedrooms have reverse cycle air conditioning and fans.

·         Hair dryers, complimentary soap, shampoo and conditioner.

·     Each cottage has its own cooking facilities, full size fridge and laundry/dryer/iron/soap etc. Also provided is insect repellents and a coffee percolator and plunger (bring your filter coffee this is not supplied).

·        Wireless internet (user pays). We do discourage internet use – we recommend you disconnect from the plugged in world and be in nature. Give this time to yourself letting your loved ones know contact may be limited. 

What plane to catch from Melbourne /Brisbane/Adelaide

Catch the Virgin flight from leaving at 7:15 arriving 8:45 (price at 19/11/18 - $119). You can return on Virgin at 2:25pm (price $90 as at 19/11/18), or even a bit cheaper in Jetstar around the same time. Another option is come the day before and just stay the night at the retreat centre cost is $90 a night per person and Jenny is happy to arrange that for you. Her number is 02 9403 3388. You can often stay longer too if you ask. 

From Brisbane there is a flight on Qantas that leaves at 6:15am arrives at 8:45am (cost is $180 19/11/18). There was a cheaper flight that arrives at around 11:15 on the same day with Virgin but you would need to make your own way out there if we are co-ordinating arrivals together or perhaps go with someone arriving from Adelaide. 

From Adelaide there is a flight on that day which arrives at 11:15am virgin (around $190 19/11/18). You could still get to the venue but the issue is transport there. It may be cheaper than a nights accomodation perhaps. 

For the flights back just remember we finish about 11:45am so be mindful it is an hours drive back to the airport. So needs to be after 2pm at very earliest. 

Take the Sydney - Newcastle (M1) Pacific Motorway - previously named F3 expressway (north towards Newcastle). If using a GPS system please ensure you also follow these instructions as the GPS can often lead you in the wrong direction.
At the end of the M1 (lots of ridges in the road indicate the end of expressway), travel straight across roundabout and turn left onto New England Highway, travel through East Maitland 7.4 kms from end of Freeway, turn right into Melbourne Street @ traffic lights; 0.3 kms along Melbourne Street, Left into Pitnacree Road – changes name to Flat Road; 4.7 kms to roundabout – turn right and follow signs to Paterson 14.0 kms If you need to use your mobile phone DO IT NOW as phones can be patchy coverage until you reach the top of the mountain. Then 8.0 kms to Vacy - Turn left immediately after Vacy Bridge (single lane bridge) - Summerhill Rd. Travel 5.2 kms along Summerhill Road – then turn left at large Eaglereach sign. Travel to top of mountain, (4.0 kms) sharp left turn at Eaglereach Sign, then 2.0 kms to Banjos through Eaglereach Resort. Especially when driving at dusk or evening- PLEASE KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR KANGAROOS AND OTHER WILDLIFE. The road through the Eaglereach Resort is gravel - PLEASE travel along at the RECOMMENDED SLOW SPEED.
Follow the road past many lodges on both sides of the road (approx 1 km) then around to the right into Goanna Grove (away from the large maintenance shed). Down the hill almost to the end on the right (just past Caddishack Lodge which is to the left) you will find a sign BANJOS BUSHLAND RETREAT. You have arrived!!!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •                                                                                                                                                                        

WHEN Thursday 14th (1:00 PM) - Tuesday 19th (11:45 AM) of March 2019   
WHERE Moonabung Mountain Range, Vacy (Paterson) NSW 2421 Australia (map)
COST No pre-requisites $2,000.00