Dream in 2021 with Spirit - FREE Shamanic Workshop January 10

What's really important and how can I manifest my potential in this world? This free two hour shamanic online workshop on January the 10th is designed to access your higher calling and gifts along with providing practical tools to ground your vision into physical reality. The workshop start time varies from state to state. 

  • WA - 2:00pm
  • NT - 3:30pm
  • QLD - 4:00pm
  • SA - 4:30pm
  • NSW, VIC, ACT & TAS - 5:00pm

With the right tools, education and training we can all design and create a deeply fulfilling life. Empowered in this way, we no longer hold ourselves back. This workshop is broken into 3 segments:

  1. Accessing the golden light of your potential and higher calling to serve, give and love.
  2. Grounding that vision into an action statement for your life and year to come.
  3. Empowering that direction with spirit. 

Let's come together in sacred space to design and create the life WE choose

A little bit about Mark who will facilitate the workshop: Mark runs the shamanic healing school at One Tribe with opportunities to do the full training on both sides of the country (upon completion of the training you get access to insurance as a shamanic healer). Mark has been teaching shamanic healing for over 16 years, training for over 25 years and starting doing healing work as a small child. You can meet Mark at this video which includes a journey to meet your spirit guides (strongly recommended to do before the session): http://onetribehealing.com.au/shamanic-training.aspx 

Further Shamanic Training opportunities with One Tribe


We look forward to seeing you on the 10th of January to dream in an incredible 2021 and beyond!

All the zoom links and how to prepare will be emailed to you when you sign up. A recording of the session will also be sent to you if you cannot do it live on the day. If you can't use the booking system below then please use this link